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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: Palvar SectorSubtype: PlanetsEra: New RepublicCanon: No


Haeli is a small badly polluted chunk of rock just within the Palvar Sector. The planet is owned by Temere Robotics and is
sued for heavy manufacturing of various droids, droid parts, and cybernetic equipment. The planet's landmass is 85%
covered by megaloppolis style urban sprawl. The cityscape is like a tisted and horrific version of Nar Shadda. The
building all reach up hudnreds of stories and mesh into a network of walkways, overhangs, and ramps. Ninety percent of the
buildings are industrial compelxes which release chemcials into the water or into the air. The skies are a dull shade of
green and clouds always hang voerhead. Acid rain is the only kind of percipitation left.

Type: Mild terrestrial
Location: Mid Rim: Palvar Sector
Temperature: Mild
Atmosphere: Type II (Breath Mask Suggested)
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Urban
Length of Day: 25 standard hours
Length of Year: 329 local days
Sapient Species: Humans, various other species
Starport: Standard
Population: 9.3 million
Planet Function: Corporate Manufacturing
Government: Temere Robotics Corporation
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Technology
Major Imports: Parts, Labourers, Foodstuff

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