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Section of Site: Supplements D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Era: ImperialCanon: No

Dirty Phil's Scrapyard or The nic-nac-netbook of spare parts

Units of measure
Personal equipment
Vehicle parts
Blaster Parts
Large Weapon parts
Shield Parts
Sensor /Communication parts
Building materials
Bio-Medical parts

Units of measure ( no idea on conversion)

Metric Ton : base unit of cargo measurement
albars.(expressed in hundreds)
gats. an ammount of tension on a bearing
Skile curve: performace rating for speeders
# Bz :data size measurement
# KTU : Engine performance rating
# SBD : Shield output rating
# RU : Hull or body rating
# DPF : Maneuverability rating
# MGLT : Velocity rating

Equipment /tools

Arion Drill:  To make holes in things.
Beamdrill: tight-focus, short range drill.
Berko-8 : a non combustible cleanser ( presumably the brand name)
Ceriline welding torch:  For spot welding duridium
Diagnostic Scanner:  Helps to pinpoint the source of problems.
Fusion Cutter:High energy plasma beam for cutting
Glowrod (aka Lumas): flashlight / worklight
Halite Imaging Electrograph:  Monitors hot spots in ship's electronic systems.
Hand Laser Saw:  To cut through things.
Hydroclamper: like a hydrospanner, but different
Hydrospanner: all around supertool. like a wrench, but different.
Karlisite Depolarizer:  Used to reduce the charge of a metalic substance.
Usefull for     installing new parts and for preventing meltdowns.
Magnon Spirograph:  Used to measure effeciency of hyperdrive systems
Mem-stik: a small data storage device
Micron Callipers:  Device used to make tiny little adjustments.  Used for  hyperdrive repair.
Pneumatic Riveter:  To connect things in a spaceworthy fashion
Power Calibrator: analyze and repair electronic circuitry
Power Condenser: a small chargable power storage unit ( like a battery)
Power-Pulse Monitor: measuring engine performance
Recording Rod: audio / video recorder ( about the size if a lightsaber handle)
ReliaCharger: a power charge in a stick (basically)
Relotian Dionizer:  To negate the effects of an ion blast(takes about a day  per system) or any other ionic contamination.
Sonic Screwdriver (OK, so it's not SW, but I like 'em)for undoing sonicly  screwed items
Synthion Canister:  Storage and aplication device for Synthionfoam.
Virimon Pump:  Fire Extinguisher.

Vehicle Parts:

Activation Matrix:  The bit of the hyperdrive that makes it go so darn fast.
Agitator Bearings: neccesary for repulsorlift operation on gas giants, adjustible.
Alluvial dampers : Keeps the ship from shaking itself apart at high speeds
Amicron Mix:  Acts as a radiation soak, and is used to shield any sytem that leaks dangerous radiation.  Should be changed fairly often.
Anion Discharge System:  How the ship gets rid of ion drive byproducts.
Antioxidant Induction Fluid:  Keeps the Activation Matrix from covering itself with a thick rustlike layer which prevents hyperdrive use. (caution: do not drink)
Balance Turbines: Distribute repulsorlift field energy evenly around the craft
Brath Bearing Brackets: allow smooth rapid turns on speederbikes
Central Computer System:  What it says.
Cephalaph Shielding:  A waxy grey insulant used to protect the other systems from the ship's power plant emissions
Comm unit - Pretty obvious, isn't it?
Computer Control Circuts:  Enables the computer to activate and deactivate ship's systems.
Computer Feedback Circuts:Keeps computer aware of the status of the various systems.
Drive Compensator : a device used to counterbalance to effects of the drive
Drive Compensator  Fusion Coil : The central [and, consequently, the most expensive] part of the fusion engine, which provides power to the ship.
Fission Charger : a device used to re-carge fuel cells.
Frigidon Mix:  Very cold fluid. Passed through certain systems in partialy insulated tubes to keep them from overheating. Also poured on things to make them more brittle.
Fuel Cells:  Containers of fusable material designed to be used by the power plants.  Burnt out fuel cells can be recycled, or recharged through a fission charger.
Fuel Converters - Since most ships have reactionless drives, fuel converters would be quite uncommon.  If your ship has one, and it blows, you've got a major problem on your hands.
Horizontal boosters -;  thrusters used to provide lateral movement
Hyperdrive:  That which makes the ship go past light speed.Duh.
Hyperspace Compass - a heading indicator.  Like a compass, it measures your direction of travel,
Inertial Dampers:  Keeps the crew from getting that chunkysalsa look when the ship makes a fast turn.
Interphase Transducers:  Converts energy from the powerplants into a form usable by the hyperdrive.
Ion Piston: Ion engine part
Jehltekk Enhancer Valve: component of a repulsorlift maneuvering system
Microimpact Dampers:  Keep the ships drive systems from jolting themselves out of alignment.
Power Couplings - A power coupling transfers energy from one circuit into another.
Power Plant:  Source of energy for all ships systems.
Quad Power Cyclers: power cyclers for speeder craft.
Sliverfoils: Ion engine component
Reactant Agitator Injector: feul injecton?
Repulsorlift generator: generates the repulsorlift field
Repulsor Modulator: gas pedal?
Serbo-bracket: available in any landspeeder, brackets the serbos
Synthion Foam:  Insulates, reduces emissions, and holds things together in a pinch.
Thersop Ambulator: Skiff tiller control component
Trianolubricant fluid:  Keeps ion drives from overheating.
Trianolubricant Injection System:  Keeps those ion drives swimmin.
Turbothrust Converter Coils: expressed in sizes V-5 to V-12

Blaster parts

Galven Pattern Damping Sleeve: For stun settings on blasters
Heter-Valve: energy converting valve
Magnetic Acceleration Sleeve: Rapid acceleration of personal missle weapons.
Overload Sturm Dowel: detects powerpack feedback and prevents overloading
Polarizer: the studs at the end of a wookie crossbow.
Power Flux Dispersion Unit: compensate for varying powerpac charge types
Prismatic Crystal (housing): a foci for light and gasses
Rotating Balance Stabiliser: Keeping personal missle weapons ballanced in thier housing.
Static Pulse Adaptors / Galven circutry: lining on the inside of the blaster barrel
Xciter : mixes energy and gas to form a raw blaster bolt.

Large Weaponry parts

Azimuth Rotation Platform: essential component to turrets.
Calibration Module: presumably used to 'adjust the sights' of SF weaponry
Capacitor Banks: banks of capacitors
Cooling Unit / Vent: pretty obvious
Firing Computer: the fire control box
Flashback Suppressor: the crescent shaped device at the tip of SF laser cannons.
Gate Coupling: connects the laser tip to the laser barrel
Ion Accu-accelerator: for large scale ion cannons
Micro-router Power Feed: power relays from source to nozzle of weapon
Overload Dispersal Collar: surrounds the base of the cannon barrel.
Pulse Capacitors: presumably to account for power feeds
Turbolaser Pulsor: where the beam comes out
Turbolaser Actuator: right behind that.

Shield Parts

Power Coupling: duh ( how demi-gods are made)
Projector Relays: the emitter for energy shielding
Shield Actuator: where the shield energyis formed and focused into the projector/emitter
Shield Generator Bank: the actual conversion of energy takes place here (probably backups as well)
Shield Matrix Boards: the circutry and fuses which generate the shields shape, and the first to blow out in an overload.

Sensor and Communication parts

ALS: Active Long-range Sensors
DER: Dedicated Energy Receptors
EPR: Electro-Photo Receptors
FST: Full Spectrum Transciever
PLS: Passive Long-range Sensor
STS: Short-range Target-acquiring Sensor
SJP: Sensor Jamming Projector.
Activation lights: for the Holonet Tranciever
Antennae: Broad beam, Tight beam, high frequ, low frequ, comm array, etc
Encryption Module: exactly that
Field Limiter: determines the size of the projection
Holoram Pod : store your favorite conversations!?
Holonet Transceiver: that thing the Emperor keeps appearing on
Rectenna Dish: a long range sensor component
S-thread Projection Crystal : tiny crystal emitter used in homing beacons
Subspace Comm Detector: detecting comm frequencies in Subspace
Subspace Tranciever: used for faster-than-light communication
Tranciever Array: standard ship-to-shore comm array
Transmitter: simple device found in communications equipment


Baradium: core of a thermal detonator
Detonite: common explosive used in grenades
Proton: substance used in mines, grenades, and torpedoes.
Thermite: casing on a thermal detonator

Building Materials


Bio-Medical parts

Bacta: marvelous nutrient heavy healing fluid
Flexi-Skin: synthetic, non-organic coating
Fastflesh: emergency compound for sealing wounds
Neural Interface : connection jack allowing cyborg - computer direct links
Synthe-nutrient Replicator: Device for dispensing Fastflesh.
Synthflesh: synthetic organic skin used to cover prosthetic replacements
Synthnet: network of circuitry relaying commands to prosthetics.

Note: This list was compiled by members of the SW-RPG mailing list to be utilized as "Flavor Text" or "Fluff" for when equipment or vehicles break down or become damaged. There are no prices listed for the various items on the list. This is due to the wide variety of sizes, shapes, functions, conditions (new. used), and availability of items. It is a compilation of technical terms and items found throughout the SW universe publications.

Presumably the items listed are ubiquitous throughout the SW Galaxy.

Dirty Phil
Type: Salvage Engineer
Species: Human Age: late 50s
Appearence: Dirty
    blaster, dodge 3d, archaic guns,
    missle weapons
    value 8d, business 6d, beurocracy           technology 5d alien species,
            intimidation, streetwise, willpower,
    Archaic starship pilot, Starfighter pilot,      space transports,
repulsorlift ops,       ground vehicle ops, capital ship pilot
    bargain 6d, forgery 5d, persuasion 5d,
    search, con , hide
STR 1D+2
    Brawling 3d, stamina
    security 6d, armor Repair, blaster rep.
    ground vehicle rep. repulsorlift rep,
    Space Transport rep. Starfighter rep.
    Capital ship repair, Starship weapon repair,
    first aid.
Move: 8  Force: 2 Character: 10 Darkside: 1
Quote: "So yer in needin 'o sum parts, eh? Less us jus see whut 'ol Phil can cumz up wit."
Equipment: See list above
    Dirty Phil began his carreer as a Salvage expert for the Reussi Corporation. After the Corp. vertiably destroyed the Ecology of ReussiVIII Phil Stayed on-world, buying up land as it's value plummeted.
    Since ReussiVIII is located at the end of the Nanth-Ri trade route, Phil has worked out several "deals" with the routes pilots, paying handsomely for the location of starbattles, and deliverd salvage.
    His "Scrapyard" comprises almost an entire sub-continent on ReussiVIII, and is easilly several hundered square kilometers in size, and can even be seen from low orbit.
    Phil himself doesn't deal well with people, and employs several, large, burly life forms to assist him in negotiations.  The scrapyard is tended by hundreds of droids( all are armed) who continuously re-organize the lots. Though this may seem confusing, Phill seems to know every part on his lot, and it's location.
    The atmosphere on ReussiVIII is Type II, and corrosive. It consantly rains highly acidic water, which doesn't blend well with technology. Therefore, there is a good chance that items purcased from him may malfunction (purchasers are required to sign a waiver)
    Since the Scrapyard contains a wide variety of weapon parts, the area is well protected from attack by several well hidden, jurry-rigged weapon emplacements

Rob Wielgoszinski (
Mike Kelly (nova4)
David Lucas (Mc Cool)
Ajay (atjansen@APRA.COM.AU)

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