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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: ImperialCanon: Crossover

The Armor of Oris And Enubit
(Head and Chest Unit)
Model: [unknown; alien artifact; used by the same species that created the Staff of Re]
Type: Personal Powered Combat Armour
Cost: Not Available For Sale
Availability: Not Available For Sale
Game Effect:
Armour: Provides +3D to Strength for physical attacks, +1D+2 for energy attacks. Covers head and torso only. Front and back. No DEX penalty.
Sensors: Provides 270 degree vision. +1D to search. +2 for targeting with Staves of Re (only).
Atmospheric Filter: the filters remove potential toxins, microorganisms, and particulate matter from the air. However, it does not function as a self contained breathing apparatus.
Retractability: by pressing a button on the right side of the head-gear, the whole armour unit can retract itself into a 5x5x5cm cube, that is fastened to the back of the neck. The armour can be expanded from this cube in the same way.
Capsule: Used by the same species that wield the Staves of Re, the Armour of Oris and Enubit is a marvel of technical engineering. Providing good protection against physical blows (including slugs and flechettes), the armour is less effective against energy attacks. The armour envelops the head and upper torso completely in a light weight dual-phaseform alloy. The alloy, as yet unidentified, is very similar to the alloy used in the Staves of Re, but has two molecular conformations. These two conformations are suspected to be the secret of the collapsibility of this armour into a 5x5x5cm cube. Experiments have shown that this property can be triggered by application of low current electricity at specific frequencies. Attempts to reproduce this effect in such a complicated technical device have met with varied success, although research is ongoing.
The golden-bronze armour appears bulky and increases the apparent height of the wearer by 0.22m and the apparent head diameter by 0.18m. On the top of the head gear is an elaborate metal animal head, usually a hawk or dog-like creature with glowing blue eyes. The animal ornamentation is a rotatable sensor pod that provides 270 degree vision, enhanced lifeform scanning, and minor target acquisition with Staves of Re with which the armour has a weak radio-link.
The armour, designed for use in desert conditions, has extensive atmospheric filters and ventilation systems, However, there is no heating unit and no self-contained breathing apparatus. The filtered atmosphere must be able to provide the necessary gases.
The armours' excessive ornamentation and detailing suggests that it is meant to instill fear and/or awe in less-technically-minded primitives. It is possible that the bearers of the armour and Staves use these weapons to act and appear as gods to worlds under their control. This is, of course, only speculation.

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