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Section of Site: Babylon 5Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character TemplatesEra: Canon:

Dulann Wind Swords
"Strategy is the craft of the warrior."

"You can get more with a kind word and a two-by-four, than you can with a kind word."

1st Level Minbari (Religious) Telepath (P8)

Hit Points:
Initiative: +4 (+2 Dex, +2 Minbari)
Speed: 30 ft.
DV: 12 (+2 Reflex)
Attacks: +2 melee or +2 ranged
Special Qualities: Telepathic Ability
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +3
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 12, Chr 12
Skills: Computer Use +5, Concentration +2, Diplomacy +5, Gather Information +5, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (probability) +7, Knowledge (history) +7, Knowledge (human society & culture) +5, Knowledge (telepathy) +8, Listen +5, Sense Motive +6, Spot +3, Telepathy +5
Feats: Great Fortitude

Standard Equipment: denn’bok (Minbari Fighting Pike), EarthForce wrist link, identicard, 450 cr

Father: Ahira Wind Swords
Occupation: Soldier.
Age: 51.
Race: Minbari.
Caste: Warrior.

Mother: Almara Wind Swords
Occupation: Military Instructor.
Age: 48.
Race: Minbari.
Caste: Warrior.

Brother: Kalain.
Occupation: War Cruiser Officer
Age: 28.  
Race: Minbari.
Caste: Warrior.

Brother: Teronn.
Occupation: Anla’shok Ranger
Age: 25.
Race: Minbari.
Caste: Warrior.

Sisters: None.

Grandfather: Dagan Wind Swords
Occupation: Adventurer (Soldier).
Age: 74
Race: Minbari.

Dulann’s Past
        Dulann carries the features of both parents, he has his mother’s pale blue eyes.

His head-bone crest is shaped in to a smoothly curved crown with three spikes protruding from the back.

            Dulann has spent many years being toughened by intense battle training of the Warrior Caste and at the Tuzanor Training Facility originally to become one of the Anla’shok. Durhann master of the denn’bok said he had a talent for it that he should develop. Then one day his other talent became apparent and as was expected of him, he went of to be one of the Religious Caste and train with his new ability. He was moved into a monastic setting in a temple and studied languages, mathematics, and combat techniques.

            Now he has moved out into the universe Dulann has left his Minbari battle armor at his family’s home on Minbar.


            They are quite human in most respects, perhaps the most of all the races. The Minbari are a humanoid, mammalian race. One visible difference between Human and Minbari physiology is their head-bone. This "antler-like" structure creates a protective sheath around the back of the head to provide extra protection where the internal skull can be fragile. The head bone is not present at birth, but gradually grows out. They differ in size, configuration, and texture. The Minbari have elaborate rituals for the shaping, honing, and cutting of one’s crest. The female head-bone generally has a smooth curve on both sides ending in a singular point at the back. Male Minbari head-bones tend to rise at several peaks on both sides, ending at a point in the back. Additionally, the crest is sometimes shaped in tune with one’s caste. Thus a female Shi Alyt might wish to sculpt her headbone into a vicious spiky crown as warrior caste males do. The older a Minbari gets, the more the headbone creeps forward across the top of the head. Other differences with human physiology include a slightly more raised and obvious spinal structure and a different blood type.

            Minbari have remarkable constitution and strength. However, alcohol, even in a small amount, will drive a Minbari into a violent, homicidal rage. Small differences aside, the Minbari are probably the most biologically similar to humans than any other galactic race. Minbari have little hair, which is traditionally shaved. There are those who are somewhat rebellious and cultivate well-trimmed beards. The average Minbari lifespan is 200 to 225 Earth years (or approximately 133 to 150 Minbari cycles). A Minbari aged 60 to 70 is considered roughly equal to a human in her 30’s. The latter part of the Minbari lifetime is generally spent in a somewhat somnolent state.


Religious Caste
Telepath P8
Tuzanor Training Facility

  Weapon Cost Damage Critical Size Weight Type

Denn’bok (double weapon) 950 cr. 1d6/1d6 20 Large 1 lb. Bludgeoning


Denn’bok (Minbari Fighting Pike)
            One of the traditional exotic weapons of the Minbari is the Minbari Fighting Pike, or denn’bok. The denn’bok is a collapsible quarterstaff composed of mnemonic ferricite that expands from a six-inch grip to over five feet in length. Anla’shok Instructor Durhan is considered the modern master of this weapon and is currently training both Minbari and deserving humans in the City of Sorrows on Minbar. Very few are produced yearly; most pikes are passed from one generation to the next. Fighting pikes rarely fall into the hands of non-Minbari. Some pikes do end up on the black market, often fetching 5,000 credits or more. The listed price in the chart below is what legitimate owners outside of the Anla’shok can expect to pay for a replacement. The denn’bok is a tiny sized weapon when retracted. Activating the pike requires just a quick shake and a free action, whereupon it instantly extends to a large size weapon.

Item Cost Weight DR

Ranger’s Robes n/a 8 lb. 1
Minbari Battle Armor 3,750 cr. 12 lb. 5

Ranger’s Robes
            Following the Minbari custom that things should be both beautiful and functional whenever possible, the flowing nature of a Ranger’s traditional clothing makes them almost seem to flow by themselves when the wearer moves. The materials a Ranger’s robes are made of are similar to the same ballistic and energy resistant weave the Minbari warrior caste use in their battle armor, though considerably thinner. These robes can blunt the impact of a weapon enough to save a Ranger’s life without being so obvious and bulky that they might cause an altercation by making the wearer appear heavily armored.

Minbari Battle Armour
            Utilizing highly advanced polymers and energy reflection materials, it is generally agreed that battle armor usually seen worn by members of the Minbari warrior caste is the best personal protection credits can buy. Light and yet extremely durable, this armor is coveted by many agents throughout the galaxy but the dishonor it brings to the warrior caste to have an alien wear their prized possession is usually enough to convince others not to buy the rare few examples that surface on the black market. Any non-Minbari wearing battle armor will suffer a -2 circumstance penalty to all Initiative checks, as it will not be completely suited to their physiology.

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