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The Black Fang Pirate Band

    The Black Fangs are the only sizable pirate group currently operating within the Conheav sector. Their arsenal is large, consisting of a Bulk Cruiser, 2 Corellian Corvettes, 1 Corellian Gunship, 4 Skipray Blastboats, and 3 squadrons of Gauntlet Starfighters, which are carried by the Bulk Cruiser. The Bulk Cruiser, Twilight, which serves as the fleet's flagship was christened the Pride, and was purchased by the Nadaca shipping corporation to serve as an escort. Members of the Black Fangs managed to hijack the large ship when it was being transferred to Nadaca's corporate headquarters on Conheav Prime just after the company bought it.
    It is believed that the Black Fangs don't have a permanent base of operations, and that they prefer to roam around the sector, always staying one step ahead of the Imperial Navy's patrols. This is true, and the leader of the pirates, a charismatic man by the name of Fruush, seams to have a knack for knowing where the patrols will be, and when. Some of Fruush's underlings believe that he simply has extraordinary luck, while others believe that he has a spy within the Navy. None of them know the truth, that Fruush is a member of the Nestor crime syndicate, and that they provide him with his intelligence, while he siphons a portion of the booty back to them. Somehow Moff Lesbeat discovered that the Black Fangs were, in fact, owned by the Nestors. Since then he has provided the Nestors, and consequently the Black Fangs, with a list of acceptable targets, primarily the holdings of his rivals, and those whom he suspects may be sympathetic to the Rebel Alliance. In return for agreeing to only attack targets on this list, Lesbeat has agreed to provide the Black Fangs with a list of "safety coordinates" where Naval vessels will never be ordered to patrol, as well as providing them with detailed flight plans of his pirate hunting patrols. Lesbeat has used these pirates as an excuse for the massive military buildup that he has implemented in the Conheav sector. In order to show results he often gets the Nestors to hire some patsys from outside of the sector to masquerade as Black Fangs. His ships then capture these "members of the notorious pirate gang" and the public is convinced that the increased Naval presence is having the desired effect. The actual members of the Black Fangs, the only ones other than the Nestors and the moff who know that thoses captured aren't really Black Fangs, believe that it is Fruush who sets up these patsys, in order to draw the heat off of them.
    Because of the incredible success that they have seen under his leadership, the Black Fangs are devoted to Fruush. The one point that his lieutenants have always disagreed with him on is the Lucky Despot Casino. They believe that the rich pickings that are available there are worth the risk, while Fruush doesn't. The real reason that Fruush doesn't want to attack the Despot is because it is one of the Nestor syndicate's headquarters, but he can't tell his crew that. Instead he sites their large private defence force, and the frequency of Imperial patrols. Fruush leaves the pirates from time to time for meetings, ostensibly with informants and potential purchasers of the goods that they steal, but actually with the Nestors. His lieutenants are considering sending the Fangs against the Despot while Fruush is at one of these meetings, in order to triumphantly show Fruush that he was wrong. If this were to happen it would be a disaster for all involved.

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