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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: Canon: Crossover

        The Sontarans were humanoids with large, bulbous heads and short stocky bodies. They had grey-brown skin and deep set features. Sontarans generally had three digits on each hand (two fingers and a thumb). Some Sontarans also had vestigial hair, generally in the form of beards, which grew white with age. Sontaran blood was green.

        The Sontarans reproduced by cloning, meaning each Sontaran was nearly identical to each other. There were some instances in variation, such as the number of fingers  or skin colour. The mass cloning techniques they possessed allowed their hatcheries to produce up to 1,000,000 Sontarans in 4 minutes. All appeared roughly the same age, with the exception of General Sontar, who appeared older. The rare Pureblood Sontaran had increased status and were higher in the hierarchy. Occasionally, genetic defects would crop up and the afflicted Sontarans would be sent to work in menial labour.

        The Sontarans had great strength and resilience in lower gravity environments like Earth or Gallifrey. Despite this strength, Sontaran muscles were designed for load bearing rather than leverage. They were also vulnerable to Coronic acid, which burnt, or in some cases even disintegrated them.  If severely wounded, a Sontaran would enter an anabolic coma. In most cases, they would then die, but sometimes they would later wake up.  They absorbed energy via the Probic Vent on the back of their necks. This vent was also their crucial weakness, as any sudden contact to the vent would stun them. The penetration of a sharp object into the vent would kill them.

        The Sontarans were a martial species, obsessed with war. The highest honour for a Sontaran was to serve in the Imperial Fleet and to be disallowed soldiering was the most dishonourable fate for a Sontaran.  Fighting for other species was an equally dishonourable fate.  Sontarans did not fear death, and they would rather be court-martialled than show pain to others. They considered it honourable to face battle open skinned, without a helmet on.  Though they would make alliances with other species, they felt no need to keep them.  Their idea of a dishonourable and shameful death was to die peacefully, and the family of a Sontaran that died in his sleep would often make up a story to show them dying on the battlefield. An old and sick Sontaran would often sign up for the military so that he could die whilst fighting.

        Among those Sontarans that possessed five digits on their hands, it was generally considered for such individuals to be placed as intelligence operatives who had enhanced skills as well as instincts. However, it was often noted that these agents had a tendency to be paranoid.

        Despite being a clone race, the Sontarans still retained the concept of betrothal, which was roughly analogous to ending hostilities by killing your enemy. Within their society, there was also a rigid clan structure all of which had different genetic markers. As well, clans still had great influence despite being a clone species, such as the Gunnar Clan. Sontarans were known for Quicksand Wrestling.

        Sontarans used a Base-6 counting system.

        The Sontarans could use and make a wide variety of hand-held weapons, though they usually used the Rheon Carbine, a thin, metallic weapon, which was designed to optimally fit the Sontaran hand. The weapons were used for energy projection and hypnotism. The Sontarans also utilized rifle laser weapons during the assault of 2009, which fired bright beams of red light that could kill a Human without any exterior damage.

        The Sontarans also made use of fragmentation grenades, which could destroy everything in a certain area.

        Sontarans wore distinctive battle armour, which resembled a thick and bulky grey space suit. Their helmets were dome-shaped and almost featureless except for two eye holes and a small, flat crest running from the forehead to the back of the neck. They generally carried around their rod-like weapon and a translating device. During a period in the early 21st century Sontarans had blue, less flexible, armour in a similar design.

        In their early history, the Sontarans were split into clans, which would fight amongst themselves. The original Sontarans appeared ganglier and more more like Humans. The survivors of these civil wars joined forces and set their aggression on aliens instead.

        The Sontarans eventually discovered cloning and adapted it to their own use, abandoning normal reproduction. Prior to the war with the Rutans, the clones forced the purebloods off-world.

        The cloned Sontarans were engaged in a war with the Rutan Host. During the Millennium War, though, Sontarans and Rutans briefly joined forces.

Dex: 3D
        Blaster: 6D
        Dodge: 6D
        Brawling Parry: 5D

Know: 2D

Mech: 3D
        Starfighter Piloting: 5D
        Starship Gunnery: 5D

Perc: 2D

Str: 5D
        Brawling: 7D

Tech: 3D
        First Aid: 4D

Move: 9 (8)
Size: 1.6 meters tall
Force Sensitive: No

        Sontaran Armour (+2D Physical, +1D Energy, -1D Dexterity, -1 Move)
        Sontaran Wand (4D Damage)
        Sontaran Rifle (5D Damage)

Comments made about this Article!

03/Dec/2009 03:11:15 Posted by Hellstormer1 {}

Ya know, I remember being a kid in the 1980s and watching Doctor Who in syndication on America's Public Access Channel (or whatever it was called). And I remember vaguely a time when the Doctor dropped off one of his lady sidekicks to her own time and place on Earth. She hops out, and starts strolling down the street as the tartis disappears, then stops, looks around and says something like "this isn't my neighborhood", showing yet again that the Doctor got his time coordinates wrong, lol.
Later, she appeared again when the Doctor came back to Earth, and the Sontarans were there. I don't remember any details. Actually, I could be confused about the whole thing. But I remember those big headed guys. Couldn't remember their name or anything, but their look left a weird impression.

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