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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic Terran AllianceSubtype: CapitalEra: Canon: Crossover

Name: GTD Orion
Type: Galactic Terran Alliance Orion Class Destroyer
Scale: Capital
Length: 2023 Meters
Skill: Capital Ship Piloting: Orion
Crew: 12,000, skeleton 3,500/ +20
Passengers/Troops: 5,000
Crew Skill: Capital Ship Piloting 5D+1, Capital Ship Gunnery 4D+2, Capital Ship Shields 4D+1
Consumables: 6 Years
Cargo Capacity: 38,000 Tons
Hyperdrive Multiplier: X1
Hyperdrive Backup: X10
Nav Computer: Yes
Space: 2
Maneuverability: 0D
Hull: 18D
Shields: 0D
            Passive: 50/1D
            Scan: 100/3D
            Search: 200/4D
            Focus: 3/4D+2

Fighters: 50
Transports: 12

            7 Medium Laser Cannon Turrets
                        Scale: StarFighter
                        Fire Arc: 2 Front 2 Left, 2 Right, 1 Back
                        Fire Control: 3D
                        Space: 1-5/15/30
                        Atmosphere Range: 100-500/1.5/3km
                        Damage: 5D
            3 Heavy Laser Cannon Batteries
                        Scale: Capital
                        Fire Arc: 1 Front, Left, 1 Right
                        Fire Control: 3D
                        Space: 1-5/15/30
                        Atmosphere Range: 100-500/1.5/3km
                        Damage: 5D
            4 Heavy Laser Cannon Turrets
                        Scale: StarFighter
                        Fire Arc: 1 Front, 1 Front/Left, 1 Front/Right, 1 Back
                        Fire Control: 3D
                        Space: 1-5/15/30
                        Atmosphere Range: 100-500/1.5/3km
                        Damage: 6D
            3 TurboLaser Batteries
                        Scale: Capital
                        Fire Arc: 1 Front, 1 Front/Left, 1 Front/Right
                        Fire Control: 4D
                        Space: 3-15/36/75
                        Atmosphere Range: 6-30/36/150km
                        Damage: 6D

Description: The Orion is the capital ship of the GTA. Measuring a frightening 2.1 kilometers in length, the cost to build one of these far outweighs the cost of paying the crew of this ship for 3 years. There is no more important symbol of Terran Pride than a ship like the Galatea or the Intrepid cruising past a colonized planet, patrolling the system and ensuring safety. In the course of the 14 year war, very few of these have ever been lost, making the destruction of an Orion a truly horrible defeat.
For over 30 years, the GTD Orion class was the largest ship in the Terran-Vasudan armada. Over two kilometers in length, bristling with dozens of death-dealing turrets, the Orion is as awesome in repose as it is in battle. All GTVA Orions have been retrofitted with the latest anti-warship beam weapons, as well as flak and AAA turrets for dealing with fighters and bombers. The Orion's cavernous hangar bays easily accommodate more than two dozen fighter or bomber wings.

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