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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARTILLERY EMPLACEMENTSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Anti-orbital rail gun
Model: Lobic Arms EX-240 StarKiller Rail Gun
Type: Planetary defense artillery
Scale: Capital
Skill: Blaster artillery: StarKiller
Cost: not available for sale (yet)
Body: 5D
Crew: 24
Fire Rate: 1/2
Ammunition: 20
Fire Control: 4D
Range: low orbit/medium orbit/high orbit
Damage: 8D+2
Capsule: The StarKiller is an experimental planetary defense weapon designed by Lobic Arms. It is currently undergoing field testing in the hands of the Noqtuar HPL faction on the northern continent of the planet Fanjin. The StarKiller has exhibited a few flaws so far, but in general it is shaping up to be a major success. The chief flaw lies in the fact that the StarKiller is a projectile weapon, rather than an energy weapon. This design was chosen for a number of reasons, primarily to cut down on the costs and energy consumption of the weapon. The problem with this design is that the depleted uranium projectiles can be shot down when fired at a target at long range. This is a heroic task. The other main problem is a bug in the targeting software which causes the system to respond slowly (fire control 0D) if an attempt is made to track a target of less than 40m in length. The R&D teams are currently working on a solution to the targeting problem. Despite these problems the StarKiller is a formidable piece of artillery. If it weren't for the 12 StarKiller prototypes the HPL would have lost their toehold on Fanjin. As it is, they were able to use the StarKillers to make any attempt by their rivals, the FNA, at orbital bombardment far too costly to be worth it.

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