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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: High RepublicCanon: Yes

Model: Energy Cage Wrist Launcher
Type: Restraining Device
Scale: Character
Skill: Missile Weapons; Energy Cage Wrist Launcher
Ammo: 1 (can be reused if retrieved)
Cost: 1,600 credits
Availability: 2 X
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 1-10/18/35
Damage: 0D
game notes: This weapon does no damage, instead creating a 6D Strength bubble of energy to restrain the target. The bubble is generated from a small device which is fired from the wrist launcher, which may be deactivated from outside the bubble and reloaded and recharged in the launcher.

Description: A wrist mounted device which fires a single small projectile which generates a restraining force cage around the target that it is fired at. May be dodged or parried like an energy or projectile weapon, but on a successful hit it restrains the target instantaneously.

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