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Imperial Space Station 1

Imperial Space Station 1

Voorpak (Non-sentient Pet)

Voorpak (Non-sentient Pet)
Ordo Eris

Ordo Eris View Update

12/August/2008 Posted by Freddy

        I got the first two Star Wars Legacy Graphic Novels last week, and am really enjoying this new setting, so among the conversions from other settings, stat'ing of Fan Film favourites, I'm also going to try to fill in some of this era. Some aren't going to be so easy (Darth Krayt himself springs to mind, since he's an Old Republic Jedi turned Sith with some Yuuzhan Vong implants who's got to be a nearly 200 year old human), but theres a whole load of fun stuff in there.
        So today I've added, Darth Talon to the Star Wars D/6 characters section, and SFS Predator Class Starfighter (TIE Series) to the Star Wars D/6 starships section.
        I've closed the old poll, which Star Wars Revelations won, which I'll admit was a surprise as its really not a favorite of mine. The full results were . . .

Which is the best Fan Film you've seen?
Broken Alliegance
 [tally] 12
Batman: Dead End
 [tally] 8
Star Trek: Hidden Frontier
 [tally] 0
Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager
 [tally] 1
I.M.P.S.: The Relentless
 [tally] 13
 [tally] 2
Fluffy the English Vampire Slayer
 [tally] 1
Pink Five
 [tally] 6
 [tally] 8
Star Wars: Revelations
 [tally] 16
Join the Empire
 [tally] 7
votes: 74

        And a new poll is open, and its a far easier one, who's your favourite Star Wars Villain?

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