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Section of Site: Equipment D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Du-90/2 Sniper/blaster rifle

Model: Custom frame and model by Devastor Lakanddra
Cost: NFS
Damage: DU-90: (see game notes)
Critical: 19 - 20
Range Increment: DU-90(see notes), 7.5 m (Grenade Launcher)
Weight: 9 kg
Stun Fort Save:
Type: Energy
Size: Large
Group: Blaster Rifle
Ammo: (see game notes)
Concussion Grenade launcher
Personally modified blaspacs. Pre-modified: 25
Concussion Grenade: 50
Energy cells (for scope):15
Liquid nitrogen cylinder (for cooling system): 15
S scope: 4 miles (Range Increments: 640 m)
FEAR scope: 3 ? miles (Range Increments: 560 m)

Game Notes: The DU-90 is a one of a kind rifle, literally. There is only one made by Devastor Lakanddra. The only backup of the blueprints is on a datadot implanted under his left arm under the skin. Also the gun gives a 75 volt charge through the outside frame of the rifle, and if Devastor selects it 6 titanium blades instantly retract from the handle after 5 seconds of being in someone else's hands. The gun's scope is custom made also, it has a F/E (friend/enemy) system in it witch locks onto targets and uplinks itself to all available databases and finds a match sending to the holo screen in the scope. If the person is "friendly" a green recticle "lights up" the target, if it is a "unfriendly" target it is "lit up" by a red recticle. If the target is neutral or unknown, it is "lit up" by a blue recticle. If the person has any crimes, prices, or any other information in the uplinked database it is displayed in the holo screen. Also the targets stats, (age, race, occupation, etc) are displayed on the screen. The guns bolt spectrum can modulated to any color spectrum, even spectrums invisible to humans. It has a cooling system and full silencer. The gun's different ammunitions dramatically differ and can be changed with a toggle switch.

99* ammo: this ammo is like a souped up blast bolt.
Range: 12-30/155/370
Damage: 6D
Shots in MBC: 100
Range Increments: 37 m
Damage: 4d8

Incendiary: this ammo starts its target on fire but has medium Range
Range Increments: 12 m
Damage: Initial: 3d4, fire does 3d4 damage over 2d6 rounds

HE: this ammo explodes on contact and has a medium range.
Range Increments: 12 m (3d6 blast radius)
Damage: 3d10

Ion: this is a weak Ion ammo used to disrupt electronics like
Range Increments: 4.5 m
Damage: 2d8 Ionization

Disruptor: this is a disruptor shot that is a little less powerful than a
Range Increments: 6 m
Damage: 6d8 disruptor

Armor Piercing: this ammo pierces personal and light armor and starts a fire under it
Range Increments: 30 m
Damage: 3d10 Initial, Fire is 3d8 over 3d6 rounds unless put out

Heavy armor piercing: (matter)(ramjet to blastbolt) This ammo can pierce armor up to 8 inches but takes about 1 minute to charge
Range Increments: 21.5 m
Damage: 3d10 damage over 1d6 rounds

Long range/sniper: super long range. This ammo has a small but powerful bolt.
Range Increments: 62.5 m
Damage: 4d8

Regular: like a blaster carbine shot.
Range Increments: 25 m
Damage: 3d8

Hornet- short range antipersonnel. This ammo is only effective under 10 meters but inflicts major damage. It also runs on compressed argon so it makes no noise except a low hiss. It shoots titanium fletchette spikes
Range Increments: 1 m
Damage: 4d8 (1-5 increments), 3d8 (6-10 increments)

Plasma shot. This ammo atomizes 3 ounces of Argon gas into Plasma inside of the ignition chamber, then expels it at high speed since it has little or no weight. It can travel long distances.
Range Increments: 75 m
Damage: 6d8

High explosive long range Antimatter. This ammo is composed of 200 molecules of anti matter between two monopole magnets on impact it is equal to a 250 kiloton dynamite explosion.
Range Increments: 65 m
Damage: 7d8

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