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Shann Childsen (Human Imperial Officer)

Shann Childsen (Human Imperial Officer)

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Centauri Republic Battlecruiser
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Poe Dameron

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The Trade Web Worlds (the TWW)

In this seemingly backwater area of space, the thriving heart of it all is the Trade Web Worlds. Here nearly all the trade happens. Some areas even begin to resemble the more luxurious areas of the core worlds.

The Trade Web Worlds are: Naislia, Transution, Varlustcha, Kalidaan, Dansuine, Nasilag, Corisbah, Dandocant, Varlaloth, Il? Yuari, Kashildore, and Border.

Naislia was once merely a passing interest to many in the galaxy, until the day came when valuable resources were found in nearly every system nearby and it was the only way across these sectors of space. Now, literally, ninety-five percent of all trade in the Naislia/ Gamsisha area must go through Naislia. This bustling trade world has become the capital of the Naislia Sector of space and an important part of the economy on this side of the Expansion Region.

Type: Terrestrial; Temperature: Temperate; Atmosphere: human-friendly; Gravity: 1.1g; Terrain: Plains, mountains, cities; Length of day: 21 standard hours; Length of year: 280 local days; Starports: 4 stellar, 10 standard; Population: 4.1 billion various beings; Function: Trade world, sector capital; Government: Aristocratic; Tech level: space; Exports: none; Imports: Tech, ores.

This small mountainous jungle planet is often used as a refueling station for traders going to Naislia.

This aquatic world houses a brisk business in underwater mining operations, though these are often plagued local fauna. Some gems have also been found on the few small islands that peak over the water?s surface.

This huge planet has some of the roughest terrain in the region. The caps reach nearly
-90 degrees Fahrenheit regularly, while the equator reaches temperatures of 130 on occasion. But throughout the world, there are only mountains everywhere. For this reason this world has become the boot camp for the Naislia military. Soldiers to come from here are the toughest people for ten sectors.

This rocky world is full of canyons, and it?s local tough rock deposits cause it to be an excellent place to set up a myriad of different laboratories. Here many discoveries are made in technology, medicine, and all manner of sciences.

Nasilag is an airless world that the Drearian Defense Conglomerate (DDC) found ideal to set up a weapons factory on about 200 years ago. Since then, this factory has produced approximately one-twelfth of the company?s product.

The rolling plains and gentle forests of Corisbah made it an ideal place to study, so the people of the Gamsisha Sector commissioned the building of the largest local university there three centuries ago. Since then the attendance has reached well over 600,000 students. Beings from all over the galaxy come here to study and research.

Food is one of the most necessary and overlooked needs that all living creatures have. That is why Kasheevin produces so much of it. Nearly all of Kasheevin?s land is covered in farmland that is overseen in a mildly feudal fashion with much independence.

With constantly active volcanoes and lava flows, no one saw Dandocant as being anything more than a stellar mess. That is until an enterprising young Rodian named Kelool from the Belakin clan saw the heat. After receiving many government grants to set up a colony with protections from the fires, he started up one of the most profitable ore processing facilities in the region using that very heat and focusing it. Kelool?s clan still oversees operation here

This planet has only a few sparse attempted colonies and a poisonous atmosphere. No one currently lives here

This ice ball serves well as a stopover for the many traders that go from the sector capital of Gamsisha to the rest of the web. Though most stay to the starports in orbit, there are plenty of planet-side ports that are equally serviceable. The local natural crystal formations are an occasional tourist trap as well.

While communications and sensor equipment is common throughout the galaxy, it must come from somewhere. And Miradyne Limited chose this desert world to begin that process from.

Twelve centuries ago, when the region was first discovered by Republic scouts, there were already three groups inhabiting the region: The Pithri, natives of Pith?al?akra, the Hilanor, natives of Onderinni, and a group of human explorers long forgotten who lived on Border. The Pithri and the Hilanor both came to interstellar travel on their own. But when they found each other they started to war with each other. The humans were being tossed around in it when the Republic came.
When they did come they found the region to be a war-torn, poverty-stricken area of the galaxy and decided that the war needed to stop. So, after talking it over with the two sides, Border was established as a diplomatic point between the two sides. Now the world maintains that status to settle interplanetary and even inter-sector disputes. In order to foster this sort of position, the Republic declared that the world of Border would not be a part of either sector, but be a neutral third party, independent to itself.
Now, due to this position, Border has become a thriving trade world, dwarfed only by Naislia itself.

Type: Terrestrial; Temperature: Temperate; Atmosphere: Human-friendly; Gravity: Standard; Terrain: Cityscapes, plains; Length of day: 31 standard hours; Length of year: 320 local days; Starports: 3 stellar, 7 standard; Population: 3.1 billion various beings; Function: Diplomatic world, trade world; Government: Republic; Tech level: space; Exports: none; Imports: none.

The Fingers
Quite possibly the most industrious area of the sector, the Fingers are so named because the space routes look like three hands with two or three fingers come out of the sector capital of Gamsisha. The volume of trade that goes through here brings all sorts of beings, from humans to obviously non-humans, from merchants to pirates, and more.

The worlds of the Fingers are: Gamsisha, Ondisoth, Raxor, Ochelim, Trostoph, Ilix, Praqit, Martin, Edelme, Ganarbine, and Kadine.

Like its sister capital Naislia, Gamsisha became capital of the sector merely by being in the right place. This world is the only access to some of the most plentiful resources in this region of space. It controls access to everything from the medicinal resources of Ondisoth to the shipyards of Praqit. All of these worlds most trade through Gamsisha.
This highly interstellar-trade-based economy is not always a boon for the world. It is constantly under attack by pirates, has massive problems with smugglers, and underworld raqueteering is almost unavoidable.
In an effort to squelch this, the local navy has been constantly commissioning more combat ships from Praqit and has large bounties out on many notable local pirates. Bounty hunters from all regions of space make a brisk business as well as any merchant.

Type: Terrestrial; Temperature: Temperate; Atmosphere: Human-friendly; Gravity: Standard; Terrain: Cityscapes, orbital space docks; Length of day: 28 standard hours; Length of year: 410 local days; Starports: 1 stellar, 2 military, 5 standard; Population: 4.8 billion various beings; Function: Trade world, sector capital; Government: Guild; Tech level: space; Exports: Medical supplies, starships, droids, ores, foodstuffs, fuels; Imports: Medical supplies, starships, droids, ores, foodstuffs, fuels.

The jungles of Ondisoth possess such a variety of plants that it has become an important local world for medicinal manufacturing.

This twin-sun system has only one planet of any size, and there a small local company has begun manufacturing a modest line of medical droids.

Beneath the frozen wastes and glaciers here many have found significant ore deposits that are being strip-mined today, as they have been for two centuries.

The asteroid belt here has proven itself to be quite useful as a source of metals.

Beneath the crashing waves and massive archipelagoes of Ilix there sits large deposits of starship fuel that is being pumped up by the thousands of tons every day.

While the world itself has very little use, Profit?s orbital shipyards produce most of the local military starships, though it has a couple of modest lines of freighters as well.

The lush plains, plentiful rivers, and verdant forests of Martin make it an ideal place to have a farm. So someone did, and now it pushes millions of tons of foodstuffs into the region every year.

Here the dollar rules all, and those with the most dollars actually do. This corporate-run world is the only stopping point between Martin, Praqit, Ilix, and Gamsisha.

If the ore processing facilities of the planet didn?t make it rich, the hot spring resorts did.

This world houses the foremost hospitals in the sector, mostly due to the fact that it is the only access to worlds such as Ondisoth and Raxor

The Rodian Run
There was a time when three Rodian clans, the Kalatoos, the Belakins, and the Petroochas, came together and set out to colonize more of the galaxy for themselves.
As they went about searching for a new area to claim as their own, they found the recently developing area around Border and set up shop. Now there are nine officially Rodian colonies in the region, though some are under control of other organizations.

The worlds of the Rodian Run include: Iaco, Quaad, Narik, Navik, Ghia, and Shodu

This is a world for the truly desperate. Industrial waste litters the waterways and all the land that isn?t covered by city, and the air is so thick that stars are non-existent on the ground here. As a free trader world, you can buy and sell literally anything here. While the Rodians first colonized it, it was everyone else who made it what it is. The Rodians simply let the power here slip through their fingers.

Type: Terrestrial; Temperature: Warm; Atmosphere: Almost human-friendly (breath mask suggested); Gravity: .95; Terrain: polluted urban areas and plains; Length of day: 18 hours; Length of year: 485 local days; Starports: 1 standard, 4 limited; Population: 1.4 million various beings; Function: Free trader world; Government: Little to none; Tech level: Space; Exports: none; Imports: none.

This low gravity world is covered in jungles and filled with all forms of life. For this reason, the hunt-worshipping Rodians first made this their new home when they came here. Since then however, Hutts, Twi?leks, and others have made this rainforest world into more of a drug factory for common spice.

The name coming from the Rodian word for ?bright,? the twin sun system of Narik houses many jungles, vast savannahs and plenty of local animal life to make this the dream home of the Rodians who have made this their home. It was the Petroocha clan that claimed this and its sister system Navik for themselves when the clans all came here. They do occasional business taking off-worlders out on safaris, but the Rodians are content to live as they are now, with little outside interference.

From the Rodian word for ?darkness,? this dwarf star barely maintains any sort of life. The local marshes are all stagnant. The few Rodians left who live here only really live here because all their ships got mired in the marshes when they landed.

Here the industrious Rodians of the Kalatoos made their claim to fame. They have begun their own small weapons manufacturing company to compete with the few other local companies.

This monstrous world is officially a Rodian colony. However, no life can live on this rock covered in blisterous volcanoes and constant lava flow.

The Pithri Worlds
Here is the heart and soul of the small Pithri people?s culture. Their homeland and their few colonies are all here just past the TWW and Gamsisha. From here, two millennia ago, they pushed a campaign against the Hilanor of Onderinni. Here their hills call home while the stars call out.

The only Pithri world of note is their homeworld: Pith?al?akra.

When the Pithri were still too young for space travel the stars they saw from their hilltop communities fascinated them. They would climb higher and higher up mountains trying to get to them to no avail. But the beauty of the rolling grassy hills down below kept them satisfied until they developed space travel.
And when they developed space travel, travel they did. Within fifty years they had established three other nearby colonies and were exploring many others. Until they encountered another sentient life form, something they had not expected. Eventually, the Pithri and the Hilanor ended up in a war together that nearly destroyed the entire region between them. Only when the Republic intervened to negotiate a treaty between them did the war stop. Pith?al?akra was saved from destruction and so the grateful Pithri officially became a part of the Old Republic. Since then they have done a brisk business as navigators and pilots for the various militaries and merchant ships in the nearby sectors of space.

Type: Terrestrial; Temperature: Temperate; Atmosphere: Human-friendly; Gravity: 1.7; Terrain: Rolling hills and mountains; Length of Day: 22 standard hours; Length of year: 253 standard days; Starports: 3 standard; Population: 1.4 million Pithri; Function: Merchant world with other sectors, Pithri homeworld; Government: Matriarchy; Tech level: Space; Exports: Pilots; Imports: none.

The Heshian Arm
These worlds are mostly lawless due to the constant presence of the sector fleet in the Fingers and the constant presence of lawless types around Hesh and other nearby systems.

The worlds of the Heshian Arm are: Hesh and Gamdovin.

This lawless free trader world is the most commonly used point for illegal goods to be sold.

This triple sun system houses one inhabitable planet. This planet used to be home to a race of tall, powerfully built beings called the Harlith, but they died out long before the Republic colonized this section of the galaxy. Instead, when the former pirate Joseph Arbilans discovered the world, he found the ancient ruins to be very useful as a new base of operations. In the two centuries since then it has became a safe haven for smugglers, pirates, and various other outlaws of every type. It is now an independent nation state of sorts that still operates much of the local pirate operations.

Type: Terrestrial; Temperature: Hot; Atmosphere: Human-friendly; Gravity: Standard; Terrain: Deserts; Length of day: 55 standard hours (due to the triple suns, night only lasts approximately 3 standard hours); Length of year: 610 local days; Starports: 1 standard, 2 limited; Population: 450,000 various outlaws; Function: Pirate/smuggler haven; Government: Ruled by one leader (?Commandant?) and various officers under him; Tech level: Space; Exports: none; Imports: Starships, ship equipment.

The Nebula Reaches
This area surrounds the two concentric nebulae, Partink and Gatch. It contains a variety of worlds and peoples, including the native Hilanor. The outer most civilized worlds of this section are common stopovers for explorers going into the Unknown Regions.

The worlds of the Nebula Reaches are: Ist Elber, Besdosha, Roke VI, Onderinni, Tiniidari, Fey?Elarm, Teebol, Caral, and Arskin.

Ist Elber
This gas giant has only one useful thing to it: the entire sector?s junkyard. Here all the worlds from the surrounding systems send their trash, refuse, and the occasional junked ship. Scavenger crews will occasionally stop by here to see if there is anything useful in the floating debris in orbit.

The region?s largest shipyards sit here around the gas giant Besdosha, whose planetary rings supply much of the needed raw materials for the ships it builds. All of this because one of Subpro Corporation?s executives was on vacation to Onderinni at a boom time for the company. Thus Besdosha holds nearly three hundred slips to build ships from, including the famed Z-95 Headhunters.

Roke VI
Lifeless. This is the only word to describe a battered rock floating around a dim sun that is to close to a nebula. That?s why they built a prison there. With the nebula nearby to block much sensor activity, a set of planetary rings constantly beating down on it to act as a natural defense, and a complete lack of useful mining materials, the government of Naislia decided this would be the perfect place to put the undesirables. With a state of the art security system and a shield generator to protect the facility itself, this world is nearly inescapable.

This land of rolling plains and placid seas is the homeworld of the humanoids known as the Hilanor. When they first discovered space travel, they were hoping it would be an expansion of their society for the better. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, they ran into the other native species of the region, the Pithri. After a long and drawn out war with no clear winner in sight, it took the intervention of the Republic to bring these two warring factions to a peace agreement. Once that was achieved on Border, the Hilanor began setting up their world for the newly discovered other races.
Having seen other worlds by now, the Hilanor knew that they had what was to others a very soothing and relaxing planet on which they could begin hosting others. This led to a very brisk tourist/resort trade on their homeworld. Now the Hilanor are a much-desired race to have give deep tissue massages and will sometimes go to other worlds far away to teach their method of muscle relaxation.

Type: Terrestrial; Temperature: Temperate; Atmosphere: Human-friendly; Gravity: Standard; Terrain: Rolling plains, soft, calm seas; Length of day: 23 standard hours; Length of year: 360 local days; Star ports: 2 stellar; Population: 5.8 million Hilanor, various tourists; Function: Resort world, Hilanor homeworld; Government: Democracy; Tech level: Space; Exports: massage teachers; Imports: none.

This world?s double sun shines light on the most varied terrain in the sector. This world represents just about every type of terrain there is. Due to this fact, the local colonists have become some of the most adaptable people known.

This system?s asteroid belt has become one of the many asteroid belt smuggler?s havens in the galaxy. Host to the whole gamut of people, it even boasts a small indoor shipyard for repairs, modifications, and the occasional special order.

With the valuable ores found in the Fingers region, the other side of the border needed some way to really compete. So one entrepreneurial surveyor went out and discovered that the asteroids in this system were rich with ores to mine. He immediately sent for mining equipment and got the contract for the entire system. For three centuries now the Teebol Mining Syndicate has been strip mining every last rock, digging out tons of valuable ores.

This small world is covered in farms and small cities, providing food to the Teebol Mining Syndicate and to the gem mining expeditions in Arskin.

This rocky planet is home to large deposits of valuable gems, and they have yet to show signs of depletion. This is also the home of the last major spaceport before going into the unknown regions.

Type: Terrestrial; Temperature: Warm to hot; Atmosphere: thin but human-friendly; Gravity: .75; Terrain: Rocky ground, scattered mining shafts; Length of day: 15 standard hours; Length of year: 200 local days; Starports: 5 standard; Population: 850,000 various miners; Function: Mining colony; Government: Corporate; Tech level: Space; Exports: Gems; Imports: Foodstuffs, tech.

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