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Section of Site: The Force D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Jedi PowersEra: ImperialCanon: No

Neogi Force Powers:
    Force use is relatively common amongst the Neogi, and they have developed several Force powers that seem to be unique to them. Neogi have a different philosophy towards the Force than the Jedi. They treat the Force as magic, and treat their Force powers as spells, with acompanying incantations. To the Neogi the Force is nothing more than a way to gain power, and this is reflected in the largely external effects of these powers. These Force powers are adapted from the magical spells given in the D6 rules system by West End Games. It's a great system which is derived from the Star Wars rules, and is easily customisable to any type of setting. Neogi magic is more taxing than most Force use. Anyone using Neogi powers may use one without penalty, but the difficulty to use any power is increased by the number of times the user has used powers that day. This represents the fatigue that these powers cause, and the Force user must rest for at least 7 hours to offset this. Neogi powers are dangerous, and each time the difficulty to use the power is failed the GM should roll 1D on the following table (without using the wild die):
Roll    Effect
1        A random power known by the Force user goes off rather than the intended power.
2        A random power goes off rather than the intended power (the Force user need not know the power that goes off)
3        The desired effect occurs 1D minutes after the incantation.
4        A chaotic backlash occurs, inflicting 4D damage upon the Force user. The desired effect does not take place.
5        The effect takes place as normal, but the Force user is stunned for 2D minutes after the effect takes place.
6        The effect which takes place is the opposite of what is desired (as determined by the GM)
Please note that many Neogi Force powers are evil and will cause the user to gain a Dark Side Point under most circumstances (but I won't put in an 'automatic DSP' rule in any of them, as extenuating circumstances are always possible).
Alter Powers:
Alter difficulty: special
Description: This incantation allows the user to form the ambient Force energy in the area in an attempt to simulate any Force power, as long as the user has seen the power to be simulated in action.The difficulty is the normal difficulty of the power to be simulated plus 10. The use of this power is dangerous, and will automatically cause a roll on the above table for failed power use. If the Alter difficulty is failed then roll twice on the table. The simulated power is treated as if it had been used normally as long as the use of Cast Chaos is successful.
Alter difficulty: 15
Description: This incantation causes three bolts of swirling energy to shoot from the user's fingers (in the case of the Neogi the bolts shoot forth from one of the spindley front legs). Each bolt causes 4D damage. An attack roll must be made for each bolt (incurring normal multi-action penalties) using the thrown weapons skill. The bolts have a range of 2-5/12/30. The user must roll on the table above in exactly the same manner as if the user had used the Cast Chaos power.
Alter difficulty: 17
Description: This incantation causes a web of pure energy to be formed between two anchors. The web can be up to 5 meters across at the base difficulty. For every extra meter in the webs length add 5 to the difficulty. Anyone touching the web with bare flesh takes 3D damage per contact, as well as unleashing a chaotic backlash (roll on the above table, ignoring results of 3, 5, or 6). An attack on the web results in an additional backlash. The web may be formed up to 20 meters away from the Force user at the base difficulty. For every extra 5 meters away the difficulty rises by 5. The web will remain in place for 30 minutes at the base difficulty. For every extra minute raise the difficulty by 1. When the spell ends the energy web breaks down almost instantly.
Alter difficulty: 10
Description: This power causes a burst of light to appear close to the Force user (within 1 meter) that affects everyone within a 5 meter radius who is looking at the light. Those affected are unable to see for 10 seconds, and are thus at -2D to all actions for that time period.
Alter difficulty: 20
Description: This incantation causes 5 dark motes of energy to appear in the air beside the Force user. He may hurl these darts all at once (using normal multi-action penalties), or one at a time, although any unused darts will disappear after 20 seconds. The range of the darts is 1-3/10/20, and the thrown weapons skill is used. A successful attack causes 3D damage as the mote burrows into the victim. Once within each dart temporarily saps 1 pip of strength and 1 pip of any Force skill the victim may have for every 10 seconds that the power remains in effect. The lost pips return at the same rate.
Control Powers:
Control difficulty: 12
Description: This is an involved incatation which requires 5 minutes of chanting to take effect. The Force user focuses the the Force within him into a protective field just beneath his skin. This defense lasts for up to 8 hours, during which time the Force user may add 1D to his strength to resist damage. This is also effective against mental assaults, such as the Force power Affect Mind, or the Hapan gun of command, adding 1D to the Force user's roll to resist these. While Zed'Oric's Defense is in placce the Force user makes all further Control rolls at -2D, although nothing else is affected.
Sense Powers:
Sense difficulty: 15 (may be kept up)
Description: This incantation takes 5 minutes of mental preparation. After this time the Force user may sense recent Force use (within the past day) at a range of up to 1 kilometer. The Force user cannot determine what Force powers were performed, and cannot tell who used the Force, although he may follow residual Force traces from the area where the Force use occured towards the individual who manipulated the Force. If the power is kept 'up' then the Force user must make a new sense roll every 3 hours, as if he was performing the incantation again.
Control and Alter Powers:
Control difficulty: 5
Alter difficulty: 18
Description: Through the use of this incantation the Force user may steal a character point from an individual touched (if the victim is unwilling and has Force powers then the victim's Control roll may be used as the Alter difficulty). The power stolen may be used to enhance the roll of the next Force power used by 2D. The power to be boosted must be attempted the very next round, and if the power uses more than one Force skill then the bonus is added to ALL Force skills used for that particular power. The victim feels a dull pain as the character point is sucked out of him. If the victim has no character points then the Force user gains no benefit.
Control difficulty: 5
Alter difficulty: 5
Description: This incantation causes a transfer of power between the Force user and a victim who he touches. This causes momentary muscle spasms in the victim. As a result the victim suffers a -5 penalty to his next roll for initiative.
Control difficulty: 5
Alter difficulty: 5 (may be kept 'up')
Description: This incantation requires 5 minutes of chanting and mental preparation. When a Shroud comes into effect the Force user is encased in a swirling, blotchy, gray-and-black film which obscures the features, but not the general shape of the Force user. An onlooker would usually be able to tell what species the Force user is, and often would be able to tell the sex, as well as general body type, but would not be able to identify the Force user otherwise. This power may be kept 'up.'

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