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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: UNSC/Human WeaponsEra: Human-Covenant WarCanon: Crossover


"Here boy, I got somethin' fer ya!"
-Anonymous UNSC Helljumper, transmitting his last stand against a horde of Jiralhanae Brutes...3...2...1...

   The Medium Fusion Destructive Device, or MFDD, is a tactical nuclear weapon with a yield of 63 terajoules (approximately 15 kilotons TNT equivalent), used by the United Nations Space Command. It was manufactured by Misriah Armory.

Model: Misriah Armory Medium Fusion Destructive Device
Type: Tactical nuclear weapon
Scale: Capital
Skill: Demolitions: Nukes
Rate of Fire: 1
Ammo: 1
Cost: A LOT
Availability: 4, X
Range: N/A (can be thrown?)
Damage: 2D Capital/2D Statfighter
-(Blast Radius: 0-100/400)


-NUKE: This is a tactical nuclear weapon meant for infiltration/demolition operations.  As such, while its damage may only be 2D, this is capital scale, and the difference in dice should be taken into consideration when used.  Most city buildings (not cities, but the individual buildings in them) and capital starship interiors will NOT be of capital scale, more likely Speeder, Walker, or "maybe" starfighter in rare circumstances.  As such, the MFDD gets +6D (8D) against Starfighetr scale objects, +8D (10D!) against Walker, +10D (12D) against Speeder scale (ground vehicles of all kinds), and, finally, +12D (14D!!!) against Character scale objects and characters.
   The Blast Radius and damage given above are for the continued but somewhat lessened damage in the shockwave further out from "ground zero".  Character scale objects will take 12D+2 damage in this part of the blast radius.
   Use of the MFDD requires the Demolitions skill.  The device has a timer that can be used by a keypad on the object by the user.

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