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Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: Robotech Defence Force (RDF)Subtype: WalkersEra: ImperialCanon: Crossover

RDF Gladiator Mk II (Spartan MBR-07-Mk II)

Craft: Robotech Defense Force's Gladiator Mk II Destroid.
Type: Non-transformable Battloid/Mecha.
Scale: Walker.
Size: height: 37ft/11.7m; length: 20ft/6.1m; weight: 27.4 tons.
Skill: Walker Operations: Destroid (Or Mecha Operations: Destroid).
Crew: 1 or 2.
Crew Skill: Walker Operations, Vehicle Blasters, Missle Weapons, Heavy Weapons
Passengers: N/A
Cargo Capacity: 40 kilograms.
Cover: Full
Cost: N/A
Move: 65mph/104kmph maximum.
Body Strength: 6D

  TZ IV Gun Cluster (Laser, 32mm Autocannon, 180mm Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower, fire-link optional)
      Location: Chest, under shoulders.
      Fire Arc: Forward.
      Crew: 1 (pilot/co-pilot)
      Skill: Heavy Weapons, Missile Weapons, Flamethrower
      Fire Control: 2D
      Range: 2000ft/609.6m (Laser); 4000ft/1200m (32mm Autocannon); 4000ft/1310m (180mm Grenade Launcher); 200ft (Flamethrower).
      Damage: 2D (Laser); 2D short burst/4D long burst/6D full-round burst (32mm Autocannon); 4D (180mm Grenade Launcher); 6D speeder scale (Flamethrower, fire-linked).
      Ammo: Unlimited (Laser); 240 rounds (32mm Autocannon); 50 rounds (180mm Grenade Launcher); 50 blasts (Flamethrower).
      Rate of Fire:
         Laser: 1 beam per attack.
         32mm Autocannon: 6 per short burst, 12 per long burst, 24 per full-round burst.
         180mm Grenade Launcher: 1 per attack.
         Flamethrower: 2 per attack (fire-linked)

   2 Missile Pods (Short Range Missiles)
      Location: Shoulders.
      Fire Arc: Forward
      Crew: 1 (pilot/co-pilot)
      Skill: Missile Weapons
      Fire Control: 3D
      Range: 20-100/200/300
      Damage: Varies with warhead type, but usually used for riot control/civil defense (See MISSILES Chart below or where posted).
      Ammo: 24, 12 per pod; Typical riot control/civil defense load usually uses 12 Explosive, 4 Tear Gas, 4 Knock-out Gas and 4 Fire Retardant.  Typical Combat load uses all explosive, OR combination of 2 Plasma/Napalm, 2 Smoke, 2 Knock-out Gas and the remainder Explosive.
      Rate of Fire: 1 per attack, OR volleys of 2 or 4, with a total of 12 volleys.

   Twin Barrel ROV-10 Laser Turret (Counts as 2 fire-linked weapons):
      Location: Top, where a "head" would be.
      Fire Arc: Turret.
      Crew: 1 (Pilot/Co-pilot)
      Skill: Vehicle Blasters.
      Fire Control: 1D
      Range: 4,000ft/1200m.
      Damage: 3D
      Ammo: Unlimited.
      Rate of Fire: 1 twin, fire-linked beam per attack.

Optional Weapons:
   GU-11 Gunpod (Attached to back of Veritech's lower arm when not in use):
      Fire Arc: Forward (Jet, attached to underside); "Turret" (Guardian/Gerwalk, Battloid/Soldier, hand-held).
      Skill: Starship gunnery (Jet); Blaster (Guardian/Gerwalk, Battloid/Soldier)
      Fire Control: 3D (Jet); 2D (Guardian/Gerwalk); 1D (Battloid/Soldier)
      Space Range: 1-3/12/25
      Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5km
      Damage: 3D (short burst, cannot use Fire Control, but can Dodge AND add Maneuverability); 6D (long burst, uses Fire Control and can Dodge but not add maneuverability); 9D (
      Rate of Fire: 10 rounds per short burst (counts as single action); 20 rounds per long burst (counts as single action); 40 rounds per full round burst (counts as full round action).
      Ammo: 200 rounds per clip, can reload with a standard action.

   Battle Mace: This is a large, 12 ft/3.6m, reinforced, metal alloy mace or club, and is well balanced and specifically designed for the Gladiator.  See Hand-to-Hand combat for details.

   Destroid Hand-to-Hand Combat:
      Restrained Punch/Slap: 4D
      Full Strength Punch: 7D
      Power Punch: 7D+2
      Stomp: 4D (Only effective against targets 12 ft tall or smaller)
      Body Block/Tackle: 5D
      Tear or Pry with Hands: 4D
      Battle-Mace Restrained Attack: 5D
      Battle-Mace Full Strength Attack: 8D
      Battle-Mace Power Attack: 8D+2
      Note: The Gladiator can NOT jump, kick, or leap, but CAN climb if the structure can support its weight, and CAN pick up/carry objects up to 15 tons, as well as perform ANY SKILL actions that a person could involving hands, but in the Walker scale, including Brawling (Damages given above).

Standard Destroid Equipment:
   Main Engine: DT-2004 Fusion reactor; Output=3200 SHP
   Search Lights: Mounted above the left shoulder.  Visible light and infrared.  600ft/360m range, 180 degree rotation, 90 degree arc up/down
   Radar: 30 mile/48.2km range, conventional operation.
   Radio/Video Communications: Wide band, directional radio/video telecast capability.  600 mile/965.4km range, or can be boosted indefinitely via satellite.
   Laser Targeting System: Close range: 2 miles/3.2km.
   Combat Computer: Calculates, stores and monitors data on the control panel computer screen and/or heads up display (HUD).
   External Audio Pickup: Sound amplification/listening system with 300ft/91.5m range.
   Loudspeaker: Amplifies/projects pilot's voice up to 90 decibels.
   Thermo-imager: A special optical heat sensory unit, allows infrared radiation of warm objects to be converted into a visible image.  Enables pilto to see in darkness, shadows and through smoke.  1600ft/487m range.
   Night Vision Optics: Passive image intensifier, emits no light of its own, relies on ambient light which is electronically amplified to give a visible picture.  1600ft/487m range.
   Reinforced Pilot's Compartrment: Specially armored and padded, designed for maximum protection of the pilot even if the vehicle is totally destroyed.  Can be retrieved and carried by Veritech Fighters or the Gladiator destroid.
   Heat/Radiation Shields.
   Independent Oxygen and Circulatory System.
   Fuel Capacity:  The use of Protoculture through Robotechnology gives all Destroids and Veritech Fighters a long life span.  Can operate at full capacity for an average of 22 years, half this if in constant use.
   180 Degree Rotation:  All Destroids, except the M.A.C. II Monster, can rotate 18o degrees.  This makes them effective mobile turret artillery pieces, as well as able to fight the Zentraedi head-to-head even if somewhat combersome when compared to the Veritech Fighters.

-Robotech: Another non-transformable battloid mecha, this Destroid is used as a defensive weapons system in deep space aboard the SDF-1 and by the Earth Defence Forces (EDF).  Unlike its fellow Destroids (like the Excaliber) which are basically heavy artillery support units, the Gladiator is a frontline combat unit designed with an excellent balance of mobility, weaponry and Walker-scale hand-to-hand combat capabilities.  Of all the Destroids, the Gladiator is the most versatile in overall means of mobility, agility and means of attack.  It is the only Destroid that can engage if FULL HAND-to-HAND combat.  So powerful are its slashing hands, that they have been known to punch through the armor of Zentraedi Battle Pods!  Its combat capabilities are augmented with an impressive combination of weapon systems.
   The main disadvantage to the Gladiator is that it lacks any sort of real long range weapon system.  Another drawback, shared by most ground-based mecha, is that it is slower than most enemy mecha it is required to face.
   Since the Zentraedi assault on Earth, the Gladiator has become a major tool in the peace-keeping efforts during the difficult reconstruction of cities and society.  It is the ideal unit for law enforcement, riot control, civil defence, recon, and patrols in remote areas.
-Macross: Proof that second place can strike gold, the MBR-07-Mk II Spartan may have lost out for first in the destroid design competition, but this mecha was too good for the U.N. to pass up. The MBR-07 followed roughly a year and a half after the first destroids began design, entered trial production in 2005 and by 2008 field units were beginning first rollout. A simple but incredibly efficient mecha, the Spartan combines numerous weapons and a compact chassis to create a very potent close-combat war machine. The Spartan's center-mounted multi-gun weapons array is complimented by two, twelve pack missile launchers on either side of the torso and rounded out with a dual anti-aircraft laser cannon mounted just behind the cockpit hatch. In addition to these ballistic and beam weapons, the Spartan's two hands are powerful grappling claws capable of tearing through the armor of enemy mecha and over-powering any full-sized Zentradi soldier. The Spartan uses a standardized control cockpit, allowing pilots of most other U.N. Forces mecha to easily master control of this battle robot.
    Valkyrie pilot Hikaru Ichijo operated a Spartan in battle against Zentradi malcontents at the Highlander City airport in late 2011. Utlizing the superior hand-to-hand combat ability of the Spartan and a familiar control cockpit, Ichijo and his combat team were able to easily subdue both mechanized Zentradi and infantry units attacking the airport. During the battle, Captain Ichijo utilized a mecha-sized combat baton to down a Reguld and incapacitate unarmored zentradi soldiers. Throughout Space War I and following the war, the Spartan continued to be a thorn in the backside of the U.N. Spacy's enemies.
-Star Wars: While most ground Walkers are walking artillery pieces, able to do much damage in the battlefields they stride upon, none really have access to up-close hand-to-hand combat abilities.  This is where the Gladiator can come in.  There are many mecha walkers, especially with the RDF Destroids, that could use an up-close combat-abled walker to watch their backs while they lay waste to the enemy.  Also, how often have adventurers and would-be heroes run into a rogue Rancor?  Or worse, a TRIBE of them?  The Gladiator could battle these beasts head to head, toe to toe, and perhaps even survive to tell the tale.  Perhaps Gladiators are even used to coral Rancor and/or other giant creatures somewhere in the galaxy.  For whatever reason they are used, the Gladiator would be ideal to have with the rest of the Destroids to guard them and other fortifications and locales, as well as take advantage of any opportunity it ever gets to close the distance with the enemy, say, the rare AT-AT that gets too close and receives a blow from the Gladiator's Battle-Mace!?!?!?!?!?!?

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