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Section of Site: Characters D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: SkillsEra: ImperialCanon: No


The Skill known as Truthsaying is a talent taught secretly among the
organization known as the Bene Gesserit in so called "Un-civilized
Space". In this particular area of Uncivilized space, major
intergalactic houses feud with one another within a loose alliance.
The Bene Gesserit, an all female secret society, manipulate all those
around them while taking the posture of being uninvoled. They are
widely regarded as "witches" and not trusted very far. Truthsay is
done by the use of special drugs which but the user into a sort of
trance. To do this they must be trained to actualy focus their
immune system into removing the harmful elements of the drugs which
are posionus. They must also be mentaly prepared to suffer the
altered state of conciousness which is brought on by the drugs.
This altered conciousness allows them to sense when people around
them believe what they are saying. It is rumored that some Bene
Gesserit have been able to do this without drugs.

Truthsay (Con)
Pre-Requisites: Immunity, Will +7, Con 15+
Effect: This is the ability to take and withstand the use of special
conscience altering drugs which grant a specilized form of telepathic
powers. They go into a sort of trance. They must first make an Easy
skill check to enter the trance. From there they must make a roll
every round they are actively "seeking the truth", anyone attemtping
to lie may have the GM roll their Bluff roll for them secretly versus
the user's Truthsay skill. Any bluff rolls that are failed, the lairs
are betrayed, the Truthsayer detects the dishonesty immediately. A
failure to enter the Trance originaly requires an immediate Immunity
check (DC: 30). Failure to meet this check results in painful death
to the user.

Note: a Charachter who is force sensative may use this skill without
using the drugs or entering the trance. there is no activation roll
and no chance of dying. When such a user wishes to determine wether
someone's telling the turth they merely need to roll their Truthsay
skill versus their oponent's Bluff skill.

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