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CG-67 (Protocol droid)

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Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps Customized H-type Nubian yacht
Neogi Mindspider

Neogi Mindspider

Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: ImperialCanon: No

Droidified enhancement Stealth combat armor
Type: Personal Battle Armor
Cost: 65000
Game Effects:
Basic Suit:
Skill: Powersuit Operation
+4D Physical
+4D Energy
+3D Strength (used for physical activity, not for resisting damage.)
Twin Retractable Force field Swords arms
Mono-molecular vibrating force field blade that can be extended to 1.5 meter by 1.5 meters wide any programed
shape. Common shapes long sword , bustard sword, Round Shield and kite shield Safety tracking system does
not let it come in contact with suit but distorts around it. Can cut threw any materiel that is not shielded.
Light blue haze is seen like ship shield, It is silent
Shield strength is 8d (+2D Melee parry roll to use)
Damage: STR+4D for weapon
Solar flare system Chest mounted Blind 10d seconds
HUD system: Fire Control for enhanced weapon use 3D {System need practice to learn hand held weapons. Will
not work with other fire control in weapon Must use one or other}
Turbo-Projected Repulsor Grapple:
Uses either a physical or magnetic grapple. Wire guided 0-45/90/150m range. Mounted on the right arm.
Winch: Attached to grapple , has 250 kg capacity.
Hide and shielded holsters for hold-out blaster each arm add 3d to difficulty.
Shockweb system: Variable electrical charge can be applied through the armors surface. 1D to 6D (variable stun or normal damage)
Droidafacation of Exoskeleton {Heuristic Processor} Arguments movement acrobatic ,dodge, melee parry, jump and run +3d
Micro Repulsorlift anti grav system up to 100M Allow for rapid maneuvering along planes anywhere from 45-180 degrees opposite
normal gravity. Move is up to 20 meters per turn
Micro Truster space .5 3d Maneuverability under repulorlifts
Micro Tractor Field Boots and gloves
Description: These use a very short range tractor field to cling to objects allowing the user to walk normally in zero gravity, and to grip
onto the surface objects. Can support 200kg +3D Climbing
Holo-projector camouflage system project image of surroundings to visually mask it self (+3d opponent search visually
Shadowskin reflec system +2D sneak sensors absorption
Odor shield: Odor shield is a low grade molecular barrier that contains and vaporized odor molecules close to the user. Within this field it
break apart the molecular bonds of odor-causing compounds. Eliminating both odors and harmful contaminants. Thus removing
99.9% of the user odor. +3D Hide against tracking by odor
Holographic Image Disguiser: The image projected had to be at least the same size as the wearer, but is highly detailed and moved with
the object or person covered, Its memory capacity can store five holographic image. The holo-projection is almost perfect and even
moves as the item or person shrouded moves. It takes a Difficult search roll to detect a fake, though sensors and visual.
Sensor No-Show system adding +2D to sneak in regards to heat and infrared sensors
Power system : Micro Nvidium power generator
Personal shield : +7D particle/energy Defense, weapons will not work will active
Acoustical sound dampening filters :
Body Glove : A climate-controlled body glove incorporates additional heating and cooling elements to allow comfortable operation in
extremely hot and extremely cold climates. {160c to -120c}
Polarized helmet viser : Protects and nullifies all stun damage from visual sources (for instance, flash canisters or grenades).
Anti-Radiation: The armor is treated with a radiation reflective coating, which insulates the wearer against heavy radiation zones. 3D
Armor incorporates a Cortosis-weave to make the resistant to light saber damage
Environmental Filter: Filters out all harmful particles from the air or seal with 15 hours of recycled air.
Sureseal Patch system: Automatic patches against suit leaks
IR/motion Sensor: +3D PERC in darkness and/or against moving targets, ahead and to both sides.
Sensor Pod: +3D Search, 25-200m
Olfactics enhancement Sensor +2d Track 0-50m
Macrobinoculars +3D Search, 100-1500m
Color Night Vision Imaging: Magnifies available light for excellent low light vision (no penalties for darkness).
Ultrasonic wave motion sensory system: Gives distance and shapes of objects were zero light 50 meters.
AI Tactic analysis HUD: Projects from sensor data, location and number of enemies over laying outline on HUD
Auditory Enhancement sensors + 3D PERC
Broadband Antenna:
Can receive holo and visual imaging. 800-kilometer surface range, surface to High orbit in harsh weather. Point-to-point capable.
Can intercept and decode most communications frequencies. Can patch into shipboard and vehicular communications systems.
TranLang 3 Communications module 8d languages
Can record and translate incoming sound Giving HUD sub-text display or audible translations

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