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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: Covenant WeaponsEra: Canon: Crossover

Covenant Energy Stave

The Energy Stave is a Covenant melee weapon. It is used exclusively by the Honor Guards and Light of Sanghelios. It looks like a normal metal staff, but has a series of glowing orange panels near the top.

These weapons are long staves with a spear-like end that is similar in color to the "fins" of their wielders. Not much is known about these exotic weapons, except that they have a length of 427.5 centimeters (14.03 feet). They do not seem to have much of a combat purpose but more a ceremonial one, as the Honor Guard Elites will use Plasma Rifle, Energy Sword, and Covenant Carbines in real combat. However, they were used by Brutes to subdue any Grunts and Jackals that came too close to the Council Chamber during one of the High Prophet of Truth's sermons regarding the discovery of the Sacred Icon. This weapon is never used in game-play by other characters.

Model: Covenant Energy Stave

Type: Energy Stave
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee Combat: Staff

Difficulty: Moderate
Damage: STR+3D+6 (Max: 8D) per Charged Strike

STR+1D without Charge

Ammo: 20 Charged Strikes

Game Notes:

Each strike will use up 1 unit of energy in the weapon's power cell.

The weapon's energy blades will not function once the energy cell is drained.

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