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Captain Bolvan (Imperial Gunnery Officer)

Captain Bolvan (Imperial Gunnery Officer)

Arakyd Industries X3-13 tactical infiltration pod

Arakyd Industries X3-13 tactical infiltration pod

Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: TransportEra: Canon: Crossover

Craft: The Ragnarok
Type: Esthar Flagship
Scale: Starfighter
-Length: 108m
-Width: 77m
-Height (landing): 54m
-Height (flying): 65m
-Weight: 2,850 tons (without propellant, charge nor occupants)
-Weight: 3,314 tons (with one thrid propellant, full charge and full occupants)
-Weight: 3,450 tons (with full propellant, full charge and full occupants)
Skill: Space Transport Piloting: Ragnarok
Crew: 4 (plus a navigator and a wireless operator); skeleton: 2/+10
Crew Skill: Space Transport Piloting 4D, Staship Gunnery 4D, Shields 4D, Sensors 3D+2, Communications 3D+2.
Passengers: 10
Cargo Capacity: 100,000 metric tons
Consumables: 1 month.
Cost: N/A (Special, Unique)
Hyperdrive: N/A
Nav Computer: Yes (for in-system flight)
Maneuverability: 3D
Space: 9
Atmosphere: 400; 1,150 kmh
Hull: 6D
Shields: 4D (1D per fire arc unless modified by Shields skill roll)
-Passive: 40/1D+1
-Scan: 75/2D+1
-Search: 150/3D+1
-Focus: 4/4D

609mm Charged Particle Cannon
   Location: Underside ventral section of the hull.
   Fire Arc: Front
   Crew: 1 (bridge crew gunner)
   Skill: Sharship Gunnery
   Scale: Starfighter
   Fire Control: 1D
   Space Range: 2-10/25/50
   Atmosphere Range: 200-1/2.5/5km
   Damage: 10D (negates shields)
   Ammo: Effectively Unlimited (must recharge)
   Rate of Fire: 1 blast per attack, must recharge for one minute after every shot.

2 152mm Multi-barreled Lasers
   Location: Elbows of the Mandible Claws, facing forward when folded.
   Fire Arc: Front
   Crew: 1 (bridge crew gunner)
   Skill: Starship Gunnery
   Scale: Starfighter
   Fire Control: 2D
   Space Range: 1-3/12/25
   Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5km
   Damage: 6D
   Ammo: Effectively Unlimited
   Rate of Fire: Spread of energy bolts per attack; OR can minus dice to engage multiple adjacent targets (1 extra target per -1D).

Retractable Mandible Claws
   Location: Sides on the forward hull, folded up when not used.
   Fire Arc: Front and sides.
   Crew: 1 (bridge crew pilot/gunner)
   Skill: Grappler Ship Piloting OR Starship Piloting (if not using the former)
   Scale: Starfighter
   Fire Control: 2D
   Space Range: 1
   Atmosphere Range: 50m
   Damage: Hull +1D (7D)
   Ammo: N/A
   Rate of Fire: 1 attack per action per round.

   "Esthar's space shuttle. Based on an ancient Centra legend of the Dragon Ship. Esthar's finest scientific technology was used to build it. Esthar's flagship, until it was used to send Adel's Tomb into space."
   —FFVIII Info Corner

   The primary airship of Final Fantasy VIII, the Ragnarok is far faster then any other vehicle controllable by the party and is capable of autopilot flight, in which the player can choose a location and the ship will automatically fly there without any assistance. The ship contains at least two save points, and near the end of the game--after Time Compression--the Card Club Group will be available to challenge aboard the ship.
   One of three known models of similar design, the Ragnarok was created by Esthar and first seen utilized during the Sorceress War as Esthar's flagship. Seventeen years prior to the start of Final Fantasy VIII, it--along with its two counterparts--were commissioned to move Adel's Tomb to deep space where Adel could be watched over in stasis.
   It is unknown what happened between then and its rediscovery in space, nor is it known what happened to its two counterparts, but upon discovery, it is found that the ship had been infested by various monsters known as Propagators. It can be assumed that the crew, if there were any at the time, were killed by these monsters. There is, however, notes left behind regarding these beasts, hinting at a history of 'Propagator Infection'.
   Floating motionless in space, the Ragnarok's trajectory happened upon the entwined couple of Squall and Rinoa who had become stranded in space due to the Lunar Base's destruction. Immediately the teenagers scrambled toward the craft and boarded it through the top airlock. Upon exploration, they discovered the ship overrun with the Propagators. They had to defeat the Propagators of matching colors (yellow, purple, green and red) to kill them, if they killed the wrong colored Propagator, the Propagators would respawn.
   Eventually Squall and Rinoa cleared the ship of the monsters and entered the control cabin, established communications with Esthar Airbase and, with their help, piloted the ship back to the planet.
   The ship became the property of Squall's group. In later events, the ship was instrumental in Rinoa's rescue from the Sorceress Memorial and in penetrating the defenses of the Lunatic Pandora. During the Time Compression, the Ragnarok had managed to survive the experience, appearing ready to fly in the Kashkabald Desert.
-Cockpit: The cockpit is the control center of the vehicle and is located directly above the Passenger Room. It contains four crew positions; the pilot, co-pilot, the comms station and the navigation systems and is accessed via a lift from the Passenger Room.
-Passenger Room: Accessed from the top deck directly below the Control Cabin the Passenger Room can seat eight people and features a transparent canopy.
-Airlock Chamber: An access portal through the 'roof' of the vehicle for space travel. It is presumptively accessed through a decompression chamber and it is advised one wears a spacesuit before attempting to decompress and open the portal, particularly when in space.
-Aisle: The Aisle spans the top deck leading between the lift to the Control Cabin, over the Hangar, and into the Airlock chamber.
-Hangar: The Hangar is the largest room shown in the Ragnarok. It houses a platform fixed into the floor that may be lowered for the cargo to be boarded. The Top Deck Aisle travels over the Hangar deck to the Airlock Chamber near the rear of the ship.
-Boarding Ramp: The main accessway for the ship's crew.

   The Ragnarok was a fave of many Final Fantasy fans.  Even if they didn't like Final Fantasy VIII, this ship was impressive to see and would make most people wish to fly it for themselves.  Personally I enjoyed VII, but this ship still awed me more than the Highwind.
   If using this ship in Star Wars, it could enter play in many ways.  one could use it as a standard vessel produced by this or that company, especially if they are based in the Corporate Sector.  Or, more fun in my opinion, it could be a remnant of a once great people or empire, perhaps even having ties to the Infinite Empire itself and having served a purpose similar to that in FF8, where it could have aided in the defeat of a mighty Lord of the Dark Side and later been lost in the depths of space.
   If using the more unique method, the ship could have a rare and unique hyperdrive or x1/2 or even better, or perhaps a faster-than-light travel method of even greater means than hyperspace, or simply a different means that defies or confuses the established methods of hyperdrive travel alltogether.  In the game, the Ragnarok had no method of traveling interstellar distances, having been used to send the Tomb of the enemy into space to rid the world of their evil, and not caring to explore space beyond their world.  In Star Wars, however, one needs a way around...
   The Particle Cannon always seemed as a powerful method of blasting through powerful shielding in the game, therefor I added a note that it nagates shields completely.  This makes it capable of even blowing away capital class ships, or perhaps even Star Destroyers if the rolls are right.  If GMs wish to set this off, they can say that the cannon's shield negation does not work on upper scale energy shields, since they would be much more powerful than starfighter.
   The Multi-barreled Lasers seemed capable of rapid fire greater than the quads used in the Millenium Falcon, but perhaps not as powerful.  They were used against enemy energy shields in the game with little effect, then followed up with the particle cannon, which did the job of making a hole for the heroes.  Here, I give them 6D damage, impressive in and of itself, but added an effect.  They can be used to engage multiple targets at -1D Damage per extra target, as long as they are side by side, adjacent, such as flying in a squadron formation.  Soem may not care to use this extra feature, others may love it.  As always, it's up to the players and GMs to decide, if they like the write-up.

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09/Sep/2009 16:59:46 Posted by Anonymous {}

HellStormer1: "Wondered what happened to that one."

09/Sep/2009 18:01:26 Posted by FreddyB

I usually leave undone stats as unread, to remind me to do something with them (when there's unread emails it annoys my sense of order and spurs me into action), however for some reason this one I'd marked to action later, and then totally forgot about it because it wasn't unread I figured it must have been dealt with.

Goes to show you, when somethings working, don't change it :)

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