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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: New RepublicCanon: No

VerdanTech Skybounder Fast Attack Armour

An arm dealer on Kashan by the name of Tony Blackfist purcshased 15 MetaCorp Jumptrooper Armour sets from Metacorp for
sale to a buyer he ahd on Kashan. However as the suits were in trnasit his buyer dissapeared. Just as tony staretd to
wonder how he was gonna unload the armour suits, somebody took the problem out of his hands. The Temere Corporation
hijacked the shipment en route and stole the suits. Tony Blackfist believes the whole thing was a setup by Jason Random,
Temere Corp's president. After  a couple months of studying the suits, Temere Corp sold the suits to VerdanTech.
VerdanTech studied the suits and made a whole bunch of modifications. they revamped entire pats of the suit. They did
little to disgusie the fact that thesy stole the design thoguh they did make the armour look more "appealing". The suit
has very thick armoured glvoes, boots, helmet, and chest plated and softer more flexible armour around the arms, legs and
neck. Advamnced servomotor systems make the suit mvoe comfortably and amplify the wearer's strength incredibly. Because
they don't wanna cause too much trouble, VerdanTech churns these out slowly keeping the supply to a trickle, which pushes
the rather large demand up.

Model: Verdant Technologies Skybounder Fast Attack Armour
Type: Full Body Fast-Attack Armor
Era: Shadows of the Empire +
Skill: Powersuit operation: Jumptrooper Armor
Availability: 3, X
Cost: 8,000
Game Notes:
        Basic Armor: +1D+2 energy, +3D physical(torso,hands,feet,head) +1D energy +2D phyiscal (arms,legs)
        Dual Jump Packs:
        Moderate difficulty to control, is able to 'jump' up to 50 metres
        vertically and 100 metres horizontally. If the difficulty is missed,
        then roll for scatter and every 2 below the difficulty, the user ends
        up going 1 meter in the direction of the scatter die.
        Sensory Equipment:
        Can track moving targets 100 meters away, moderate difficulty, it may
        be easier or harder depending on the location. +2D to all Sight/Sound
        Perception skills. Night Vision. +1D to Ranged weapons skills.
        Wrist Mini-Computer also acts as Comlink.
        Advanced Hydrolic and Servo Systems:
        +2D to Strength related skills (does NOT apply to resisting damage).
        +5 to move. -1D to Dexterity and related skills. -1D to Sneak
        Climate Controlled Body Glove, Internal Life Support with 300 minutes
        worth of air.

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