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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Battlestar GalacticaSubtype: StarfighterEra: Canon: Crossover

Fang Viper Fighter

Craft: Fang Viper Fighter
Type: Colonial Space Superiority Starfighter
Scale: Starfighter
-Length: 9.2m
-Width: 4.3m
Skill: Starfighter Piloting: Fang Viper
Crew: 1 or 2.
Crew Skill:
Passengers: N/A (One, in the lap, if careful)
Cargo Capacity: 20 kilograms (plus emergency gear)
Consumables: 2 weeks (in emergency gear)
Cost: 250,000 colonial credits (new)
Hyperdrive: N/A
Nav Computer: Yes (for intrasystem travel and guidance from its baseship)
Maneuverability: 3D (4D with Turbo Boost for Acceleration, or Braking Thrusters for deceleration)
Space: 9 (12 with Turbo Boost)
Atmosphere: 400; 1,150kmh (450; 1,300kmh with Turbo Boost)
Hull: 5D+2
Shields: N/A
-Passive: 30/1D
-Scan: 50/1D+2
-Search: 75/3D
-Focus: 4/4D+1

-Turbo Boost: When used, Turbo Boost increases the speed to 12, then slows down by one every round (12, then 11, then 10, then back to 9).  Also, Warriors piloting the Viper must wear a special Pressure Suit suit underneath their uniform to resist the G-forces pulled during acceleration with Turbo Boost.  WIthout the suit, the pilots must make Stamina rolls every round, starting at Very Difficult and one level less every round after, until back to normal speed.  Failing the roll means they lose conciousness for 3D, 2D and then 1D rounds or more.
-Continuous Turbo Boost: Sometimes, a Viper needs to get somewhere fast.  In the original series, Viper pilots sometimes pressed the Turbo button on the stick and held it to get where they needed to go if it wasn't close by.  For this, when a pilot holds Turbo Boost, he starts with the normal Boost speed increase, and increases it by one once per combat round.  The first round, he gets normal speed increase and nothing happens (Space Speed 12, no roll needed); The second round, they get an increase by one (Space Speed 13), and must roll the Fang Viper's Hull Die Code against Easy Difficulty.  The maximum Space Speed increase is +3 (Space Speed 15), also increasing the Difficulty for the Hull Dice by one with each speed increase (Easy, then Moderate, then Difficult, and stays at Difficult until Continuous Turbo Boost is stopped).  If the Hull Dice roll is failed, either roll the roll 1D; if evens (2,4,6), the Viper has burned up all its fuel and is dead in space; if odds (1,3,5), the Viper has burned out its engines and requires a Repair check one Difficulty higher than the Difficulty it broke down on (this might require the pilot to exit the craft and make repairs on the outside, but space suits are stowed away inside the cockpit, behind the seats).  The Fang Viper's secondary engine energizers allow it to still maneuver (Maneuverability 1D) and move at a Space Speed of 2.
-Galactica's Launch Bays: In the Galactica's stats (I'll fix it after this), its Launch Bays sling the Vipers along a magnetic launch tube combined with Turbo Boost to get them out faster and into the combat zone.  Where the original Vipers and Asp Vipers get a temporary speed increase of 12, the fang will get one of 14!  This however will decrease by one every round just like normal Turbo Boost, until the Fang Viper returns to normal speed.

(These are hold-overs from the stats of the original Viper.  While none of these were shown in the War of Eden miniseries, it is likely that varriants for the Fang Viper exist.  These are left here to give players and GMs an idea for Fang Viper variants)
-A "Recon Viper" variant has been developed, possessing greater speed and maneuverability capabilities than a typical Viper, but lacking any armament due to the removal of the laser pumps. It also possesses an advanced voice interface. Starbuck is the only Warrior known to have flown this variant (The Long Patrol). Space Speed +2; Maneuverability +1D.
-CORA: CORA is an acronym for "Computer, Oral Response Activated."
CORA is an advanced flight computer installed in Recon Viper One, designed to not only assist the pilot in flying during long patrols, but also keep him entertained.  Maneuverability +2D, or Starfighter Piloting 5D.
CORA's voice is distinctly feminine, and it exhibits a flirtatious demeanor when interacting with Starbuck. Despite the apparent advanced intelligence of the unit, it fails to prevent Robber from stealing the Recon Viper, even assisting him by flying as he directed.
Capable of maneuvering the Viper extremely competently and precisely, Starbuck has CORA perform a maximum-G climb that causes a Cylon Raider to crash into the planetoid Proteus (The Long Patrol).
-On missions where Vipers must endure extreme heat or other environments that could endanger the pilot, specially designed shielding can be applied to the cockpit canopy. This extra layer of protection was used in the Madagon star cluster and prevented pilots from being hurt by the incredible heat and light in the region (Saga of a Star World).  +3D against harmful heat, radiation or other extreme environmental conditions that would affect the pilot.

2 Pulse-Laser Cannons (Fire-linked)
   Location: The wing tips, facing forwards and long, like fangs.
   Fire Arc: Front.
   Crew: 1 (pilot or gunner)
   Skill: Starship Gunnery
   Scale: Starfighter
   Fire Control: 2D
   Space range: 1-3/12/25
   Atmosphere range: 100-300/1.2/2.5km
   Damage: 7D
   Ammo: Unlimited
   Rate of Fire: Fire-linked beams per attack.

2 Medium Ion Cannons (Fire-linked)
   Location: Further in from the wing tips, but before the middle.
   Fire arc: Front.
   Crew: 1 (pilot or gunner)
   Skill: Starship Gunnery
   Scale: Starfighter
   Fire Control: 3D
   Space range: 1-3/7/36
   Atmosphere range: 100-300/700/3.6km
   Damage: 5D
   Ammo: Unlimited
   Rate of Fire: Fire-linked Ion pulse per attack.

2 Laser-Torpedo Guns
   Location: The sides of the fuselage by the cockpit, under the wings, facing forwards.
   Fire Arc: Front.
   Crew: 1 (pilot or gunner)
   Skill: Starship Gunnery
   Scale: Starfighter (lasers); Capital or Starfighter (torpedoes)
   Fire Control: 2D
   Space range:
   -Lasers: 1-3/12/25
   -Torpedoes: 1/3/7, 7 per round.
   Atmosphere range:
   -Lasers: 100-300/1.2/2.5km
   -Torpedoes: 50-100/300/700, 700 per round.
   Damage: 6D (lasers); 9D (torpedoes, can also be fire-linked for 10D)
   Ammo: Unlimited (lasers); 2 (torpedoes), can also be changed to 4 starfighter scale torpedoes, and either of these can be converted as bombs for bombing runs as needed.
   Rate of Fire: Fire-linked beam per attack (lasers); 1 missile per attack, or volleys of up to max payload.

-In the 1995 Wildstorm Comic Book miniseries, Battlestar Galactica: War of Eden:
   The Galactica and its fleet have traveled the stars for roughly twenty yahren.  Over that time, there have been many changes.  Adama was placed in cryogenic sleep due to katai syndrome; Apollo has assumed command of the Galactica; Ty has become president of the Quorum of Twelve; Athena has taken his place as Colonel and second in command of Galactica; Starbuck commands the mighty Viper squadrons, Boomer as his second in command and has a daughter; Boxey has grown up and become a warrior in his own right.  Sheba and Apollo have been sealed and have had a child of their union, named Cain after his grandfather; and many other changes.
   As many battles would take place between the fleet and the Cylons over the years, resources, vehicles and weapons would be lost in the conflicts.  As resources were replaced, it was decided to build completely new designs in Vipers and Shuttles, even refitting the Galactica itself with new technologies, such as the Temporal Overdrive.
   The Vipers needed complete redesigns due to more advanced forms of Raiders from the Cylons.  With the help of Doctor Wilker, along with ides form Galactica's greatest Viper pilots, the Fang Viper was drawn up and approved after taking stock of what was available in parts, and what could be built by the ships and hard working people in the fleet.  The result was a new Viper that could perform just as well, if not better, against the new threats the fleet would come across in the years to come.
   The Fang Viper has several features that are far removed from the original model, yet still maintaining a semblance of the old Viper design.  Where the old had three Turbo Drives in the rear, the fang has two in the lower points, and a pair of new engines on the top.  The two lower engines look much like their old counterparts on the outside, but that is where the similarity ends.  Inside, they have updated designs and parts for greater output.  The two smaller divices above the two lower are part engine thrusters, part newly compact energizers, and part stabilizers.  When the Fang kicks into Turbo Boost, these smaller engines emit thrust to keep the craft stable and balanced like the original model when it had three engines in the rear.  They also stabilize the fighter at normal speeds with advanced etheric rudder/gyrostabilizer combination designs, along with lower-powered thruster bursts.  These engines also act as energizers, converting much of their potential output into energy useful to the weapons systems, where the other engines provide power to the rest of the craft.  Since the weapons are along the wings themselves, this is easily achieved.
   The Fang Viper's weapons systems have been greatly expanded from the original Viper design, just as the engines.  The Warrior pilots themselves almost unamiously voted for more punch with the laser cannons.  Having aquired qreckage from the newer Raider-HS4s, Wilker tried to figure out the pulse weapon technology they were now using, and eventually incorporated his discoveries into the new weapons designs.  The result gave the classic laser cannons more punch.  However, the cannons were now so large that placing them beside the fuselage of the new Viper would be awkward.  Further, they now generated so much heat, along with a residual energy pulse effect, that it was simply impractical, since any shots would melt and/or break the fuselage or the cockpit surfaces.  because of this, the new lasers were placed on the wing tips, further away from the main body of the fighter, where they can do no damage to it, instead, unleashing hell upon unwary Cylons.
   Further up from the wing tips, but not quite halfway, is another weapon, a set of Ion Cannons.  When recovered wreckage led to the Pulse-Laser improvements, these cannons were drawn up to be used to disable more Cylon craft and recover them for further study as to how the Cylons were advancing their technologies.  All in all, it was a good secondary weapon to have in any event when fighting technologically advanced enemies, since the cylons were not the only foes encountered by the Galactica and her fleet.  (These work just like the Ion Cannons from Star Wars).
   A third weapon was installed where the original Viper's laser cannons used to be.  These are the original Laser-Torpedo guns of the Vipers of old, updated with the new design specs of the Fang Viper and given better torpedoes that deliver more punch.  The were left as part of the new design for several reasons, mainly because they would make a good fallback weapon if the Pulse-Lasers were ever taken out (which would be easier since they were further out on the wings and easier to hit or break off from collisions), and also because the new Viper would need punch that only missiles can deliver against Capital targets.  Also, with the new designs, the room and power was there to install them without drawing power away from any other primary systems.
   The Fang Viper's cockpit can be easily altered to accomodate a crew of one or two, as the flight mission needs, or for simple joyriding (When Commander Cain reappears in the second comic miniseries, Battlestar Galactica: The Enemy Within, he takes his grandson, also named Cain, out for a ride in a Fang Viper modified as a two-seater, and they fly out as far as Saturn).  This makes the Fang Viper able to perform like the original with one pilot, or the Asp with its crew of two.  The difference is that it is all contained within a single fighter design that can be easily altered as needed.
   WIth all of these features, the new Fang Viper is slightly longer and wider of wing than its older counterparts, the Viper and Asp fighters.  The Galactica's Launch Bays and Viper Launch Tubes had to be modified to make use of the Fang Viper, but with the advantage they would bring in battle, the crew quickly made this happen.  The Galactica's Launch bays can now aquit these viciously awsome starfighters.
   Unfortunately for Starbuck, 'Cora' has not been installed in any of the new craft...yet.
-Campaign: Stargate-Alliance:
   In my campaign, the Fang Viper is being introduced slowly to the Warriors who fight to protect the fleet.  All lower ranked Warriors are trained in the original models and allowed use of the original Vipers or the Asps.  The Fangs are reserved for higher ranked Warriors and aces, but the plan is to eventually replace all Vipers with Fang Vipers.  Starbuck and Boomer make use of Fangs, but Starbuck II is still lower ranked and makes use of either the original Viper (when flying solo) or the Asp (when flying with an SG teammate).  Evemntually he will earn a Fang Viper starfighter, if he survives long enough...

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