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Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: Macross/RobotechSubtype: WalkersEra: ImperialCanon: Crossover

HWR Mk. I, AKA Destroid Monster Mk I

Craft: U.N. Forces Viggers/Centinental HWR (Heavy Weight Robot) Mk I
Type: Heavy/Long range assault non-transformable Battloid/Mecha.
Scale: Walker.
-Height: 22.46m;
-Length: 41.0m;
-Width: 24.0m;
-Mass: 285.5 metric tons (when loaded with missiles and full ammo).
Skill: Mecha Piloting (Monster Mk I); OR Walker Operations (Monster Mk I)
Crew:  3 (commander, pilot and gunner)
Crew Skill: Mecha Piloting (or Walker Operations) 3D, Mecha Gunnery (or Vehicle Blasters, Missile Weapons, and/or Heavy Weapons) 4D.
Passengers: N/A
Cargo Capacity: 50 kilograms (or less)
Cover: Full
Cost: N/A
Move: 20mph/32.1kmph
Body Strength: 7D
-Strength: 6D

   4 Viggers 40cm Cannons (fire-link optional for volley fire):
      Location: Mounted on the top back.
      Fire Arc: Forward, can arc up/down 60 degrees, incapable of independant movement, all four move together)
      Crew: 1 (gunner)
      Skill: Mecha Gunnery (OR Heavy Weapons)
      Scale: Walker (To Hit); Starfighter (To Damage)
      Fire Control:
      -3D (when on a proper vehicle with extra equipment for stabilization)
      -2D (when not on a proper vehicle and using the arms alone)
      -0D (When not using the arms or other equipment for stabilization)
      Space range: 1-2/8/16
      Atmosphere Range: 180m-20/80/160km
      Damage: 9D; +1D per extra shell.
      Blast radius: 20ft/6.1m per shell
      Ammo: 28 rounds total, 7 per cannon.  Reloading requires proper equipment and training, full reload takes 10 minutes (120 combat rounds) per gun.
      Rate of Fire: 1 per attack, OR volley up to 4 shells (like being fire-linked).

   2 Retractable Multi-purpose Grappling Arms
      Location: Arms.
      Fire Arc: Close Combat
      Crew: 1 (Pilot)
      Skill: Mecha Combat OR Mecha Piloting
      Fire Control: 2D
      Range: Close Combat
      Damage: Str+2D
      Ammo: N/A
      Rate of Fire: 1 hit per attack.
      Special: The arms are primarily used to stabilize the Mecha while it fires the cannons.

-Power Plant: Galland WT 1001 thermonuclear reactor developing 11500 bhp.
-Auxiliary Power Plant: Shinnakasu Industry CT 8P thermonuclear reactor developing 890 bhp.
-4 aiming-sight cameras (two mounted forward on the sides and two mounted rear on the sides)
-1 periscope (mounted on cockpit hatch).
-1 rear dozer unit (used along with the arms to stabilize the mecha when it fires its main guns)
-Radar: 30 mile/48.2km range, conventional operation.
-Radio/Video Communications: Wide band, directional radio/video telecast capability.  600 mile/965.4km range, or can be boosted indefinitely via satellite.
-Laser Targeting System: Close range: 2 miles/3.2km.
-Combat Computer: Calculates, stores and monitors data on the control panel computer screen and/or heads up display (HUD).
-External Audio Pickup: Sound amplification/listening system with 300ft/91.5m range.
-Loudspeaker: Amplifies/projects pilot's voice up to 90 decibels.
-Thermo-imager: A special optical heat sensory unit, allows infrared radiation of warm objects to be converted into a visible image.  Enables pilto to see in darkness, shadows and through smoke.  1600ft/487m range.
-Night Vision Optics: Passive image intensifier, emits no light of its own, relies on ambient light which is electronically amplified to give a visible picture.  1600ft/487m range.
-Reinforced Pilot's Compartrment: Specially armored and padded, designed for maximum protection of the pilot even if the vehicle is totally destroyed.  Can be retrieved and carried by Veritech Fighters or the Gladiator destroid.
-Heat/Radiation Shields.
-Independent Oxygen and Circulatory System.

   The destroid Monster Heavy Weight Robot was originally designed as another anti-giant combat system but it first saw action fighting terrestrial threats during the events surrounding the Island of Mayan in 2008. The Mk I Monster was nearly identical to the later Mk II Monster and was primarily deployed as a mobile artillery unit. However, the Monster was not designed for missile launchers on either side of the unit and thus the Mk I had two multi-purpose "arms" for ammunition delivery, firing position adjustment and other duties. When the decision was made to equip the Monster with missile launchers, the unit was renamed Mk II.
   The Monster Mk I does not have the heavy weapons arms like the second version later on.  In stead, it has retractable grappler arms originally used to stabilize the main guns while they take aim and fire upon a target.  In MACROSS ZERO, a Monster Mk I is seen being brought up by elevator to the main flight deck of the Asuka II aircraft carrier.  It walked to a certain location on the deck, took a firing stance position, then as it prepared its cannons, the arms unfolded into several thinner arms that latched onto specific holding spots on the deck.  These holds, as well as a blast reinforcement plate elevated directly behind the monster, held the mecha in position as it fired upon an enemy target.  When on the ground and not an aircraft carrier (or other well prepared larger carrier vehicle), the Monster can unfold its arms, spread the smaller arms and plunge them directly into the ground for stabilization.  In a pinch, these arms could double as close combat defensive weapons, but they were not designed for that purpose.
   Except for the Power Plants and Auxiliary Power above, all other equipment is pulled from the M.A.C. II Monster's stats, since it was the "upgrade" version of this one after testing.
   If playing a ROBOTECH game, the Monster Mk I can be available as a predecessor to the M.A.C. II Monster, especially if running/playing a game that takes place before the arrival of the Zentraedi.

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