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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Compression Rifle

The z-10 Compression Rifle fires a coherent graviton pulse (or
beam), like a tractor beam. The difference is that it is pushing
and pulling on the target at the same time in violent conflict,
which causes massive damage to all but the strongest beings or

The basic z-10 fires small pulses. However, Yoyodyne designed the
weapon to accept modification packages which it was developing.  
There are small internal slots for the mod packages located under
inside the non-retractable stock of the weapon. The cover unscrews
easily and the modifications may be applied in the field by
untrained personnel (Easy Blaster Repair roll). It was unfortunate
that most governments felt the Compression Rifle dangerous enough
to outlaw it, but the mods were paid less attention to. They are
easier to find, but they are in the hands of greedy arms dealers
who charge almost as much (or more) for them as the rifle costs

The Beam mod allows the z-10 to fire a constant graviton beam
instead of pulses. It does much more damage, but tests have shown
that this extra power passes a point where it is absorbed rapidly
and terminates in loss of limbs or function before the damage can
radiate to other parts of the target. Yoyodyne is conducting further
research into this phenomenon.

Model: Yoyodyne z-10 Compression Rifle
Type: Blaster Rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: Blaster Rifle

Ammo: 100
Cost: 5,000 (power packs 1500)
Availability: 3, R, X
Fire Rate: 2
Range: 3-25/75/150
Damage: 7D+2

Energy Mod:
Ammo: increases to 175
Cost: 4,000
Availability: 2, R, X
Fire Rate: increases to 4

The first modification marketed by Yoyodyne was an Energy Mod pack
which improves the efficiency of the rifle, squeezing more shots out
of the same type of power pack and doubling the fire rate to 4.

Beam Mod:
Ammo: No change. Each time Beam fire mode is used, power pack is
      drained by half of full capacity.
Cost: 10,000
Availability: 3, R, X
Fire Rate: if used with Energy Mod, pulse fire rate is 5. If Beam
           is the only mod installed, pulse fire rate is 3.
Damage: 9D (maim for anything but a head or neck shot)
Special Feature: Enables the rifle to fire a sustained beam of energy.
Target may take a second dodge after he is hit to try to avoid the full
effect of being hit by the beam. Rifle user may oppose with a second
Blaster skill roll. If dodge is successful, apply pulse damage (7D+2)
for initial hit. If unsuccessful, apply Beam damage...

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