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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: CapitalEra: Rise of the EmpireCanon: No

Givin Cruiser
Craft: Yag?Dhul SpaceWorks Aurora-class Cruiser
Type: Star cruiser
Scale: Capital
Length: 1520 meters
Skill: Capital Ship Piloting: Aurora Cruiser
Crew: 9,466; Gunners: 287, Skeleton Crew: 3,170 / +15
Crew Skill: Astrogation 6D, capital ship gunnery 5D, capital ship piloting 5D+1, capital ship shields 4D+2, sensors 4D+1
Passengers: 1,400 (troops)
Cargo Capacity: 15,000 metric tons
Consumables: 1.5 years
Cost: Not available for sale
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x0.75
Hyperdrive Backup: x6
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 1D
Space: 6
Hull: 5D+2
Shields: 3D
            Passive: 40 / 1D
            Scan: 80 / 2D+2
            Search: 135 / 3D+2
            Focus: 6 / 4D+2

Fighters: 48 starfighters
Shuttles: 2 Shuttles
Transports: 1 Transport

20 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
Fire Arc: 4 front, 8 left, 8 right
Crew: 4 (15), 5 (5)
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 3-15/36/75
Damage: 7D

30 Ion Cannons
Fire Arc: 6 front, 10 left, 10 right, 4 back
Crew: 3 (24), 4 (6)
Fire Control: 3D
Range: 1-10/25/50
Damage: 3D+2

36 Quad Heavy Laser Cannons
Scale: Starfighter
Fire Arcs: 8 front, 10 left, 10 right, 8 back
Crew: 2 (30), 3 (6)
Fire Control: 3D
Range: 1-3/12/25
Damage: 5D+2

1 Gravity Well Generator
Fire Arc: forward
Crew: 28
Fire Control: 4D
Range: 1-3/50/100
Damage: Blocks hyperspace travel
** Givin-built gravity well projectors create gravity wells that are half the diameter of traditional Imperial projectors

First launched in the tumultuous decade leading up to the chaos and destruction of the Clone Wars, the Aurora Cruiser was the premiere design of Yag?Dhul SpaceWorks. Boasting a state-of-the-art hyperdrive, powerful turbolasers, and a directed gravity well generator, the cruisers were some of the most technologically advanced warships at the time. Although available for open sale, only races with superior mathematical aptitude (Duros, Bith, Verpine, etc.) were capable of operating the Aurora?s advanced systems (need to comprise at least 35% of the crew).

The Aurora Cruiser features a modular midsection, which could be specially outfitted at the time of construction (enclosing the space between the side turbolaser batteries). While this disrupts the precise gravitational field needed for the cruiser?s powerful hyperdrive (reduced to x1), it gives the modified cruiser greater flexibility in combat. Modular sections can be equipped for planetary assault, carrier duties, exploration, and patrol.

When the Body Calculus declared the Givin Domain?s allegiance to the Confederacy, the Separatist Council requested any military aid the Givin could provide. A dozen Aurora Cruisers joined the Separatist Fleet after the declaration, and modest production of the cruisers continued for most of the Clone Wars. Hish?itik Dravix, a gifted Givin tactician, commanded the cruiser Singularity, and Count Dooku immediately recognized Dravix?s genius. He was quickly promoted to the rank of commodore and given command of the Red Shadow Fleet. Under Dravix, the fleet became notorious for its mercilessly effective assaults on Republic worlds in the Mid Rim.  

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