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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: No

Ytic Bran
Type: dancer/assasin
Height: 1.4 m
Age: 34
Physical Appearance: Ytic is a beautiful and exotic near human from the Noinu system. In appearance Ytic, like other Noinunians, is very similar to mainline humans, with more delecate features, and a slight greenish tinge to her skin, and to her mainly blonde hair. Noinunians have long life spans compared to regular humans, often living up to 185 years, and consequently take longer to mature. As a result of this, despite the fact that Ytic is 34, she looks like she is around 21 years of age. Ytic has the lithe, supple body of a professional dancer.
Background: Ytic has studied as a dancer ever since she first learned to walk. As a result she is one of the most entrancing dancers within the Conheav and surrounding sectors. For the past 7 months Ytic has been one of the featured performers at the Lucky Despot Casino, performing every other day, much more often than any other entertainers at the Despot. Ytic has gained a reputation amongst the crew and regulars of the Despot as a rare innocent soul, whose greatest vices include having a few social drinks with the casino's clientelle at one of the Despot's many bars. In truth dancing is only a secondary ocupation to Ytic, one that serves as a cover for her more sinister job. Ytic is trained as a Malkite poisoner. In an unprecedented move she managed to leave the organization alive, and without having her identity revealed to the general public. After this mysterious parting of ways, Ytic became a freelance assasin, hiring out to only the most discrete and influential of customers. Ytic has never advertised her abilities through any of the channels that assasins usually find work, she has merely shown up to the right client at the right time. She is currently under retainer to Moff Lesbeat, for whom she performs assasinations of key players in Conheav politics from time to time when they are aboard the Lucky Despot Casino. Due to the unique poisons that Ytic uses, so far all 3 of the assasinations that she has performed since arriving at the Despot have been ruled as deaths due to natural causes. What is unknown even to Lesbeat is that Ytic has her own hidden agenda, and has been accumulating sensitive information of all sorts, while carefully choosing her assasination targets, all to fit into a grand, unrevealed plot.
Objectives: to perform flawlessly as an assasin. Her overall objectives are unknown.
A Quote: Oh, that was the Quingche dance of desolation. Isn't it beautiful? Would you like another drink governor?
Blaster 5D+2, Dodge 9D, Dancing 12D+1, Firearms: dart thrower 8D, Running 7D, Pickpocket 8D+1, Thrown Weapons 7D+1, Melee Combat 6D
Biochemistry: exotic poisons 13D
Con 9D+1, Con: seduction 11D, Persuasion 7D+2, Gambling 6D, Investigation 8D+1, Sneak 8D+2
Stamina: dancing 7D+2
Computer Programming/Repair 6D+2, Security 7D+1
Move: 10
Force Points: 2
Character Points: 31
Dark Side Points: 7
Equipment: Malkite Poisoner's kit, wardrobe of dance costumes, dart thrower(damage dependant on poison), micro blaster (2D+2), small throwing knives (STR+1D)

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