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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: No


Type: Mild Terrestrial
Function: Industrial
Region: Outer Rim
Sector: Colunda Sector
Trade Route: Polorith Trade Route
Sector: Colunda Sector
Temperature: 112% Standard
Atmosphere: Below Standard. High quantities of Co2 and various chemical
Hydrosphere: 22% of the planet surface is covered in water, 21% of that
             water is polluted and lifeless
Gravity: 90% Standard
Terrain: Lifeless wastelands, tall mountains, hard rocky ground around
         most of the planet, has a small polar ice cap to north.
Mineral Resources: Metalic minerals, used to make Durasteel and other ship
                   building resources.
Length of Day: 16 hours
Length of Year: 230 days
Sapient Species: Humans, various other species
Capital City: Mytoris, the largest industrial DuraSteel producing city, has
              it's own independant army, and houses 75% of the world's
Other Cities: Yazotika another factory powerhouse, and Rafitiki, a major
              mining city located in the Celanor peeks. They are the two
              other largest cities on the planet.
Starport: Mytoris has a galaxy class starport, and several other smaller
          landing facilities. Yazotika and Rafitiki have smaller trading
          starports which are mainly used for transporting minerals back and
          forth. Most other cities have small landing facilities.
Population (within +/- 1%):  6,596,030,000 (Human), 4,230,124,000 (other)
Government: Imperial (Moff Liftose)
Tech Level: High Space
Major Exports: DuraSteel, unrefined Ore, various equipment and droids
Major Imports: Food Stuffs, Industrial Equipment, unrefined Ore

Planetary Capsule:

Flora and Fauna:
Celanor is mostly industrial wasteland, most of the plant and animal life
has died due to the changing in the planet's atmosphere, temperature and
water caused by pollutants and industrial waste products. Mutated fish and
aquadic plant life live in one of Celanor's only non-polluted lakes, and are
protected by a group of environmentalists who won over the lake by paying
the Moff 5 billion credits.

Sentient Species:
Altough Celanor has no sentient life, it does have traces of an ancient
Feline race that made it to a high stone age society. Ruins of ancient
cities have been found by miners.

Celanor has a long history dating back to the early times of the Old
Republic. It was first discovered in the expansion time, and colonized by a
small settlement which made the discovery of rich mineral filled rock which
made up most of the planet. Celanor quickly grew as a mining planet,
originally mining duranium and ironium. When the Old Republic fell, Celanor
quickly claimed independance, it started to build refineries and factories
to construct military equipment to defend itself from a hostile race called
the Kamisurians. Celanor wasn't fast enough in building a military force and
fell under a Kamisurian invasion. Many of the people living on Celanor were
used as slaves and industrial production was put into full gear. Soon after
Celanor was liberated by a force led by a young Jedi who was elected
president of the planet. The Jedi defended Celanor and it's inhabitants
fiercely during the Clone Wars. He was killed by Darth Vader and the planet
was taken under Imperial rule. The Imperials began to make Celanor a primary
Durasteel producer, and used it to construct its own defense fleet.
Celanorians were still forced to work at minimum wage by Moff Liftose, and
were brutally abused by Imperial soldiers. The Rebellion sprang, and
Celanor's defense fleet was moved elsewhere, leaving a few ships to keep the
planet's population under control. Towards the end of the Rebellion, A Rebel
fleet consisting of 2 MC80s, and 6 Attack Frigates with full fighter
complements engaged in a large battle against the Empire's defenses. The two
Victory-class Star Destroyers were knocked out and plumeted into Celanor's
moon. Moff Liftose hid deep within Celanor's mining tunnels with a small
force of loyal Imperials. Celanor did not remain free for long, Grand
Admiral Weji Ynehtam's fleet re-took the planet from the Rebels and
appointed the old Moff as overseer. Celanor is now a wasteland from the
combination of war and pollution.

System: Celanonian
Star: Celanon
     Name     Planet Type      Moons
     Quatron  Molten Rock      2
     Celanor  Terrestrial      1
     Aption   Tropical         2
     Ionquad  Gas Giant        8
     Otto     Ice World        0

System Capsule:
Quatron: Constant volcanoes and land shifts, the scorching heat allows no
         life to life on this planet.
Celanor: A major industrial world owned by the Imperials, used to be a
         thriving planet until pollutants killed off most plant and animal
Aption: The planet is almost in the same orbit around the sun as Celanor, it
        has flowing rivers and the land mass is covered in vast rain forests
        and life.
Ionquad: A brownish green nitrogen planet, has 6 gasious rings around the
         planet as well. One of it's moons are inhabited by a race of winged
         sentinental creatures.
Otto: A frozen water world that supports no life. This world dethaws every
      10,000 years as it's orbit path gets closer to the sun.

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