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Biggs Darklighter

Biggs Darklighter
Prudii Skirata (Null Class Advanced Recon Commando)

Prudii Skirata (Null Class Advanced Recon Commando)

Jann Tosh

Jann Tosh View Update

07/June/2018 Posted by HellStormer1

Hello everyone.  Nothing big here, just an idea I had and wanted to share.  Came across a pic of a NERF realistic repaint and it gave me an idea as I was thinking about it.  So I started working on stats, came up with some ideas, and came up with something that seemed cool.  The Take-A-Stand Munitions HARD-eR mg69 Light Repeating Blaster (LRB) is an LRB, does more damage than standard light repeaters, but less damage than most heavy repeaters (like the E-Web).  I'm thinking about maybe reducing the range, but wanted to put it up and get feedback first.  The main thing about this weapon is the introduction of the fusion cell, something between power cells and fusion generators.  ave a look, feedback welcome, be honest if you like it or don't.

[EDIT] So I did another, and am just gonna add it to this update, the Take-A-Stand Munitions Bron-Z mg294 Heavy Blaster Pistol, aded to Weapons D6. Also, FYI, I answered the question(s) in the comments about the Landram for Battlestar Galactica. [EDIT] Had a thought or to, andwent back and tweaked the HARD-eR. FIre Rate, Damage, shots used per action, etc, should be easier to understand now.


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