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Section of Site: Planets D20Belongs to Faction: Border WorldsSubtype: Era: Canon: No

Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Forest and plains, equatorial jungle, and clean oceans
Atmosphere: Habitable
Gravity: Standard
Diameter: 7,568.2 miles
Length of Day: 23 standard hours
Length of Year: 250 standard days
Sentient Species: Humans
Languages: Basic, species languages
Population: 4.2 billion
Species Mix: 68% Human, 32% other
Government: Imperial Military dictatorship
Major Exports: Tourism
Major Imports: Electronics and spare parts
System/ Star: Carmine
Planets Type Moons
Avardo         Volcanic rock 1
Carmine Terrestrial 1
The Wedding Ring Asteroid belt -
Kentolomine Gas giant 13
   A very pleasant world by most standards, Carmine is only even moderately wealthy because of its location at the only known safe jump point into the Shoal. It’s central location to the cluster’s resources mean that all trade goes through here and that it forcefully became the governmental center for the entire place.
   It holds a small dock capable of building small cruisers or repairing up to one Imperial Star Destroyer at any given time, as well as maintaining a variety of other smaller craft. A fighter base has been set up on a space platform in orbit to provide permanent protection for the locals. The strangest part of the space around Carmine is the ancient Acclamator-class ship that serves as a space-based gaming resort.
   Groundside it hosts a grand set of resorts and entertainment areas, all of which designed so as not to interfere with local ecology too much. Where the resorts don’t take up space, the land is dotted with forest preserves and farmland. The capital city, formerly known as Aldiri for its Muun founder, is now called Emperor’s Blessing and is the center of government for the whole cluster.
   Lacking a local sentient population, Carmine was quickly examined for exploitation. Fortunately for the various animal and plant life that live there it was first settled by peaceful farmers who knew the dangers that heavy industry would pose to them. To prevent this, their early government set it up as an Outer Rim resort world that catered to adventure seeking Core world nobles who had many misconceptions about the further reaches of space.
   To head this plot the people of Carmine elected Aldiri as governor, a Muun entrepreneur who wanted to make a fresh start away from home. His people’s business acumen served him well as he parceled the world off into resort, farm, and preserve areas, allowing for small areas of other civilization throughout to serve the farmers. He set up the capital that would eventually bare his name to help streamline the business ventures he hoped to attract. Then he set up a fund that would be used to give those who wished to start a business a head start. They could borrow from this fund and wouldn’t have to make any payments with no interest accrued for ten years. After that their interest rate would start and they had to make payments back into the local government.
   The experiment was a roaring success. A number of resort companies took advantage of the ten year loan and provided various kinds of entertainment across the world. The tourism boom was carefully moderated by Aldiri. It didn’t explode so fast that it would quickly deflate, nor did it come in so slowly that no one noticed. Eventually Carmine had the briefly-lived reputation of number one vacation spot in the Rim. This was lost within a standard year, but it was nice for the locals to have established themselves.
   When the Clone Wars hit the world was wracked with upheaval. The current governor was a member of the Banking Clans, one of the groups that signed on with Count Dooku and his Confederacy of Independent Systems. As a signatory member, the CIS used Carmine as a military and economic base. The system initially went under martial law to make sure there were no dangerous elements. Once the commanders were confident of their position on the planet they released martial law but maintained a wary eye. It just wouldn’t do to have soldier droids marching around the resorts.
   Peace was long lasting over Carmine itself, though a couple of worlds inside the Shoal gave them problems. A space dock was built in orbit to repair returning war vessels and a constant flow of supplies was easily seen moving through the system to power the war machine. While on the planet it seemed like business as usual, in orbit it told a different story.
   The one combat that occurred in the Carmine system was a brief skirmish by standards in other parts of the war. A single Republic cruiser came into the system, commanded by Jedi Knight Carlo Ransill. Based on bad intelligence, he thought the people would rise up to help him when he came into the system and announced his desire to free the world and return it to the Republic. Instead he found he had walked into a trap and three war vessels came out of hyperspace from their position near Kentolomine. One of these was the new Munificent-class Star Frigates that carried extremely powerful sensor and communication jamming equipment. The trap was set up to be a test of the new equipment and showed itself worthy in flying colors. The Republic ship was destroyed and was prevented from getting a signal back to base to warn of the new technology. The destroyed vessel was eventually sold to one of the more prosperous resort companies that turned it into what amounts to an enormous flying arcade, complete with gunnery and flight simulators and a large blaster tag arena that allows customers to try their hands as ground soldiers.
   Once the war was over, though, the Banking Clan was disbanded and the Shoal had its government handed over to an Imperial Minister. They took Aldiri as their base of operations and renamed it Emperor’s Blessing since it was named for an inferior non-human. Martial law was briefly reinstated as they drove out the remnant of the CIS supporters. Once that was over again they went about business as usual for the Empire: making subtle threats to keep people in line, making shows of force when the occasion warranted, and so on.
   Currently the situation hasn’t changed much. Minister Iglarus rules with an iron fist over the region he’s been given. He makes sure that the majority of profits go straight into the coffers of the Empire and those humans loyal to it. He even heads up the sorts of strange and horrifying special projects that Imperial overseers seem to be fond of. Except for distance, the world of Carmine looks much as many other Imperial-held worlds do.
   The people of Carmine are either farmers, resort employees, or resort customers. All of these enjoy the serene conditions on the world as well as its substantial income. The farmers do their best to keep out of the way of foreigners (what they call “fer’ners”) although the tourists don’t return the favor.
   Most of the visitors to Carmine are Core World elite who wanted to “go slumming” in a “dangerous” part of the galaxy. They have more money than the planet itself is probably worth and are willing to spend it all if they get the thrill of being in a dangerous part of space in some sort of equally dangerous activity. Sometimes they also go out looking for farmers to watch since few of this caliber of people have ever seen farm work being done.
   The farms do most of their business providing food for the resorts, though some of it is shipped off-world. The resorts do their best to accommodate their guests as much as possible, though many of the lower-level workers view the customers with much sarcastic contempt.
Gilded Seas Resort
This is one of Carmine’s more prosperous resorts. It sits on a cliff overlooking a sea that shines gold at sunsets. It provides swimming and sport areas as well as water skimmers that take customers on brilliant tours through around the sea. While not officially affiliated, the Despot’s Hold casino is within a quick speeder ride from the hotel and provides every form of gambling known to the owners.
The Vessel
The Vessel is a resort in space, allowing hundreds to come aboard an old Acclamator-class Republic assault ship that was destroyed over the world and play wargames. All of the gunnery stations have been replaced with simulators that provide some of the realism of ship to ship combat. In a secondary hangar bay they have put in dozens of flight simulators that allow for both specially designed combats and historical battles, either by oneself or in conjunction with other simulators in the room. In the old staging area for troops they have built a large, ornate blaster tag arena for anyone who wishes to enter a large foot battle.
The Vessel only has minimal parts compared to its former duties. They have maintained a few of the smaller laser cannons and a downgraded shield system, but these are mostly used against stray meteorites. Its engines have been downgraded severely so that they do little more than stay in orbit, and the hyperdrive has been removed entirely. What they have put in the place of transportation equipment is unknown. Some speculate that Minister Iglarus has put in large amounts of sensor and communication equipment to monitor results from the games so that he can watch high scorers for later recruitment.
Emperor’s Blessing
Hub of Shoal governmental activity, this city used to be named Aldiri after its founder. Now it controls all the forces and sub-governments under Minister Iglarus. It acts as the capital for the cluster and home for the Imperial military in the vicinity.
But the Empire is not the oldest powerhouse still remaining on the planet. Yondo the Hutt makes his home here, as well. His mansion is on the outskirts of the city and is where he watches all his business from. He is not a large Hutt, by their standards, but he is dangerous. It seems that his demeanor affects his digestion since he has grown noticeably larger since he took power of Shoal smuggling. He also operates a small casino as a money laundering venture called the Heliost. This is located equidistantly from three resorts on another continent.
The Roundup
This is a theme park resort that has really gotten a grasp on a certain market. They set their customers up in various types of lodgings, depending on what the customer wants, and then has daily “illegal” activities they are given to perform. In doing these activities (such as smuggling contraband or protecting a crimelord) they are to protect themselves with utmost vigor. To defend themselves they are given a simple laser that affects specialized suits that the cast of “rival gangs and lawmen” wear. When one of these suits is hit it produces pressure in the area of the hit, telling the actor how he should react. This allows for rich dandies to participate in some underworld contracts without the risk to fame and fortune it would normally imply.
Allies and Opponents
Imperial Minister Harold Iglarus (human Noble 3/ Scoun2/ Crime Lord 1)
The Imperial Minister is the final authority on 211 and the Shoal. He makes sure that the aliens are staying out of the way and in small numbers while doing his best to get rich in the process. He has his hands deep in the mineral rights of the outer asteroids of the V3688 system and is collecting quite the reward for his investment. He also has sold a number of useful pharmaceutical inventions to Outer Rim companies that he says his “private interests have discovered.” The locals have no idea of this venture, but if they did they’d certainly see the connection with the claims of the Quarren girl on Vigolithot V3688 all those years ago.
Commodore Bril Sesseran (human Sol 4/ Adm 1/ Officer 3)
A thoroughly evil man, Colonel Sesseran is in command of all the military forces under Minister Iglarus. He would have jumped at the Death Star project faster than the Emperor if given the opportunity. His form of evil, however, is much more in direct mass killing than the Minister. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about who killed who and how many died. He knows a little about the Minister’s private ventures and prefers to keep out of it. Even he finds experimenting with chemicals on sentient beings distasteful. Besides, they have a tendency to bleed green ichor from their skin on his decks.
Yondo the Hutt (Hutt Scoun 4/ Nob 3/ CL 5)
Yondo has his fingers in almost all of the illegal activity in the Shoal. He runs the smuggling rings that transport goods through Carmine. He makes sure that the proper supplies are stolen from the right person. He watches over his casino like a hawk-bat. All in all, he is the source of sixty percent of the crime in the Shoal, and eighty percent of the crime on Carmine.

Rebar Den-Thili (Selkath Exp 3)
Rebar is one of the rare Selkath species of Manaan. He was a moderately successful amateur magician and professional card shark on his home world and eventually won his way off-world. When he did finally leave he looked for a lucrative but out of the way world where he might make his fortune. The Shoal seemed like the clear choice since it is so far away and yet full of possibilities, not to mention not far from his home world. Now he plays his way through card games at the Hexpod casino on one of the coasts. He is not a great gambler but makes do. His set of contacts is more extensive than most would believe from talking to him, a fact which he uses when he needs a quick loan for a big game. Those who know him know that if you want to guarantee a win against him then plan a big game far from water.

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