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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: CapitalEra: ImperialCanon: No

Starship: the Grand Admiral Thrawn
Craft: Kuat Drive Yard's Tarkin-II Class Star Dreadnought
Type: Oversector Command Cruiser
Scale: Capital
Length: 50,000 meters
Skill: Capital Ship Piloting
Crew: 1,502,352; Gunners: 22,248; (Skeleton: 500,000/+10)
Crew Skill: Astrogation: 7D, Capital Ship Gunnery: 6D+2, Capital Ship Piloting: 6D+1, Capital Ship Shields: 7D+1, Capital Ship Repair: 8D+2, Capital Ship Weapons Repair: 8D, Communications: 7D, Sensors: 6D+2, Starship Gunnery: 6D
Passengers: 175,000; Troops: 300,000; Phoenix Legionnaires: 400
Cargo Capacity: 750,000 metric tons
Consumables: 20 years
Cost: 250 quintillion credits (Support craft cost an additional 8,747,960,000 credits)
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1
Hyperdrive Backup: x6
Nav Comp: Yes
Maneuverability: 2D
Space: 8
Atmosphere: 365; 1,050 kmh
Hull: 27D+2
Shields: 12D+1, 8D of back-up shields (Shield generators are considered to have a hull rating of 10D and have their own shield system that provides 6D of protection with 4D of backup shields)
Sensor Masking: +6D to difficulties to detect with sensors
   Passive: 1,000/4D
   Scan: 1,500/4D+2
   Search: 2,000/5D+1
   Focus: 300/6D
   1 Bow-Mounted Two-Wave Grav-Shock Bombard
      Scale: Death Star
      Fire Arc: Front
      Crew: 48
      Skill: Capital Ship Gunnery
      Fire Control: 6D
      Space Range: 8-40/120/240
      Atmosphere Range: 16-80/240/480 km
      Damage: 24D or 3D, depending on setting. When set for strategic bombardment, the
                     bombard takes a full minute to charge and focus. After the minute of power
                     build-up, the full 24D of damage is inflicted on the target. When set for this
                     type of attack, the die-cap penalties for a Death Star-scale weapon attacking
                     a lower-scale target are in effect. This mode is typically only used against
                     planets and planetoids. The second setting is for tactical assault. In this
                     mode the bombard may fire every combat round at 3D Death Star-scale
                     damage but is treated as a Capital-scale weapon for aiming purposes.
                     When fired in tactical mode the bombard directs a field of coherent
                     gravitons out in a solid bolt that covers an area of 2 kilometers in diameter.
                     Anything in the path of this bolt must make a Starship Dodge attempt or
                     suffer 3D Death Star scale damage. This attack does not simply hit one
                     target and then dissipate, but continues on to a maximum of 300 spatial units
                     or 500 kilometers in an atmosphere, affecting everything in the area of
                     affect. Past the above ranges the gravitons abruptly dissipate harmlessly.
                     NOTE: Once the bombard begins charging for a strategic-mode attack, it
                     must continue until full charge is reached and released. The reactor in place
                     can only fire one strategic charge every six hours. Tactical charges may be
                     fired indefinitely.

   20 Gravity Well Projectors
      Scale: N/A
      Fire Arc: 5 Front, 5 Left, 5 Right, 5 Back
      Crew: 10 Each
      Skill: Capital Ship Gunnery
      Fire Control: 5D
      Space Range: 2-10/30/60
      Atmosphere Range: N/A
      Damage: Blocks All Hyperspace Travel
   2,000 Heavy Concussion Missile Launch Tubes
      Scale: Capital
      Fire Arc: 1,000 Front, 300 Left, 300 Right, 400 Back
      Crew: 1 Each
      Skill: Capital Ship Gunnery
      Fire Control: 5D
      Space Range: 3-18/36/66
      Atmosphere Range: 6-36/72/132 km
      Damage: 15D (15D/10D/5D/2D in an atmosphere)
      Blast Radius: 0-2/8/12/20 km
      Ammunition: 200 Missiles per Tube

   4,000 Heavy Quad Laser Cannons
      Scale: Starfighter
      Fire Arc: 1,400 Front, 800 Left, 800 Right, 1,000 Back
      Crew: 2 Each
      Skill: Starship Gunnery
      Fire Control: 6D
      Space Range: 2-6/24/50
      Atmosphere Range: 200-600/2.4/5 km
      Damage: 8D
   2,000 Super Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
      Scale: Capital
      Fire Arc: 750 Front, 400 Left, 400 Right, 450 Back
      Crew: 2 Each
      Skill: Capital Ship Gunnery
      Fire Control: 4D
      Space Range: 4-20/40/80
      Atmosphere Range: 8-40/80/160 km
      Damage: 12D

   2,000 Heavy Ion Web Projectors
      Scale: Capital
      Fire Arc: 500 Front, 500 Left, 500 Right, 500 Back
      Crew: 3 Each
      Skill: Capital Ship Gunnery
      Fire Control: 5D
      Space Range: 2-15/30/60
      Atmosphere Range: 4-30/60/120 km
      Damage: 15D Ionization damage.
      Blast Radius: Net is 500 meters in diameter
      Ammunition: 200 net canisters per projector

   2,000 Tractor Beam Projectors
      Scale: Capital
      Fire Arc: 500 Front, 500 Left, 500 Right, 500 Back
      Crew: 1 Each
      Skill: Capital Ship Gunnery
      Fire Control: 6D
      Space Range: 2-10/30/60
      Atmosphere Range: 4-20/60/120 km
      Damage: 10D

Support Craft: 120 Squadrons Mandalore-Class Strike Fighters
                        48 Squadrons Tulwar-Class Assault Bombers
                        30 Squadrons Dragonfly-Class Dropship/Support Fighters
                        300 Colossus-Class Tank Droids
                        300 Trailblazer-Class Command Transports
                        3,000 Shepherd-Class Armored Personnel Carriers
                        3,000 Ibliton-Class Infantry Fighting Vehicles
                        6,000 Stormfire-Class Armored Aerospace Gunships
                        20,000 Avenger-Class Power Armor Units
                        20 Hydra-Class Attack Submersibles
                        12 Citadel-Class Planetary Assault Destroyers
Note: The each Citadel carries a portion of the support craft in its own hangar bays. The tank droids, command transports, APCs, IFVs, gunships, and powered armor are distributed evenly between each of the 12 Citadels. These vehicles make planet-fall with the Citadels.

Capsule: The Tarkin-II Class Star Dreadnought is most notable, aside from its unprecedented size and firepower, for the fact that there was no Tarkin-I Class Star Dreadnought. This is because the government which contracted with Kuat Drive Yards for the warship's construction delivered plans and work orders for the inclusion of the Gravshock Bombard during the initial construction phases of the Tarkin and rather than simply rename it or issue a new construction contract for it, Kuat Drive Yards, with the consent of the purchasing government, the Keltarrin Protectorate, instead released it as the Tarkin-II Class Star Dreadnought. There is a persistent rumor that another reason the massive ships were designated the Tarkin-II has something to do with a Palpatine-Era Shadow Project involving a severely cut-down version of the Death Star's Superlaser mated to the aft section of an Executor-Class Command Ship. This mobile battlestation, if it ever existed, was apparently named the Tarkin as well making it the "Tarkin-I Class Star Dreadnought". This is all speculation however, as there has never been any proof that any such station was ever built. The New Republic has so far avoided purchasing any of the massive battlecruisers both because of the enormous expense involved and the possible outcry that would be caused by the use of a craft named after so hated a historical figure as the late Grand Moff Tarkin and thus far no other government has commissioned one to be built either. This is likely due to the immense cost involved in purchasing and equipping one. The support craft alone cost more than an entire squadron of Victory-Class Star Destroyers. The Tarkins themselves are technological marvels. Measuring fifty kilometers long, fifteen kilometers wide, and over eight kilometers high, the Tarkin-II has not only displaced the venerable Executor-Class Star Battleship as the largest warship ever built, but has taken that title to an extreme that many would have thought impossible. With over twelve thousand conventional weapons spread over its fifty kilometer length and more than thirty-four thousand support craft ranging from starfighters and airspeeders to tank droids and attack submersibles, the Tarkin-II carries more firepower than a dozen Executor-Class Star Battleships and the equivalent of an entire army in troops assault vehicles. Twelve Citadel-Class planetary assault destroyers line the underside of the vast warship in two rows of six, one on each side. Each assault destroyer is capable of dropping to a planet's surface with its payload of over twenty-five hundred assault vehicles and support personnel. All three hundred thousand troops carried aboard ship can be dropped to a planet's surface in approximately five hours. Once the assault cruisers have landed they function as garrison bases and command centers for the troops with each being capable of handling twenty-five thousand soldiers. For truly daunting or exceptionally special combat mission each Tarkin carries four hundred Phoenix Legionnaires along with a suit of Avenger-Class power armor for each warrior. The main weapon of the Tarkin is its enormous Two-Wave Grav-Shock Bombard gaping from the front end of the ship like an immense maw. This devastating weapon works by sending out an intense gravitic wave which causes the target's intrinsic gravity to increase a thousand-fold and localize in a single spot. Then a second wave is produced which pulls the gravity point a variable distance from that spot decimating the area with tremendously powerful shearing force. The gravity point can be used to shatter a single building, crush a city block, smash a city, or reduce an entire mountain range to powder. If the gravity point is directed violently enough the tidal forces of a planet's own magnified gravity ripping through its core can completely shred it rendering the planet a lifeless, floating cloud of rubble in mere seconds. This horrifying weapon is also useful against capital ships and space stations. Since all things have an intrinsic gravity field, no matter how weak, the bombard can shred a Star Destroyer as easily as it can a planet. The actual projector nodes for the gravity waves only take up a small portion of the cavernous forward section of the ship. The projectors are imbedded in an array surrounding the outer perimeter of the gaping "dish". They can be used not only as devastating weaponry but as supremely powerful tractor beam projectors, allowing the huge ships to draw objects into the forward "dish" section. Filling this enormous void is a ravening molecular furnace similar to the furnaces on World Devastators. Objects drawn into this huge star-hot inferno are broken down into their component elements and stored in immense stasis bubbles. These bubbles are used for maintenance and repair materials, as there are no star ports that can service a ship the size of the Tarkin. Most of the under-hanging forward section is devoted to immense nano-factories that can churn out replacement parts at rates up to 160% faster than the factories aboard the older World Devastators. Virtually anything can be manufactured given the right materials. In theory even a full-sized Eclipse-Class Star Battleship could be manufactured and "birthed" through the front of the ship. In addition to devastating weaponry, the Tarkins have a hull that averages twenty meters thick, sometimes reaching as much as fifty meters, and is no less than five meters thick at its thinnest point. Areas of traditional vulnerability in Star Destroyer designs have been given special attention on the Tarkins. Sections like the main bridge, the hangar bays, and the shield generators have been completely reworked from the traditional styling. The main bridge is located deep inside the ship instead of exposed on a vulnerable bridge tower. Visual and sensory information is fed to the bridge by a variety of multiply redundant systems that weave in and out of the hull of the ship. Identifying a sensor pod is well nigh impossible due to the immense stretches of hull that need to be searched. This level of examination is impractical in combat and near-impossible at other times due to the powerful sensor masking systems that sheath the ship at all times. The hangar bays have been redesigned from older models so that instead of a central docking chamber which gapes open to any and all suicide attacks that might come its way there are rows of launch bays lining the edges of the centerline trench. Each launch bay consists of six launch chutes which can accommodate ships of up to medium freighter size. Each launch chute is large enough to allow two Mandalore or Tulwar fighters to launch simultaneously or one Dragonfly-class dropship. This allows an entire squadron of fighters to be launched at once and yet makes assaults on the vulnerable insides of the Tarkin difficult to attempt. Four launch chute clusters, arranged in a box formation, are set in 2.5 kilometer intervals along each side of a Tarkin with there being a total of ten clusters on each side. This allows a Tarkin to launch nine hundred and sixty fighters at once and potentially launch its entire complement of over two thousand fighters in just under a minute. This arrangement is actually an improvement over conventional hangar bays in terms of launch time and is much safer against enemy attack. There is a structure about ten kilometers from the very back portion of the ship which corresponds to the traditional bridge tower but this is actually an armored bunker containing the shield generators. This hardened fortress-like emplacement contains the massive power reactors that feed energy to the various shield points around the ship. While its semi-exposed location might make it a tempting target for attackers who are used to punching a quick hole in the shields and feeding the generators a barrage of proton torpedoes, this would be a fool hardy move at best. The hull plating in this area is over forty meters thick and the generators have their own independent shield system protecting them. The Tarkins are also equipped with a full-scale holonet system which is fully as powerful as anything to be found in the New Republic Core Worlds.  This allows for oversector-level coordination with thousands of different civilian and military stations. It also is the only way that a vessel this enormous could sustain a sensor masking system. Without a planetary-scale holonet system a Tarkin would be just as easily detected as any other craft. But by using the holonet together with the sensor systems and the main computer a Tarkin can generate a near-perfect illusion of empty space around itself. This masking system is almost never used since the Keltarrin Protectorate would prefer to keep this little capability secret. While no special precautions are taken to keep crew members away from the areas where the stealth systems are located, all personnel who are considered for assignment to the stealth systems are thoroughly screened to weed out possible spies. Those who are suspected of actually being spies are assigned elsewhere without ever being told of the stealth systems at all. Only after it has been determined that a crewmember is completely loyal is the person transferred to the Special Sensory Array Division, which is the euphemism for the stealth systems. Even then the equipment they work on is so enormous that few ever guess what its true purpose is. While the Protectorate knows that someone will eventually find out about the sensor masking systems, if someone hasn't already, Grand Protector Skolaris feels that the effort is worth the trouble. One other unusual feature of the Tarkins is that unlike many military vessels there are enough escape pods for every single crewmember serving aboard ship. The escape pod system actually utilizes the vast turbolift system that fills the vessel. Each turbolift car is an escape pod. The pod controls and survival gear is built into concealed panels in the walls of the lift car and are designed to be completely inaccessible until the pod is actually launched. This prevents infiltrators from acquiring gear and equipment as they go throughout the ship by simply ransacking a lift car. Any attempt to access the survival gear not only sets off alarms on the bridge and the nearest guard station, it also seals the car and releases a gas into the car which can render most carbon-based life-forms unconscious in under five seconds. However, when the evacuation order is given from the bridge, or when the proper launch sequence is entered into the destination panel, the pod starts a thirty second countdown to launch during which time the concealed controls and shock couches emerge from the wall. The shock couches are actually heavily padded recesses into the walls that a person straps in to standing up. At the end of the countdown the pod, which has its own separate power supply activated in such emergencies, sends a powerful pulse to the electromagnetic rail system that the lift cars run on which sends the pod screaming down the most direct route out of the ship at approximately fifteen hundred kilometers per hour. There are handholds concealed in the floor that can be uncovered and grasped if the car is overloaded during emergency evacuation, though the supersonic rush to safety is anything but safe for those not strapped into the shock couches. Once clear of the ship the escape pod's maneuvering thrusters automatically move it to a location at least seventy-five spatial units from any other object over eight meters in length except for another escape pod. The pod has a rudimentary sensor system that scans for proximity and adjust course accordingly. Once it reaches the minimum distance from other objects the pod engages a single-use micro-hyperdrive which is programmed to take it directly to Alderaan Secundus, the Capital World of the Keltarrin Protectorate. There are only nine Tarkins. The first of these, the Grand Moff Tarkin, is the official flagship of the Keltarrin Navy and is under the command of Lord Joran Tigellinus, the grandson of the late Grand Admiral Rufaan Tigellinus. Lord Tigellinus serves as Supreme Commander for all of the naval forces of the Keltarrin Protectorate. The ship listed above, the Grand Admiral Thrawn, is the unofficial flagship of the Keltarrin Navy, being Grand Protector Skolaris' personal vessel. All of the Tarkins are named for great historical military or historical figures. Each ship was personally named by Grand Protector Skolaris who made no attempt to champion any one political ideology or military philosophy when assigning names. He merely chose the names of those men and women who he personally felt had changed the galaxy the most for good or ill over recorded history. This has caused quite a bit of consternation within the New Republic since several of the huge battlewagons are named after heroes and martyrs of the New Republic. Skolaris, however, cares not one bit what the New Republic thinks of him, his warships, or his choice in names for those ships. The other seven Tarkin-II Star Dreadnoughts are the Xim the Despot, the Empress Teta, the Senator Bail Organa, the General Obi-Wan Kenobi, the General Garm Bel Iblis, the Field Marshal Jan Dodonna, and the Prince Xizor. This last name was given under a firestorm of controversy since it is now well-known that the Falleen Prince Xizor was for many years the mastermind of the Black Sun galactic criminal organization. Many within the Protectorate itself balked at the idea of naming one of their mightiest warships after a gang boss but Grand Protector Skolaris would hear none if it. When asked about his naming choice at a press conference Skolaris merely smirked and said "For better or for worse, Prince Xizor changed the galaxy. In his time he revolutionized organized crime, maintained dozens of highly profitable and legitimate businesses, managed to play the Empire against the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and did all this from a palace not fifty miles from the palace of Emperor Palpatine. Besides, Xizor and I had similar tastes in enemies." This rather cryptic statement was followed by an uncharacteristic broad grin and chuckle, after which the Grand Protector changed the subject. Regardless of the reasons behind the naming of the Prince Xizor, the mighty warship that bears that name is, like it's sister ships, a marvel and a wonder to behold.
The Tarkin II was created by Mad Rabbit

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