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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: EQUIPMENTEra: ImperialCanon: No


Newk is a common spacer and swoop gang drug. It is a severe neuro-
stimulant. It gives the user a 'charge' and a low degree of
pleasure. It however also makes the user hyperactive while under
it's effects and acts simialir to anabolic steroids.they become very
jitery and quick to anger. They have irrational behavior and alsh
out violent with surprising speed and strength. Newk is taken from
a special syringe capsule. The user jams the end into a vein then
squeezes the hit out throguh the syringe.

Model: Newk
Type:  Narcotic
Availability: 2, X
Cost: 200 (per dose)
Game Effects:
Adds +1D to Dexterity, and Strength for 25 minutes. After the effects wear off, the user takes
one level of injury to his body, although instead of going to incapacitated, they become Wounded
3x, then Wounded 4x, etc. While under the effects of the drug they are at -1D to knowledge, mechanical,
and techical for every 1d they get added to strength and dexterity.

After each dose roll 2Dxnumber of times the user has taken the durg versus the user's willpower. If the
user loses, they become addicted and need a hit every two days or they go into withdrawl. in the first 3 days
of withdrawl the user suffers severe manic depression as well as nervous ticks and trembling. Days 4-6 are
charchterised by heavy jitters, unctrolled shaking and trembling, lots of facial ticks, and violent tendancies.
Days 7-9 involve full out spasms and unchecked violent pychotic behavior. By day 10 if the patient survives they
die a horrible death as their nervous system overloads.

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