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Plazir-15 Lab Tech

Plazir-15 Lab Tech

Darth Azard (Quarren Sith Lord)

Darth Azard (Quarren Sith Lord)


Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: No


Type: Forest Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: 1.1 standard
Terrain: Forest, Plains, Urban,
Length of Day: 21 hours
Length of Year: 332 local days
Sapient Species: Humans
Population (within +/- 1%):  450,000,000 (Human), 13,500,000 (other)
Planet Function: Agriculture, Mining, Troop Training
Government: New Republic
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Raw materials, trained troopers, foodstuffs
Major Imports: Recruits, agricultural equipment, Mining equipment
Capital City: Supeara
Other Cities: Mioka, Meers, Pontalivek, Bousk
Starports: 1 Standard starport in Supeara, many smaller starports and landing fields in other cities

Planetary Capsule:

Flora and Fauna:
75% of Talkarr's land surface is covered in thick and sparse forests,
Thousands of different plant and animal life reside in these forests, but
most of them have been influenced to fear man. The rest of the land mass
is flat farming terrain and small urban areas.

Talkarr was colonized by the Old Republic and remained under the
influences of the Republic until the reign of the Empire. Talkarr did
not openly welcome the Imperials, but it was either that, or be taken
by force. Talkarr was liberated by Alliance forces shortly after the
Endor incident. From then on, Talkarr has been loyal to the Alliance
and contributes to it's cause by training troops in the more denser
forests that cover the land.

System: Talkarria
Star: Talkarran
        Name            Planet Type     Moons
        Gatarkia        Barren World    0
        Calbodia        Barren World    0
        Talkarr         Terrestrial     1
        Gretchin        Ultimate Cold   0
        Oinkterm        Absolute Cold   8

System Capsule:
Gatarkia: Gatarkia is a barren rock world with temperatures being
        too high for any life to exsist.

Calbodia: Calbodia is Gatarkia's twin brother, except it's orbital
        belt is a bit further away from the sun. This planet has a very
        thin atmosphere, but it's totally covered by smooth rocks. No
        life has been reported on this planet

Talkarr: See above

Gretchin: A frozen world with average temperatures reaching -400 deg. F.
        There is no oxygen on this planet, therefore has no life.

Oinkterm: The planet furthest from the sun. This planet is completely
        frozen with temperatures at average -500 deg. F. The planet's
        atmosphere is made of hydrogen which may have been released
        into the atmosphere when a giant asteroid collided with the
        planet, also forming the 8 orbiting moons.

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