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Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: UNSC/Human Ground VehiclesEra: Colonial InsurrectionCanon: Crossover


"The Warthog is as much a part of the UNSC as boots, guns, and tasteless coffee."
-Halo Encyclopedia.

Craft: AMG Transport Dynamics M12 Warthog FAV
Type: Variable purpose force application vehicle (FAV)
Scale: Speeder
-Length: 4.2m
-Width: 2.3m
-Height: 3m
-Mass: 3 metric tons
Skill: Ground vehicle operations: Warthog
Unskilled: -1D
Crew: 1
-Gunners: 1 (varies with setup)
Crew Skill: Firearms 4D+1, grenades 4D, ground vehicle operations 3D+2
-Optional Skills: Communications 5D, sensors 4D+2, vehicle weapons 4D
Passengers: 1 (or more, varies with set-up)
Cargo Capacity: Varies by setup (100kg before setup)
-Crew/Passenger: 1/2
-Gunner/Rear Section: Varies by setup (average 3/4)
Cost: 16,000 cR (base, see below)
-Standard: 0D
-With?+1D Skill Specialization:?+2D
Move: 43; 125kmh
Body Strength: 3D+2

?? Below are various upgrades and modifications that the Warthog can be given. ?These are mostly to explain the various models of M12 Warthog FAV. ?Costs are given that are added to the Base Cost. ?The end result is the total cost of the model of Warthog purchased by the player. ?Please note that other modifications not listed here (Speed, etc) are to be found in the WEG Star Wars D6 Revised RPG book! ?Also note that while Extra Armor is listed below (which is +1D), this can be combined with mods from the Star Wars D6 book (which are in pips).

Base Cost: 20,000 cR
?? This is the base cost of an M12 Warthog FAV. ?This comes standard with all-terrain wheels, open cab and rear section, and the stats as seen above before adjustments from other equipment used in configurations.

Weapons Turret (Rear): 4,000 cR
?? This isthe gyroscopic turret mounted in the rear of any Warthog equipped with some form of heavy weapon. ?It can turn in any direction (fire arc), elevate about 45 degrees, and usually can't lower it's aim to cover a 5 meter gap along the close sides of the vehicle. ?Cost does not include weapon!

Transport (Rear): 2,000 cR
?? This is the common configuration used with the M831 Troop Transport. ?It has 4 side-facing seats and can seat a rear-facing fifth in the back (though in-game only three can sit there). ?Totaltransport of 5, unless people are desperate or very friendly.

Truck Bed (Rear): 3,000 cR
?? This setup is meant for transporting strict cargo and equipment, giving the Warthog a Cargo Capacity of about1 ton. ?This is not meant for transporting people, though it could be improvised for such if needed (6, 12 in emergencies!), however without proper restraints these individuals may bounce out of the back when driving over off-road terrain. ?If carrying half a full load (over 1,000 lbs), speed starts drastically reducing due to mass and drag.

Scout/Recon Package: 1,500 cR
?? Thisis the standard setup for most UNSC Warthog models. ?Includes common equipment such as binoculars, toolbox, merlot and biofoam canister, roughly 20 kg of carrying space, but also leaves the Warthog's cab and rear open for visibility.

Tow/Hauling Package: 4,000 cR
?? This is an assortment of towing winch and heavy duty motor and gear system, the setup used with the M914 RV for towing other vehicles and removing wreckage.

Ambulance Package: 8,000 cR
?? This setup converts the Warthog's rear section to transport injured troops (1 or 2), while also equipping it with advanced equipment to stabilize critical soldiers who have suffered life-threatening injury, and also usually has an abundance of standard medkits and biofoam canisters for several other individuals, as well as equipment like stretchers, defibrillators and other common equipment found in an ambulance. ?The main difference between a Warthog and a normal ambulance is that the Warthog can go where the ambulance can't, offroad, etc., and with it's ambulance setup can hopefully keep injured soldiers alive while enroute to a proper medical facility.

Street Wheels: 1,000 cR
?? Replacing the Warthog's all-terrain wheels gives it much greater speedin urban environments (change to 55; 160kmh), but at the cost of losing it's impressive offroad ability. ?If this variant is ever used to go offroad, reduce speed to (26; 75kmh) or less, and increase driving Difficulty by no less than 1 level (or more!).

Tracked Wheels: 4,000 cR
?? This replaces the Warthog's all-terrain tires for a quad set of tracked treads, much like a tank or snowcat. ?This allows the Warthog a much greater amount of stability, negating all penalties for unskilled use, improving Maneauverability by +1D, and making it much harder to flip the Warthog (+2 Difficulty level). ?While this lessens the Warthog's open-ground speed to (30; 90kmh), it can maintain this speed in off-road terrain that would otherwise slow the regular Warthog, and can traverse more extreme and hostile environments that the standard Warthog can't even enter. ?This is the common setup used for the M864A Snow 'Hog.

Enclosed Cab: 4,500/6,000 cR
?? This is the type of cab used for the M864A Snow 'Hog. ?The cab is completely enclosed by transparent material, making the cab better equipped for environmental protection and control, able to keep warm or cool as needed, and even having atmospheric seals in case of traveling through poisonous atmospheres or other conditions where breathing becomes a problem. ?While the transparent version is cheaper, it doesn't really grant better cover than the regular Warthog (1/2). ?The more expensive version is an armored variant that allows full cover at the cost of visibility.

Enclosed Rear: 2,000/4,000 cR
?? Same as above, but for the rear section. ?The two can be mixed any way, but the environmental controls affect both front and rear sections.

Advanced Communication Gear: 6,000 cR
?? This equipment takes up agood portion of the Warthog's rear, as well as adding a dish and antennas on the tip. ?It still allows room for a communications expert to sit in the back to operate the equipment. ?Gives?+2D to Communications skill to detect various forms and frequencies of communication (even advanced forms like the Covenant), record data, and even jam enemy communications.

Advanced Sensor Analysis Gear: 5,000 cR
?? While the Advanced Comm gear is for military purposes, the Sensor setup is for more scientific endeavors and can be found in civilian use. ?It still has military value to the UNSC, in that it can be used to help evaluate worlds for future colonization from the ground perspective, as well as battlefield roles such as locating specific energy signatures for search-and-destroy missions (nuclear reactors, Covenant plasma reactors, specific Covenant energy weapons, etc.). ?The Sensors stats are;
??Passive: 2km/0D
??Scan: 4km/1D
??Search: 10km/2D
??Focus: 500m/3D+2

Advanced Environmental Gear: 1,000 cR
?? This is the type of equipment installed in the M864 Snow 'Hog. Combined with an enclosed cab, it allows the Warthog to be completely environmentally controlled from within, keeping warm or cool while traveling through extreme opposites of environmental climate, filtering clean oxygen when possible from otherwise toxic atmospheric conditions, and also having a 6-hour oxygen supply when needed. ?The oxygen supply can be longer with the addition of spare tanks under the seats, usually having at least 1 or 2 spares.

Extra Armor: 3,000 cR
?? Adds?+1D to the Body Strength (4D) at the sacrifice of Speed. ?Cumulative, can add more armor!

Less Armor: -2,000 cR
?? The Warthog can have it's body stripped down to bare essentials, removing it's military grade armor for more speed.

Ram: 2,000 cR
?? The ram allows the Warthog to inflict more damage when ramming othe vehicles or structures (+2D) while also recording the same bonus to resist damage from performing the ram (+2D).


???The M12 Force Application Vehicle, more commonly known as the Warthog or simply the Hog, is a United Nations Space Command ground vehicle.


?? The M12 FAV Warthog is the UNSC's primary ground vehicle, used for its scouting and reconnaissance capacity, or as an integral part of a mechanized infantry unit; the M12 has been a part of the UNSC's armored vehicle fleet for fifty years, and is the most recognizable vehicle in their arsenal. It is a highly mobile, all-wheel-drive, all-wheel-steering, ICE-powered vehicle equipped with a manual transmission.

?? The M12 is a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle capable of going over any obstacle without difficulty; under the hood the M12's power is generated by a forward-housed low-profile liquid-cooled hydrogen-injected ICE I/C plant, coupled with an automatic infinitely variable transmission (IVT). The hydrogen fuel is burned at very high temperature with a synthetic carbon/silicon catalyst to achieve even better fuel consumption. This hydrogen engine is the standard among all UNSC ground based vehicles, replacing fossil fuel-based engines some 400 years ago. The M12 features a Graf/Hauptman solar/saline actuator, and will convert up to twelve liters of fresh, brackish or salt water into hydrogen on the fly, detritus is compacted on board, this allows the Warthog to travel 790 kilometers or 490 miles before it needs to be refueled. The M12 is a huge, unwieldy, difficult to steer vehicle ? until a user learns how to drive it properly. With proper application of the hand, or "e-brake" the M12 can actually turn on a dime. Massive disc brakes and its automatic braking systems allow the vehicle to come to a near immediate, but controlled stop should the driver be ejected, or choose to leave the vehicle. The Warthog's tires have moved away from previous inert-gas pocket inflation with equally burst-proof single unit nanotube skeletons. They provide the buoyancy and ride of gas-pocket tires, but are almost indestructible. The relatively massive tires are a joint project between Michelin-Vance and AMG.

The M12's design places it into the jeep family of vehicles; it has no doors and has a total seating of two or three. The M12's description as a reconnaissance vehicle is, at best, an understatement; the M12 has both offensive and defensive capabilities. The M12 can be configured to become a troop carrier, armament carrier, ambulance, reconnaissance vehicle, or communications vehicle. All M12-based vehicles are designed to travel both on and off-road, in all weather conditions.


??The M12 is the workhorse of light infantry ground vehicles, is adaptable to almost any situation, and is arguably the most customizable vehicle in the military's fleet, similar to the older jeeps used in the 20th century. It is able to reach top speeds of 125km/h (78 MPH) and, more importantly, swings around rapidly to allow the gunner a better angle on a prospective target. The mounted M41 chain gun can cut down heavily armored infantry within seconds, this also applies to shielded infantry as well. With enough controlled fire from the 12.7X99mm armor-piercing rounds, the M41 can easily rip through the armor of a Covenant Ghost and destroy it. The Warthog's titanium armor, though light, is tough enough to take at least one fragmentation grenade and keep rolling and can withstand small amounts of energy weapon fire. It also makes for an impervious scout and transportation vehicle, able to make a smooth getaway or rapid infiltration if needed.


???Due in part to its speed, the M12 is prone to roll over. It is vital that the driver can get in and out of dangerous situations without flipping the hard-to-right vehicle. The open nature of the Warthog always puts its driver and passengers at risk as a good marksman can easily take down the driver or passengers of the M12. A well thrown frag grenade can flip a Warthog, which will knock the driver and passenger out of the vehicle. Although the armor of the M12 is tough, a couple of direct hits from grenades or a well placed rocket will destroy it immediately. Covenant energy weapons are the biggest threat to the Warthog; a short burst from a Banshee's light plasma cannons is deadly, able to melt and punch through the armor with ease. The Warthog is also vulnerable to the Banshee's Fuel Rod Gun which can reduce the vehicle to twisted charred metal with one strike. Infantry plasma weapons can inflict moderate damage, and, like all vehicles, is rendered temporarily or permanently inoperable by a hit from an overcharged Plasma Pistol. The M41 LAAG is prone to overheating, which requires the person operating the weapon to use it in short bursts. Failing to operate the weapon carefully will leave the operator vulnerable as they wait for the machine gun to cool down. ?Aside from that, it is very vulnerable to small arms fire, even to the point where it can be pushed about by infantry or smaller vehicles in Halo 3, and rolled incredibly easily on the ground. The vulnerability isn't an indication of the Warthogs armor, rather just its lack of a feeling of weight in comparison to the near impossible to flip Ghost or Revenant.


???The M12 Warthog can be configured for various roles including the M831 TT which eliminates the support weapon in favor of four side-facing passenger seats, the M864A with an enclosed passenger compartment and treads in place of wheels, the M914 RV equipped with a towing winch and a heavy duty motor and gear system, armament carrier, ambulance, or communications vehicle. All M12-based vehicles in service with the UNSC are designed to travel both on and off-road, in all weather conditions.


Production Information:
-Manufacturer: AMG Transport Dynamics
-Production Line: UNSC ground vehicles
-Model: M12 FAV
Technical Specifications:
-Length: 6m/20ft
-Width: 3.2m/10ft
-Height: 3m/9.8ft
-Mass: 3 metric tons/3.25 tons
-Maximum Speed: 125kmh/78mph
-Engine: 12.0 L liquid-cooled hydrogen-injected ICE
-Hull:?ballistic polycarbonate, titanium, carbon nanotube
-Armament: Variable
-Crew: Driver (1), Passenger (1), Gunner (1)
-Role(s):?Reconnaissance;?Anti-Vehicular/Anti-Air platform/Anti-Infantry;?Transport;?Scout
-Era(s): Insurrection; Human-Covenant War
-Affiliation: United Nations Space Command; United Rebel Front

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