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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: No

Count Olco
Type: Wealthy businessman
Height: 1.6m
Age: 57
Physical description: Count Olco is an extremely rotund balding man in his late 50s, who typically dresses in ornate psuedo- military uniforms, and carries a gem-encrusted walking stick made out of rare Noitcelloc wood. Olco is meticulous about his appearance, what few hairs he still has on his head are never out of place. Despite the disgust it causes amongst many of the more xenophobic members of high society, he is never seen without his pair of Barabel bodyguards in their pressed black uniforms.
Background: Count Gerro Olco is the latest in a line of Olcos to hold the title of Count, a title that was bought before the Clone Wars when Varb Olco managed to become sole owner of the ConPryTech Manufacturing Corporation, a major manufacturing concern in the Conheav and neighboring Prytanis Sectors. ConPryTech has its corporate headquarters on Conheav Prime, and concerns itself mainly with locally manufacturing vehicles for Ubrikkian transports, droids for Industrial Automaton, and computer components for MicroThrust, along with other lesser contracts. Gerro Olco found himself the heir to this fortune at a young age, and has been living a life of luxury ever since. Olco spends little time attending to the affairs of ConPryTech, he is a mediocre CEO at best for such a large corporation, but prefers to spend most of his time engaged in the pursuit of leisure, and mingling with other members of Conheav sector's high society. The constant high-stakes intrigue of this life style facsinates Olco, and he spends a great deal of time watching the political manueverings of others within this elite class, as well as engaging in a little manuevering of his own. Unlike most of the others, Olco doesn't do this in an attempt to gain more power, but rather to keep himself from getting bored. Olco spends roughly half of each year on Conheav Prime, and the other half of the year at the Lucky Despot Casino in the Draxin system. Count Olco is one of the most powerful men in the sector, and he knows it. Olco is a firm supporter of the Empire.
Objectives: to amuse himself
A quote: Perhaps you're right, perhaps Miss Ceskar was only repeating a rumor. Oh, didn't I mention Miss Ceskar before? That doesn't change anything does it?
DEX 2D+1
Blaster: hold out blaster 3D, Dodge 4D
Alien Species 6D+2, Bureaucracy 7D, Business 7D+2, Cultures 6D+1, Languages 4D, Streetwise 4D+1, Value 5D+2
Repulsorlift Operation 3D+2
Bargain 8D+1, Command: ConPryTech employees 8D, Con 6D, Gambling 9D+2, Investigation 7D+2, Persuasion 9D
STR 2D+1
Computer Programming/Repair 4D
Move: 9
Force Points: 1
Character Points: 14

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