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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: ImperialCanon: Crossover

Zentraedi Male Power Armor (MPA)

Macross name:Nosjadeul-Ger.

-Robotech: Power Armor, or Nousjadeul-Ger, general usage powered suit, as the Zentraedi call it, is a combination of many things.  It is an armored spacesuit with self-propulsion, an exoskeleton with enhanced strenth for manual labor, and a combat armor with interchangeable armaments.  Its back thrusters, mounted near the shoulders, provides fair mobility in space, but it can NOT fly in an atmosphere.  Although any Zentraedi can use this power armor, male OR female, it is usually reserved for use by males.
   The armor's production is limited because it is not as suited to combat as the Battle Pods (It's large enough to fight most starfighters!).  Power Armor lacks the high speed and mobility necessary for combat.  It is also much more costly to manufacture.  However, it is a valuable part of the Zentraedi armaments because it is the only combat armor that has full, manual articulation.  One or two Zentraedi in power armor are often included in exploration and reconnaissance teams.  
   The total number of male Power Armor is approximately equal to one in every two hundred Battle pods.
-Macross: Meeting the need for a powered battle suit in the male division of the Zentradi Army, the Nousjadeul-Ger is a functional if unremarkable mecha. The battle suit is operated by a single pilot and possesses a small armament with just enough weapons diversity to match most foes. The Nousjadeul-Ger's primary weapon is a large plasma cannon mounted across the back engine mount, capable of being swiveled forward and ready to fire very quickly. In short range battle, the suit is equipped with a torso mounted impact cannon and can carry a variety of small arms in either (or both) of the hands.
   The strength of the Nousjadeul-Ger lies in its versatility for all-environment deployment and suitability for most combat operations. When on a planet, the Nousjadeul-Ger is not limited to surface operations like the Reguld nor is it strictly an air unit like the Gnerl. The battle suit can engage in long-range flight within the atmosphere and can use this capability to broaden its combat effectiveness using its limited array of weaponry. The suit is also an excellent close-quarters, large-scale combat unit, capable of swift hand-to-hand fighting and possessing enough physical strength to cripple the most heavily armored enemy mecha. Lacking superior firepower and designed without preference for any single combat situation, the Nousjadeul-Ger is nonetheless a practical mecha capable of competent performance in most operations.
-Star Wars:  As the Tri-Star War escalated and the need arose for Zentraedi to infiltrate Rebel and Imperial outposts yet still have the sheer tactical advantage of their size available to complete the objectives given to them, more and more Zentraedi were encountered utilizing Walker-sized powered armor suits, both in the field of combat and in espionage and sabotage missions.  Later on, these suits would be reverse-engineered by many parties such as Imperials, the New Republic, and even pirates and third-party conglomerate groups with Corporate Sector ties who wished to remain anonomous, yet procure a profit by selling smaller, Medium-sized versions of these armors on the Black Market across the galaxy.  The Zentraedi themselves began making smaller versions of these suits for their troops when they began micronizing their soldiers to more easily infiltrate enemy territory, and these could just as easily be used by other Medium-sized characters.

Model: Zentraedi Power Armor (Male)
Type: Flight-capable Powered Combat Armor.
Scale: Walker (Made for Zentraedi)
Skill: Power Armor Operations.
Cost: 12,000 (something in between a starfighter, a walker and an armored suit)
Availability: 4, X
Game Notes:
-Body Armor: +3D versus Physical, +2D+2 versus Energy, -2D Dexterity.
-Strength Enhancement: +3D
-Speed Enhancement:  Character's running speed is tripled (x3); average speed is about 40mph/64.3kmh.
-Flight Systems:  In an atmosphere, the suit cannot fly, but can JUMP at 70mph/112.6kmh.  The character has to "land" after these jumps (starts falling), but they can be used to break a fall easily.  In Space the character has a movement of 1.
   Height: Approximately 55ft/16.8m
   Weight: 4 tons, does not include the weight of the Zentraedi inside.
-Main Engine: Thermonuclear REactor type, output: 2.4 GGV.
-Impact Cannon: 4D damage; Space Range: 1-3/12/25; Atmosphere Range: 50-300/1.2/2.5km; 40 rounds of ammunition.
-Particle Beam cannon (Optional, Shoulder-Mounted): 7D damage; Space Range: 1-3/12/25; Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5km.
-Plasma Cannon (Optional, Shoulder-Mounted): 5D damage; Space Range: 1-4/15/30; Atmosphere Range: 100-400/1.5/3km
-Laser pistol (Side-arm): 6D damage; 300ft/90m range; 100 shots.
-Hand to Hand Combat:
   Punch: +4D
   Body Flip/Throw: +1D
   Body Block: +1D
   Kick: +2D
   Stomp: +1D (only effective against prone targets or those 12ft or smaller)

Comments made about this Article!

19/Feb/2015 09:53:44 Posted by Ledeas Oakenbough {}

While I have enjoyed the West End Star Wars and Palladium Robotech, never thought I would see a cross over. Well done.

22/Aug/2015 07:42:13 Posted by HellStormer1 {}

Thank you! I appreciate that! I'd always meant to go back and do more, or refine what I'd already done, but never got around to it. Not to mention later Macross stuff.

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