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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Old RepublicSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: High RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: Ady Sun'Zee
Species: Mirialan
Gender: Female
Height: 1.73 meters
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Purple
Affiliation(s): Jedi Order
Masters: Sylwin
Apprentices: Nooa
Move: 10

         Blaster: 5D+2
         Brawling Parry: 6D
         Dodge: 6D+2
         Lightsaber: 7D+2
         Melee Combat: 6D
         Melee Parry: 6D
         Vehicle Blasters: 4D+2
         Command: 4D+2
         Bargain: 5D
         Con: 5D
         Persuasion: 5D+1
         Search: 6D
         Alien Species 5D
         Bureaucracy 4D+2
         Cultures: 5D+1
         Languages: 5D+1
         Scholar (Jedi Lore): 7D
         Intimidation: 4D+1
         Planetary Systems: 5D+2
         Streetwise: 4D+2
         Survival: 5D+1
         Willpower: 6D
         Brawling: 5D
         Climbing/Jumping: 5D+2
         Swimming: 5D
         Astrogation: 4D
         Communications: 5D+1
         Space Transports: 5D
         Starfighter Piloting: 4D+2
         Starship Gunnery: 5D
         Repulsorlift Operation: 4D+2
         Starship Shields: 4D
         Sensors: 4D+2
        First Aid: 5D
        Lightsaber Repair: 7D
        Security: 5D

Force Skills:
         Control: 9D+1
         Sense: 9D+2
         Alter: 9D
Force Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Concentration, Control Pain, Enhance Attribute, Hibernation Trance, Resist Stun, Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Telekinesis, Lightsaber Combat, Accelerate Anothers Healing, Control Anothers Pain, Affect Mind, Lesser Force Shield, Projected Fighting

Story Factors:
         Faith in the Force: Mirialans are deeply religious and have a primitive understanding of the force, which sticks with them throughout their life, meaning that they will rely on the force more heavily that other cultures, believing in the will of the force.
         Facial Tattoos: Mirialans will place a unique, often geometrically repeated tattoo on their face and hands to signify that they had completed a certain test or task, or achieved sufficient aptitude for a certain skill. The number of tattoos would thus often act as a good indicator of how mature and/or skilled a Mirialan was.

         CREDITS - 500
                 Lightsaber(5D), Jedi Robes, Comlink, Utility Belt


Description: Ady Sun'Zee was a Mirialan female Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order. After Sun'Zee sent a distress call to the Jedi Council, it was answered by Jedi Master Yoda. Ady Sun'Zee wielded a standard blue lightsaber.

During the High Republic Era, the Jedi Order established several outposts on Outer Rim worlds, including a research facility for rare artifacts on Batuu.

At one point, Ady Sun'Zee and her Jedi Master Sylwin brought the Ancient Sith Runestone to the Jedi outpost. There, the artifact inadvertently activated and released a powerful dark side corruption that resulted in the deaths of the outpost's personel, including her master, Sylwin. Days later, when Master Yoda arrived in response to her distress call, she had forgotten everything. He told her to wait while he looked around, but Sun'Zee was still confused, entering a tunnel with corrupted vines which emanated from the relic. On the way, she was attacked by demlins, and upon entering the room where the relic was located, she heard herself and her master taunting her, claiming that she had killed her and the other Jedi in the outpost. Sun'Zee experienced dark visions upon handling the relic again, but was able to overpower them after hearing Yoda calling to her. Upon finding Yoda again, Sun'Zee was able to overcome the relic with the Force and seal it away permanently. Believing herself to have killed her master, she was shocked to hear Master Yoda tell her she would some day make a great knight; he then revealed to her that she had not killed her master, and that it was a falsehood fed to her by the artifact and her own fear and doubts.

In the years that followed, Sun'Zee was unable to find a new master due to the sudden outbreak of the Great Hyperspace Disaster and the invasion of the Nihil. Although attachments were usually forbidden, Sun'Zee sought solace by utilizing her fallen master's kyber crystal to power her own blade. Eventually she was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight, and took on the Urodel Padawan Nooa as her apprentice. The two went on a training exercise to Valron, where Sylwin had taken Ady during her own apprenticeship.

In 34 ABY, Seezelslak told her story to a droid repair technician in his cantina, stating that she had hidden the key to the temple somewhere on Batuu, and wondered if it still existed.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
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