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Andromeda Ascendant View Update

29/June/2018 Posted by Freddy

        Just a few updates today based on the subject of yesterdays review, Star Wars Rebels: Season 1 Episode 8: Empire Day. It's so hot today in Scotland that I can't bare to sit in front of the computer longer to do any more, it's so hot here that Glasgow recorded it's hottest day ever and the roof of the science centre in Glasgow, which is supposed to be Weatherproof, has started to melt.

        Anyway, today I've added theKuat Drive Yards Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Advanced v1 Experimental twin ion engine space superiority fighter and XX-23 S-thread tracker to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section of the Site.

        The Star Destroyer was perhaps the most commonly reprinted stat in all of the West End Games Sourcebooks, but I needed some updated stats, so have reworked them to be more loyal to what is now known about these vessels. I found that it seemed to lack any anti Starfighter Weapons, so I've reworked some of he weaker Turbolasers into anti-starfighter weapons. If you've any thoughts, let me know.


Comments made about this Article!

29/Jun/2018 21:10:00 Posted by monk2024

One of the things I've always found odd about the ISD is that it doesn't have more antifighter weapons, particularly compared to Clone Wars era designs.

01/Jul/2018 21:34:38 Posted by Freddy

Well even making the weaker turbolasers into anti-starfighter defenses, it still only amounts to 5 weapons all facing front.

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