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IG-88B (Assassin Droid/Bounty Hunter)

IG-88B (Assassin Droid/Bounty Hunter)

Luminara Unduli (Mirialan Jedi Master)

Luminara Unduli (Mirialan Jedi Master)
Muunilist Shipyards Defense Platform

Muunilist Shipyards Defense Platform


QUOTE OF THE MONTH:        "You know what my favorite Trask [the character that trains you in KotOR] theory is? It's that he survived his fight with Bandon and managed to escape the Endar Spire and spent the rest of his days living among the rubble of Taris teaching other survivors how to dress themselves or open doors. And shouting. Lots of shouting." - Rimwalker.


        Added Arakyd/Blastech LJ-50 Concussion Rifle to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section, another contribution by those great guys at You may also notice a new addition to the side menu in the form of NPC Generator, this is a Windows program written by Benjamin Lamberth (who also kindly gave us the Hardware Sourcebook). It allows the random generation of Non-Player Characters for Star Wars D/6 through its intuitive interface, simplifying and speeding up a task for GamesMasters, allowing them more time to focus on more important details, characters and pieces of storyline. Thanks to Benjamin for this one, something I can forsee getting heavy use in the very near future.

        Well work continues on changing over to the database based menu system, a task that is proving time consuming in the extreme, which is why there haven't been any updates in the past week. The planets section has been fully converted, and is now being used, and hopefully over the next few days more and more parts of the site will go over to the new system until the changeover is complete. Once this is done, not only will normal updates resume, but also I can work on the next part of the system.

        Thanks for bearing with us through this transitional period, which hopefully shouldn't last much longer.


        Added Taris (Old Republic Trade Centre) and Manaan (Old Republic Kolto Production Planet) to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section.

        As I mentioned earlier this month, I have created a new menu system for the site, which when completed will allow filtering and sorting of what is shown. The code for this is mainly done, but by far the largest part of this project is transferring the items from the hard coded html menus, into the database to allow the new system to work. This is a large project since there are over 900 stats currently on the site, and the process isn't a simple transfer of the information, but the addition of extra information (Alliegence, Type, Subtype, Era and whether it is official or not) to allow the sorting.

        Well, out of the 932 sets of stats on the site, 136 have so far been entered into the database. This is something I want to have complete for the end of the month, so guarantee its success on schedule, I will possibly be forced to skip updates for a number of days. Hopefully our visitors will understand that this is being done to improve the site, and to improve its usefulness to you.




        Added Circarpous V / Mimban (Galactic Empire Mining Colony) to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section.


        Added Muunilinst (Intergalactic Banking Clan HomeWorld) to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section.


        Added Polis Massa (Independent Archelogical Dig) to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section.

        Well another poll is finished with visitors favorite part of the site being our Starships section, which noticably is also our largest section, in second place was the My Group section, which is nice to know that you like to know about us. The full results were . . . .

        Yet another poll has now opened, based on my own meandering mind, what I'd like to know is if they were going to resurrect a TV series, which would you like it to be. The list of possibilities were massive, so the list (as always) is made up from those which I personally wouldn't mind seeing (mainly those series which were cancelled before they had run their course). So go on, cast your vote and cure my curiousity.


        Added Mustafar (Techno-Union Mining Planet) to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section, and BlasTech DC-17m Blaster Rifle to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section a kind, and rather impressive contribution by, many thanks to them (and the patience they showed while I wasn't checking my email).


        Added Naboo (Republic Agricultural Planet) to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section.


        Added Kamino (Republic Army Cloning Planet) to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section.


        Added Ilum (Jedi Crystal Mining Colony) to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section.

        Well, I've actually managed to do most of the work on the replacement of the menu system, however the actual process of copying the data for the 900+ pages on the site over to this new system is going to take considerable time. So I'm working on a system to speed this up, but this may mean updates will be sporadic while this work continues, but hopefully it shouldn't take more than a day or so.


        Added Hypori (Confederacy Manufacturing Colony) to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section.


        Added Geonosis (Confederacy Manufacturing Planet) to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section.


        Added Felucia (Commerce Guild Planet) to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section.


        Added Cato Neimoidia (Trade Federation Planet) to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section.


        No updates for the last couple of days because we've been babysitting my sister-in-laws kids, but wanted to comment on the news that Michael Sheard has died. As well as playing Admiral Ozzel in the Star Wars movies (and Hitler in the Indiana Jones movies), he also was a major part of my childhood when he played Mr Bronson in Grange Hill (a British childrens TV show about a school), in which he was more scary to a kid than Darth Vader (since he was a nasty deputy headmaster). He'll be sadly missed, especially by the British SF convention circuit, as he was a regular at most conventions, since as well as those mentioned above, he made several appearances in Doctor Who.


        Added Utapau (Independent Planet) to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section.

        Well the themed months seems to have gotten off to a great start, I've enjoyed doing lots of characters, and the contributions by K were invaluable, leading to a massive addition of 51 different characters to the site during the last month (and thats even including the fact that we never got started for nearly a week). This months theme is Planets and Places, as ever the Database will be heavily raided, as most probably will be Wikipedia. Again I ask for any contributions, but I generally expect this month to be a little more sedate than last month, I'll probably take a couple of days off at some point to modify the menu systems as the site has seriously outgrown them, but as ever laziness may compel me to do otherwise (as may the fact that I'm playing a lot of GTA: San Andreas).

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