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Section of Site: Star TrekBelongs to Faction: Subtype: StarshipEra: TNGCanon: No


Class and Type: Saber-class Light Cruiser

Commissioning Date: Late 24th century

Hull Characteristics:
       Size: 4 (364.77x225.61x52.48m; 310,000 metric tons; 8 decks)
       Resistance: 4
       Structural Points: 80
Operations Characteristics:
       Crew/Passengers/Evac: 40/15/200 [5 power/round]
       Computers: 2 [2 power/round]
       Transporters: 2 primary, 2 backup, 2 emergency [3 power/round]
       Tractor Beams: 1 av, 1 fv [2 power/rating used/round]
Propulsion and Power Characteristics:
       Warp System: 6.0/9.2/9.6 (12 hours) [Standard];
       6.0/9.2/9.9 (12 hours) [2 power/warp factor/round]
       Impulse System: .75 c/ .92 c [7/9 power/round]
       Power: 180
Sensor Systems
Long-range Sensors: +2/17 light-years [6 power/round]
Lateral Sensors: +2/1 light-year [4 power/round]
Navigational Sensors: +2 [5 power/round]
Cloak: None
Sensors Skill: 5

Weapons Systems
Type X Phaser
       Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
       Arc: All (720 degrees)
       Accuracy: 4/5/7/10
       Damage: 20
       Power: [20]
Torpedo Launchers
       Number: 100
       Launchers: 1 ad, 1 fv, 1 aft
       Spread: 4
       Arc: Forward or aft, but self guided
       Range: 15/350,000/1,500,000/4,050,000 [Uprated]
       Accuracy: 4/5/7/10
       Damage: 20 (photon torpedo)/30(quantum torpedo)
       Power: [5]
Weapons Skill: 5

Defensive Systems
Starfleet Deflector Shield
       Protection: 60 (80)
       Power: [60]

Description and Notes:
The U.S.S. Protector has been uprated with some of Starfleet's most sophisticated designs to date; this Saber-class Light Cruiser comes equipped with a host of advanced technological updates and designs to help it perform its assignment, and give it the effectiveness of ships much larger and less maneuverable than it. These include multi-spectral shields, bio-neural computers, special SIF reinforcement grids along the hull and an advanced warp propulsion system. There were even plans to refit its phasers with more powerful pulse phaser cannons and energy dissipating ablative armor, as equipped on the U.S.S. Defiant. Even Multiphasic shields were discussed which would also have greatly improved the vessel’s defensive capabilities.

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23/May/2012 23:04:35 Posted by Jason {}

id like more federation starships please

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