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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: No

Xyton IV

Xyton IV in the Chronax Sector is one of the worlds controlled by the renegade Star Runner Republic. The planet is the
secret headquarters of the republic's arms corporation SATAL(Strategic Artillery and Tactical Arms Limited). The planet's
inhabitants are technology lovers but are also nature lovers. Their planet is icnredilby beautiful and very well preserved.
All the cities are mounted on giant repulsorlift grids that keep them floating a hudnred meters or so above ground or
treetops. Some SATAL and SRR facilities are built into the long mountain range that bisects the main contininet, which the
natives refer to as the spine of the world. In the capital spaceport of Garl, the floating city stretches for
approximately 120 kilometers from the ocean up to the spine of the world. The city is actualy partialy voer the ocean. It
extends three kilometers past the shoreline. where the city ends, giant support pillars run at regular intervals down into
the water. These pilalrs also contain secret military facilities and have disguised hangers above water for airspeeders,
and ones below the water for submerisibles. The city seems a totaly peaceful place but it is actualy strictly controled by
the military and their is plenty of defensive firepower. The other grande feature aside form the many natural wonders, is
the prison compelx. The planet serves as the sector's main prison. The complex consits of five giant pillar buildings,
four in a box centered on the fith, thickest colum. These colums are about a kilometer wide at the base except for the
center one which is half again as wide at the base. Skywalks and open bridges crisscross at seemingly random palces
between the pilalrs, sometimes going straight sometimes climing or falling to different levels on the other side. Hanagr
doors lay at random intervals as well, as do laser and turbolaser empalcements for defense. The four outer colums rise up
about 1100 meters while the center one rises up 1500 meters with a giant landing strip on the top of it, the sides of the
pillar at the top are ringed all around with turbolasers and quad cnanons. the prison is a very secure building with
powerful shield generators forming a protective shield around the complex. The complex is also built so that it straddles
the center of a group of sulfiric acid lakes. Even if a prisoner escaped and got past all the security, they would run
into lakes of deadly acid that would take a long time to go around. Security teams would catch them quickly in airspeeders.

Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Wet
Gravity: 1.23 times Standard
Terrain: Forest, Mountain, Acid Lakes, Taiga
Length of Day: 37 standard hours
Length of Year: 316 local days
Planet Function: Corporate Headquarters, Prison
Starport: Imperial class
Population: 3.1 million
Government: Military Regime
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Technology, Tourism
Major Imports: Self Sustaining.

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