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Section of Site: Planets D20Belongs to Faction: Border WorldsSubtype: Era: Canon: No

Vigolithot V3688-211

Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Deserts, forests, savannas, swamps, mountains, oceans, and polar ice caps
Atmosphere: Human friendly
Gravity: Near standard
Diameter: 8,316.55 miles
Length of Day: 27.3 standard hours
Length of Year: 437 standard days
Sentient Species: Mixed
Languages: Basic, various racial languages and dialects
Population: 3.2 billion
Species Mix: 28% Human, 15% Duro, 12% Twi?lek, 10% Sullustan, 5% Rodian, 4% Chadra-fan, 2% Swokes swokes, 2% Gungan, 1% Ithorian, 1% Quarren, 20% other
Government: Council of Overseers with heavy influence from Minister Iglarus (Imperial official)
Major Exports: Textiles, foodstuffs, Vigol art and artists, some useful minerals
Major Imports: High technology
System/ Star: Vigolithot V3688

Planets Type Moons
V3688-12 Asteroid -
V3688-33 Barren rock planetoid 0
V3688-100 Asteroid -
V3688-211 Terrestrial 3
V3688-269 Gas giant 14
V3688-359 Asteroid 1
V3688-1028 Airless frozen rock 6

   Situated between the Corporate Sector Authority and the Unknown regions in the Outer Rim, in a star cluster known as The Shoal, the yellow star called simply V3688 was evidently unworthy of a proper name when it was discovered by Old Republic explorers. It was originally mapped by the astronomer Krith Vigolithot (who mapped nearly five thousand other stars in his lifetime) but was not visited for more than a century after he marked it on galactic maps.
When it finally was visited and more fully explored about three hundred years before the Empire they found an uninhabited system with a variety of strange things about it. First, the inner three major rock formations (12, 33, and 100) are all part of the same very broad asteroid field. The field itself comes surprisingly close to the sun at the relative center.
   Second, the largest of the rocks in that asteroid belt actually qualify as a planetoid for its size. It doesn?t have any satellites of its own, although it certainly has plenty to choose from should any of the asteroids ever come close enough to begin an orbit.
   Third, the first true planet from the sun, 211, is placed with plenty of space between the asteroid fields on either side of it. On top of that it is actually an inhabited, terrestrial-type planet with a variety of terrains to choose from.
   Fourth, just on the inside portion of the next broad asteroid field is a gas giant that is constantly pummeled by meteorites. In spite of this it has over a dozen satellites that orbit it and are constantly changing direction due to the pounding they take along with their mother planet.
   Fifth, 359 is an asteroid that is large enough to have pulled another small asteroid into a very loose orbit around it.
   Sixth, and finally, the outermost rock is a frozen-over planet of equal size to 211. It lacks any atmosphere whatsoever and seems to have no mineral or strategic wealth of any sort.

   Approximately three hundred years before the Empire, an ambitious crew of galactic explorers decided they wanted to detail all of the as-yet unvisited portions of space that Vigolithot had mapped. They set out with great excitement and surprising funding. After eight years of star-hopping they came to the system simply called Vigolithot V3688. Once they arrived and did initial surveys they went above the system plane and came back down to examine the planets and planetoids more closely. Dodging asteroids and ducking meteorites they found that 211 was fully inhabitable but had no local sentient species. They marked it for colonization and went along their way.
   About one hundred years later the grandson of Toprals, the Gungan navigator from the previous expedition, decided to attempt a colonization effort on the one inhabitable world. He found investors interested in the mineral availability in the asteroids and on the planet as well as loose cannons and outcasts who wanted a fresh start. They brought together enough money and supplies for the new colony and it was successful. Eventually they had a number of small settlements across the world and a thriving, if somewhat behind the times, community. They set up trade with the Corporate Sector Authority to make sure that they had plenty of higher-end supplies coming in and eventually started turning a slight profit on their minerals. Their crowning achievement was a low-powered planetary shield and laser defense system specifically designed to stop any asteroids from crashing down on them.
   They maintained part of the Old Republic from their inception through the next century and a half. Then came the Clone Wars and, as well as many other worlds, Vigolithot V3688-211 became annexed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. This was against the wishes of the Council of Overseers. But what could they do? They had no military strength with which to repel invaders, and they were too small and out of the way for the Republic to really care to defend it mightily.
   Still, through the war they maintained a strong, independent, nearly rebellious attitude about their droid invaders. A small resistance group formed in support of the Republic and gave headaches to the Muun official charged with its keeping. Four days before Chancellor Palpatine announced his ascendancy to Emperor the CIS decided it wasn?t worth keeping hold of a system that was giving them so many problems and diverted their resources elsewhere.
For four days they celebrated their victory over the invaders. They would have celebrated longer for that reason, but the announcement of Palpatine as permanent ruler of the galaxy gave the already jubilant people of the system even more cause to celebrate. Normal activities were called off for nearly a month.
   When they finally got back on track they officially announced to the new Empire that they wished to be officially a member world again. The Empire obliged and consolidated in the area. No governor was needed to be appointed for them because they already had a council that was fiercely loyal to the Empire. Instead they were put under the command of an Imperial Minister who oversaw them and the Shoal nearby.
   Then, as they got back to regular duties they saw all the various glories of the Empire. The TIE fighters. The Star Destroyers. Stormtroopers marching in formations through their streets. Not relying on the Jedi to resolve major problems. It gave them a sense of security that they had never understood before. Gone were the weaknesses of the Republic that had allowed it to crack. Now entered the Empire which was strong enough to maintain control of loyal worlds.
   The perceived peace was not to last. After a few years under the Minister?s rule people started to notice strange things happening. They would realize that their friends were leaving suddenly. Mysterious circumstances surrounded a slight increase in murders. Some of these murders never seemed to produce bodies that their families could bury properly. Patterns began to emerge.
As far from the Core as they were the people of 211 had never developed the kind of pro-human, anti-alien sentiment that many other Imperial worlds had taken on. When someone noticed it was mostly the non-human population who disappeared and started asking questions they often died soon after. Sometimes in the night. Other times they were shot down in the streets by Stormtroopers.
One person eventually seemed to come back from the dead. She was a young Quarren who seemed to appear out of the mist one morning. She was dehydrated and hallucinating. She spoke of needles and laser cutters. Fluids of all sorts of colors. Other things they couldn?t understand. Once they finally identified the girl they discovered that her settlement was nine thousand miles from where she was found. People began to ask even more questions. News traveled faster by word of mouth than the local news programs could hope to keep up with.
   Within hours after the young Quarren was found and quickly died, her statement recorded and re-broadcast on a pirated signal, the people of 211 rose up in unison. One settlement overtook a Stormtrooper garrison. Another was getting dangerously close to a TIE hangar. A third had managed to empty their town of Imperial presence completely.
   Two hours after the riots and uprisings started the people were in for a shock. Their planetary shield was shut down. The sky exploded in a serious of flashes of green from an orbital bombardment. Heavy walkers landed near some of the troublesome areas and fired on civilians. The ground shook. Thousands died in instants with those who fired the shots sometimes not even able to see the town they were firing on with their naked eye.
   Once the people were cowed enough for his satisfaction the Imperial Minister came on the news nets and announced martial law for their transgressions against Imperial security. They were threatened with complete annihilation if they had another insurgency. ?You are loyal citizens of the Empire,? he said to every home and every commlink in the system. ?You will behave as such or you will no longer be citizens of anything. I will see to it that any bodies that remain will have no burial or cremation. They will be pulled up into space and left in vacuum. You came gleefully to the Empire. That is the will of your Emperor.?

   211 is a very blended society. They have representatives from dozens of species from across the galaxy on their world or working in the asteroid mining companies. Humans make up the single greatest population, although much of that is due to the Imperial presence that is maintained here. Of the humans who live on the world fully one fourth of them work for the Empire either as civilians or in the military.
   Of those who are not in the Imperial military they have a strong independent streak that has been successfully suppressed by fear of another bombardment. They know that something unseemly is happening either on their world or above it in the sky, but they don?t know exactly what or why. They don?t know how many of those who continue to disappear are still alive, how many are dead, and how many are in some sort of dual existence as both living and dead like the little quarren girl. If they could get in contact with the Rebellion safely they would, but they are uncertain how to do that or if the Rebellion would even have time to watch out for them.
   After six years of martial law the new Minister has let up some of the restrictions on the people under his watchful eye. He has allowed them to create a very small citizen defense force and those who are interstellar merchants are allowed light weaponry and even a small escort down onto the planet. These, however, do little to alleviate the increased pressure on non-humans who live and work here. Minister Iglarus is even more bigoted than his predecessor was and has his Stormtroopers routinely ?clean out? entire sections of cities and towns because the ?rat? population has grown too much.
Long before the arrival of the Empire, though, the people of Vigolithot V3688-211 had made a name for themselves in a peculiar style of art they had created. They used the natural wood that grew on the planet and carved it into exquisite pieces they can be found all over the Outer Rim and the Corporate Sector.


Lunar Base
   The Minister has stationed the majority of his TIE fighters here in a relatively new base on the low-gravity, no-atmosphere second moon of 211. It has two squadrons permanently assigned to it and they are kept in constant ?combat readiness,? a term the minister uses for riot control.

   This large asteroid is home to the mining company that owns the rights to all the inner asteroids of the system. It is a fully functioning corporate base of operations, although the company is usually run by the executives on 211. They only ever approach the base if a potential investor is visiting; and even then they try not to stay long.

Emperor?s Nose
   This is the local name for a mountain retreat that Minister Iglarus is rumored to have on Mount Kilgragikar, the tallest mountain near the capital city of Pheloshii. They say he spends almost all of his time there and that below, inside the mountain itself, is where the secret experiments occur. It has started to become local parlance that when a person disappears in the night they ?flew up the Emperor?s Nose.?

Allies and Antagonists

Kanta Kanta (Swokes Swokes Noble 1/ Adm 3)
   A local art merchant by trade, Kanta Kanta is a corpulent Swokes Swokes who fails to look as nightmarishly intimidating like his kind usually do. Instead he looks more like an inflated fish who is not quite sure how he got where he is most of the time. Underneath his unthreatening appearance, though, is the Swokes swokes? legendary bullying and power-grubbing attitude. Kanta Kanta just happens to be able to do so through his mercantile ventures rather than through physical combat.
   He has managed to continue to be a successful non-human art merchant under a bigoted Minister for years now do to his wealth and ability to suck up to those who are in authority over him. He has so far been allowed to keep an ancient Republic Space Cruiser for hauling his goods and a small squad of five Cloakshape fighters to protect his business.

Governor Tyle Geswix (human Dip 4)

Vill DuShong (Duro Frin 2/ Exp 2)
   Vill DuShong is a friendly female tech who has managed to get herself a job with Durgon?s Droid Repair, the business contracted by the inner-system mining company to maintain and repair their droids. Mostly she works from 100 in the significant repair bay they have assembled inside the asteroid.
   Secretly she is also a rebel trying to prepare for the time when she might have the opportunity to join the Alliance. She uses her position as droid mechanic and programmer to give them slightly modified orders from time to time. She has diverted over eight thousand hours of droid operation time to her pet project of hollowing out an asteroid fighter base where a rebel cell could hide and strike at the Imperials on her home turf with ease. She has had some training with flying the run-down and unarmed Firespray-31 the company keeps on hand to retrieve broken droids. She hopes to use this training as a fighter pilot, herself, later.

Uptik Gra?Coline (human Scoun 2/ Exp 1)
   Uptik is a simple old man with simple old man pleasures. He finds as many games of sabacc as he can just for the simple fun of seeing other people squirm over money. He?s not concerned about his own wealth, though. He made his big score in his youth when he turned in a Jedi trying to hide from Palpatine. Uptik was amply rewarded and hasn?t used his hands for actual work since.

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