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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: SkillsEra: ImperialCanon: No

Prana Bindu

Prana Bindu is an advanced form of body training. Prana refers to
musculature and absolute and ultimate control over each muscle as
an individual unit. Bindu refers to the nervous system and precise
control voer the signals it sends out and feeds back to the brain.
This is considered to be the Ultimate conditioning of the mind. The
Bene Gesserit teach it to their sisters and to certain other groups
within their care. It takes a great deal of practice and training to
even start down the path of Prana Bindu training. It uses very
discplined control of both muscles and nervous system, blocking pain
and learning to use every muscle as a single individual unit and then
using all of them as a whole. for some it may take
years to train in
Prana Bindu.

Advanced Skill:Strength:Prana Bindu
Specialization: None
Pre-Requisites: Willpower 5D, Stamina 5D, Dexterity > 3D,
Strength > or = 3D (Note: This skill is not added to any of
it's pre-requisite's checks)
Point Cost: In Addition to Pre-Requisites the charachter must pay 20
Charachter Points to get the first 1D in this skill if it is bought
after Charachter creation.(It is not recommended that a Charachter be
let to start with this skill at Charachter Creation)
Note: This is a special Advanced Skill: It takes THREE times as many
cps and THREE times as long to advance it.

Effect: This skill has many benefits and values. 1) May be used for
Initative instead of Perception. Combat Reflexes Bonus does not apply
though. 2) If Charachter has Dexterity:Martial Arts, as described in
Rules of Engagement, they may also get +2D to strike and parry rolls
and +1D to damage rolls when using that skill. 3) With an Easy skill
check they can ignore the effects of a 'stunned' level wound. With a
moderate skill check they will not be knocked prone from a Wounded
level woundng, they still take a penalty though. With a Difficult
skill check they will not fall into unconciousness from an
Incapcitated wound level, they will take a -3D penalty to all die
codes though. 4) +2D to all Stamina, Swimming, Running,
climbing/Jumping, Lifting, and Acrobatics skill checks.

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