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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: UNSC/Human WeaponsEra: Canon: Crossover

AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun

The AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun (abbreviated AIE-486H HMG or simply HMG), more commonly referred to as the Heavy Machine Gun Turret, is a United Nations Space Command ground weapon effective against infantry and light vehicles.

The AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun is a standard Gatling-style heavy machine gun, used by the UNSC for offensive and defensive purposes. It is also more powerful than the UNSC's stationary turret, the M247 GP Machine Gun. It has saved many lives with its defensive capabilities holding enemy forces at bay for a limited time during the battle of Reach, accounting for many casualties to the Covenants efforts to take out the Orbital MAC Generators.

For defensive purposes, it can be mounted on a tripod, but when used for an assault it can be irreversibly and quickly detached from its tripod by a SPARTAN-II or Elite's brute strength. In its unmounted form, the weapon has a limited ammunition capacity of 200 rounds and takes about a second to "spin up" before reaching its highest rate of fire. Pulling the trigger once will cause the gun to fire a maximum of two rounds at a moderate rate; holding it down builds up the rate of fire to a higher rate.

Model: AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun
Type: Heavy Machine Gun
Scale: Speeder
Skill: Firearms: machine gun
Ammo: 400
Cost: 12,250 credits (ammo box: 200)
Availabilty: 3, R or X
Range: 3-25/65/150
Fire Rate: 4 (semi-auto)
Damage: 2D+2 (burst of 5 rounds), 4D+1 (burst of 10 rounds)
Game Notes: On constant-fire mode the AIE-486H fires a burst of 20 rounds per shot.

Once a hit is established, all following shots against nearby (1 meter) targets are one difficulty lower.

Weight: When using this weapons with out tripod support, the character must make a Heavy Lifting roll each round in order to support the weight of the gun.

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