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Section of Site: Equipment D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: EQUIPMENTEra: ImperialCanon: No

Spice: Melange

Of all the drugs out there, Spice is the highest grade quality. The various
of spices are the msot pwoerful and addictive out there. nobody is
quite sure where
the term spcie came from but some think it has to do with
the fact that some, like
melange were originaly used in food.

Melange: A complex bio-polymer originating only on Arrakis. Its several
biological activities
include interaction with various centers of the
central nervous system (CNS), interaction with
the immune system, and
deposition within the sclera of the eyes. To date the biologically active
portion of spice has not been isolated, although it is known that other
portions of the molecule
contain clycoprotein, a cupric heme and
cinnamic acid.

The interaction with the CNS is primarily in the K"hliker-Kramptz center,
which controls time- space
awareness. In mosthumans this center is
rudimentary, consisting of only a small number of cells (K-K cells)
in the central cortex of the brain. Ingestion of the spice stimulates
the growth of K-K cells so that the
individual becomes more aware of
his time-space environment. It is due to the action of the spice on the
cells that melange is addictive. If quantities in excess of 2 grams
per 70 kilograms of body weight are ingested,
addiction is encountered.
Withdrawal of the spice from an addict results in insanity and eventual
death due to the
action of the breakdown products of K-K cells on other
cells of the CNS.

The geriatric properties of melange are considerable. The addicts predicted
lifespan is increased two to four times
that of normal, depending upon the
age at which the spice was first ingested as well as the dose. When the
spice is
digested, certain as yet unidentified breakdown products are
absorbed into the bloodstream. These products interact
with T-cells of the
immune system, rendering the addict immune to most bacterial, fungal,
parasitic and viral agents
of disease. Ingestion of spice also imparts
an immunity to many common poisons.

One of the most striking results of a diet high in melange is the "Eyes of Ibab,"
the characteristic "blue on blue"
eye color: the whites and irises of he eyes
turn a deep blue. Visual acuity is not reduced by the deposition
of the blue
pigment. In fact, in the white sun light of Arrakis, the pigment acts as a blue
filter, increasing
contrast and enhancing vision. Melange is very expensive,
and highly addictive. However, because of the preponderance
of spice on the
planet Arrakis, addiction to melange will occur naturally within one or two
years of living there.
It can be postponed a year or two by including many
off-world foods into the diet, but is inevitable.

An addict requires two grams of spice per day. On Arrakis, melange is common
enough in nature to meet an
addicts requirements through normal food and drink.

Melange Spice
Type: Spice
Cost: 250 (per 2 gram dose)

Game Effects:

A regular user of the spice will have their life span doubled, tripled or
even quadrupled, depending on how early they started in life. They also
gain +2 to all fortitude roll to resist viral infection and posions. A
force Sensative charachter who uses Melange regularly gains +4 to the Heal
Self vs Posion. They also get +1 to spot and search checks as their visual
acuity is increased.

If the user consumes 2 gram for every 70 kilograms of bodyweight, they get
+4 to all attempts to detect lies being told (Sense Motive) for 3d8 minutes.

If the character consumes 4 grams of pure spice per 70 kilograms of bodyweight,
they begin receiving a special sort of 'effect'. From this point, every 2 grams
per 70 kilos of bodyweight give +3 to a temporary use of the Farseeing force
power. If more than 10 grams of pure spice per 70 kilos of bodyweight is
consumed the user must make a difficult constitution roll or fall into a
coma for 1d6 weeks. More than 15 grams per 70 kilos, and the roll has DC 20.
More than 20 and the DC is 30. From that point on it's +10 to the DC for
every five grams per 70 kilograms of bodyweight consumed.

After each dose roll Will vs number of times the user has taken the durg x 2.
If the user loses, they become addicted and need two grams per day. If the
person goes a week without their daily dose they become ill suffering -1 from
all abilities until they meet their quota again. Every week this continues
they go down another -1, when their constitution hits 0 they die.

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