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Section of Site: Droids D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: DROIDSEra: New RepublicCanon: No

LTV-108 Assassin Droid

The LTV -series assassin droids was a money (almost as much as 3/4 of
Overproject Death Star), technology, and time consuming effort by the
Empire to have, for once, an assassin droid project not go wrong (as did
the IG -series droids went downhill).

Known to Imperial Intelligance as "Project Dark Eclipse" and directed under
the authority of Imperial Supervisor Gurdan, one LTV droids was built in
the remote planet of Yader, an Imperial weapons testing outpost. LTV-108
was to be its name...

The droid stands two meters high and is of a humanoid body form. A yellow
plastoid "mask" is over the droid'sinternal components in the face area.
Other yellow plastoid covers the chest, back, and shoulders, with flimsier
padding in the leg and arm areas, meant to not restrict dexterity.

Equipped with the powerful, comprehensive, unlearning 14407 miro-processing
chip, a technological breakthrough that was found after the Clone Wars by
mysterious cicumstances. That one fingernail-sized micro-chip has enough
power to run an entire Star Destroyer, moniter its systems, provide thrust
in the engines, and fire weapons. Just think what that technology can do
in the body of one roid, an independent being roaming the galaxy.

Another feature of LTV-108 is its Morph-O-Graph technology, a program
allowing the droid to take a 3-D picture of a subject, process it, and
graph its shape, size, and physical features to its body. If LTV-108 were
to sustain any damage during a morphed figure, he would immeadiately
return to his normal figure.

Unfortuanately for Gurdan, LTV-108 managed to escape from Yader, escaped in
a Skipray Blastboat, and was roaming the galaxy in search for its
programming target, the wanted man known as Luke Skywalker.

After days and months of evasive and hunting action, LTV-108 was finaly
forced to use its internal nuclear destruction unit after Luke had nearly
destroyed the droid unit atop a manufacturing tower on the droid producing
world of Mechis III, where Luke had confronted him. Although Luke managed
to escape, the nuclear blast concealed the work of LTV-108 on Mechis III,
and destroyed the only 14407 micro-processing chip in the galaxy. Or is it?

Type: Cybernetic (droid) assassin
Dexterity 5D+2
    Blaster 10D, repeating blasters 11D+1, particle weapons 8D+2,
    firearms 9D+1, brawling parry 9D, brawling parry: martial arts 11D+2,
    melee parry 5D, melee combat 7D, grenade 7D, missile weapons 6D+2    
    running 8D+2, energy weapons 9D
Knowledge 3D+1
    Alien species 4D+1, intimidation 8D, languages 5D, law enforcement 6D
    willpower: intimidation 9D+1
Mechanical 4D
    Communications 5D+1, sensors 7D, repulsor pack operation 10D, repulsorlift operation 5D+1
Perception 5D
    Bargain 6D+1, con 12D, hide 8D, investigation 6D, investigation:
    search: tracking 11D+1, sneak 11D+2, sneak: urban 13D
Strength 12D+1
    Brawling 8D, brawling: martial arts 14D+1*, climbing/jumping 9D, stamina 8D+2, swimming 9D
Technical 4D+2
    Armor repair: LTV droid armor 9D, blaster repair 6D+2, computer/programming repair 5D, security 6D
Move: 12; 8 (swimming)
Equipped With:
a.. Yellow Plastoid Armor (+1D physical and energy, covers legs, arms, torso, and head); can automatically seal off in case of emergency, or can be sealed for use in or under water).
    b.. Morph-o-graph Technology (allows the LTV to shape into any living thing it has contact with; when the LTV sustains any damage while in a morphed figure, it automatically switches back to his normal figure).
    c.. Net Launcher (uses missile weapons skill, ammo: 20, 2-10/15/30, net keeps victim pinned down for 4D rounds, holding the victim in the molecularly-bonded in place while causing 6D stun damage).
    d.. Wrist Blades (Strength+2D)
    e.. Concussion Grenade Launcher ( uses missile weapons skill, ammo: 10, 12-20/25/40, 5D/4D/3D/2D, blast radius of 0-2/4/6/10)
    f.. Repulsorlift Pack (has a move of 7/20 km/h, 15 charges available, may be used once per a round).
    g.. Multi-Channel Long-Wave Comm Array (uses communications skill, picks up and sends out frequencies as wanted within a 50 kilometer range.
    h.. Infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV), optical, telescopic, and targeting vision sensors (IR scan adds +2D to search or Perception for heat or warm-blooded mammals or objects, ultraviolet can adds +3D to search or Perception in finding light or light outlines, while the optical is normal "human vision", telescopic view adds +2D to search, blaster(or any other weapon), or Perception at long range, and targeting perspective, for one round of aiming, gives a +2D bonus to every weapon fire for one round).
    i.. Self-destruct system (blast radius 0-10/25/50, does 10D/8D/6D capital scale damage. If LTV becomes in any way trapped, an automatic destruction circuit rewires all available energy to trigger the system. Time till explosion from re-circuitry is usually four minutes.
    j.. VV-099 Auto-tech Droid Brain
    k.. 14407 LSB Micro-processing Computer Chip
    Equipment: Phaser emitting rifle (1D-7D), Berreta 9mm (3D+2),
           M79 grenade launcher (6D/4D/2D, blast radius: 0-2/4/6)
Special Abilities:
    *Teras Kasi Martial Arts: Allows LTV droid to perform three
    brawling or brawling: martial arts skills without Dexterity
    penalties. Also provides a +2D die bonus for skills such as
    dodge or brawling parry when dodging or parrying these attacks.

(Consult the novel "Star Wars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters for more
information on Supervisor Gurdan, Mechis III, and the IG -series droids.
The information used is in no way intended for plagiarism against the
"Tales of the Bounty Hunters" book. This, as with almost all stats, is for
private, personal use as is this information/stats and is expected to be
kept that way.)

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