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Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: HALOSubtype: UNSC/Human Ground VehiclesEra: Colonial InsurrectionCanon: Crossover


"This here is 66 tons of straight-up, HE-spewin', dee-vine intervention!"
-Avery J. Johnson

Craft: UNSC M808B Scorpion MBT
Type: Main battle tank
Scale: Speeder
-Length: 10m
Skill: Ground vehicle operations: Scorpion MBT
Crew: 1
-Gunner: 1 (specific variants)
Crew Skill: Firearms 4D, grenades 3D, ground vehicle operations 3D, vehicle weapons 3D
Passengers: N/A
Cargo Capacity: 5kg
-Crew: Full
-Gunner: 1/2
Cost: 60,000 cR (new), 40,000 cR (used)
Maneuverability: 1D
Move: 28; 80kmh
Body Strength: 5D

???M512 90mm High Velocity Cannon:
?? ? ?Location: Mounted on rear chassis
?? ? ?Fire Arc: Turret (1 arc per round, upgradable)
?? ? ?Crew: 1 (crew)
?? ? ?Skill: Vehicle weapons
?? ? ?Scale: Speeder
?? ? ?Fire Control: 2D
?? ? ?Range: 15-50/200/1km
?? ? ?Damage: 6D/5D/4D
?? ? ?Blast Radius: 0/1/2
?? ? ?Ammo: 40 (90mm APBC shells)
?? ? ?Rate of Fire: 1 (per round, upgradable)

?? M247T Medium Machine Gun
?? ? ?Location: Mounted in turret OR forward chassis
?? ? ?Fire Arc: Turret
?? ? ?Crew: 1 (crew OR gunner)
?? ? ?Skill: Firearms/vehicle weapons
?? ? ?Scale: Character
?? ? ?Fire Control: 3D
?? ? ?Range: 5-30/100/1,000m
?? ? ?Damage: 5D+1
?? ? ?Ammo: 600 (7.62x51mm AP-T rounds)
?? ? ?Rate of Fire: 3
      Special: Automatic Weapon (see below)


???The M808B Main Battle Tank, commonly known as the Scorpion, is a United Nations Space Command-employed heavy ground combat vehicle. The Scorpion is used for large scale operations requiring heavy firepower or used as an anti-vehicular platform.

- - - - - - - - - -


AUTOMATIC WEAPONS: The frigate's Twin Point Defense Guns are listed with a Rate of Fire of 4.  If GMs wish, they can instead use these as Automatic Weapons witha starting rate of Fire of 2.  To increase the Rate of Fire, the gunner adds +1 level of range Difficulty for every +1 Rate of Fire.  If they only hit with the normal Range Difficulty, then one shot hits (roll Damage) and the other misses, with no other shots being fired (as the gunner would stop shooting to line up the next attack).

-S1 Canister Shells: This is an ammunition type usable by the Scorpion's standard 90mm cannon. ?It sacrifices Damage for increased Blast Radius and is devastating against infantry. ?Damage 5D/4D/3D/2D,?Blast Radius 0-1/2/4/6, Cost?+50 cR per shell
-105mm Cannon: This is a heavier main weapon usable on the Scorpion chassis for more Damage and Range. ?Range 15-60/240/1.5km, Damage 7D, Cost 6,000 cR (cannon),?+60 cR (per shell)
-Power Turret: This upgrade allows the turret to move faster. ?Instead of changing Fire Arcs 1 per round, the turret can now change to any Fire Arc per round per attack! ?Cost 500 cR.
-Other Upgrades: Further below are listed variants of the M808B Scorpion. These variants have modifications such as extra armor, increased speed and/or maneuverability, and different weapons, to name a few. ?These modifications are possible by using the tables found in the WEG Star Wars D6 RPG book, in the section on Technical Skills.

- - - - - - - - - -


???The M808 Scorpion is an armored attack vehicle that has been in service for more than thirty years, and serves as the UNSC's main anti-vehicle platform. The M808B is considered "light" by standard definitions but has served as the UNSC's main battle tank well before the Human-Covenant War. Its four-track nacelles design with each track mounted on an independent, computer-controlled suspension system, ?allows the Scorpion to traverse, climb over, or maneuver around large debris or other battlefield obstacles, and prevents the vehicle from being easily disabled. The central chassis is simple in design containing the main armament at the stern of the hull, and the crew compartment forward of it; and the machine gun at the bow on certain variants. The chassis is covered with heavy titanium-ceramic armor plating, making it incredibly resilient to small-arms fire; however, it's still possible for infantry-portable anti-armor weapons to inflict catastrophic damage. The M808B only requires a crew of one, with complete weapons control allocated to the driver, provided the driver is equipped with a neural interface. Otherwise, it requires one driver and one gunner on a coaxial mounted machine gun. As time has progressed, the Scorpion has been modified into more then a half-dozen different versions, however, despite the modifications the Scorpion's psychological aspect and versatility remain unchanged.

???The Scorpion is equipped with two weapon systems. The 90mm High Velocity Cannon - the M808B's main weapon fires 90mm Tungsten Armor Piercing Ballistic Capped Rounds at a high velocity, with a three-to-four-second delay between each round. The secondary weapon system is the M247T 7.62mm AP-T Medium Machine Gun, used for engaging infantry. The 90mm cannon, although the standard weapon on the M808, could be considered "light", compared to the 105mm cannon that can be mounted for greater offensive power. Along with its weapons system the Scorpion is equipped with anti-mine detecting software and electronics to help increase safety while in use.


???The M808B battle tank has proven itself to be the workhorse of UNSC armored attack vehicles. Its 90mm cannon can deliver a devastating blow to anything it targets - infantry or armor. Its thick titanium-ceramic armor can withstand a direct hit from a Covenant Fuel Rod Cannon and continue on with enough armor to keep fighting. Its one man crew severely limits human casualties; along with its main offensive capabilities, four Marines can sit on the tread pods of the tank, providing support while using the tank as a transport until they reach their destination. The Scorpion's efficient engine allows it to travel up to 466 miles or 750km before needing to be refueled. Along with its offensive capabilities as an anti-vehicle platform, the M808 also fulfills the role of anti-infantry; its machine gun can effectively take down heavily armored and shielded targets at medium range, and the main gun is devastating to infantry targets at any range, instantly killing targets at the impact zone and severely injuring those close by.


???The M808 battle tank's 90mm cannon must be reloaded after every shot and takes between three to four seconds, the time it takes for the cannon to reload may give the enemy enough time to react against the tank. Its deep dead-zone, or the area within which fire from the tank's guns cannot hit targets, puts the vehicle at risk from enemy anti-tank infantry. Although the Scorpion can carry up to four passengers, any Marines sitting on the tread covers of the Scorpion are vulnerable to small-arms fire, and any explosions near the tank can kill all personnel riding on the treads. The Scorpion's slow speed also puts it at a disadvantage, as other more nimble vehicles like the Ghost can out-maneuver the tank and get within its dead-zone.

Changes from Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo 2:
-The color of the tank has now changed from brownish gray to olive green, and the textures have also been updated.
-Players now cannot ride on the tank's tread covers, called 'hotseats'. Standing on them is much easier with the revamped physics engine.
-The reticule for the tank has also changed and is a lot smaller, for increased accuracy.
-The tank now moves a lot slower, further limiting its movement and its evasive capabilities.
-The tank's canopy has been replaced with a solid metal cover like in Halo: Combat Evolved's Campaign, preventing the driver from being sniped while it is intact. However, vehicle damage has been added to human vehicles, and so the player is in danger of the tank exploding if too much damage is taken.
-The main cannon reloads twice as fast, requiring only a two second delay. The dots during the reload time are now removed. It is also more accurate.
-The machine gun is now much more accurate. Previously, the machine gun fired in a very wide area.
-Driving and aiming controls are now completely divorced allowing for greater maneuverability when firing. Previously the aiming and steering controls were linked, meaning the player had to steer more or less in the same direction they were aiming.

Changes from Halo 2 to Halo 3/Halo 3: ODST:
-Though the tank has once again received a graphical overhaul, its color remains unchanged.
-The tank's speed has been increased while moving forward but is still slow while reversing.
-The machine gun has now been moved to the front of the cockpit area, and requires another player or AI to operate the gun.
-The splash damage of the main cannon has been reduced slightly.
-The explosion is slightly different than the previous two games due to advances in graphics.
-In Halo 3: ODST it is now possible once more to ride on the tank's tread covers.

Changes from Halo 3/Halo 3: ODST to Halo: Reach:
-The tank has received a visual upgrade, giving it a grittier, more military look, including a greener paint scheme.
-The tank has considerably less armor than its earlier counterparts, making it somewhat more balanced with the Wraith.
-The tank visually recoils when firing the main gun. Shell casings are released out the back of the turret when it is fired.
-The tank moves faster: Splattering with the tank is once again possible.
-The cockpit now has a translucent canopy, which reveals the driver.
-The main gun is more powerful, with a larger blast radius; it has the ability to destroy a Wraith within two shots.
-The main gun can be blasted off, rendering the tank ineffective in assaulting.
-The velocity of the main cannon fire has been slightly decreased.
-The reticule of the main gun now has vertical bars on its sides that fill as the the cannon is reloaded.
-The secondary turret now overheats after continuous fire, much like the Wraith's turret.
-The turret now slows down to a stop after rotating, it also turns slower than in Halo 3 and the Scorpion's rotating speed is also slower.
-The tread coverings may be destroyed, which prevents the ODSTs on the level The Package from riding on them.

Known Scorpion tanks and variants:
-030569: Standard model Scorpion MBT, discovered and used by the Master Chief during the Battle of Installation 04 to gain access to its Control Room.
-M808B2 Sun Devil: A modification with four 40mm autocannons (replaces main weapon).
-M808B3 Tarantula: A variant with twin Scimitar 4x178mm rocket pods (replaces main weapon).
-12-9F5: Painted brown, this version has a wider-set track and an enhanced undercarriage, and is designed for urban warfare (+1D Maneuverability; increase Speed by 1 level).
-957-A3: Painted gray, the 957-A3 has enhanced electronics for a more accurate cannon shot (+1D Fire Control to 90mm cannon).
-UE8-14: Painted olive-green, this variant has thinner armor, is lighter, and is designed for medium-armor warfare (-1D Body Strength, increased Speed by 1 level).
-TB-SB-1: Painted black, the TB-SB-1 has thicker armor than the standard Scorpion and a sturdier chassis (+1D+2 Body Strength).
-HJ3-213: With thicker treads than the standard version, this variant has a sturdier chassis as it is built for rougher terrain (reduce Speed by 1 level; +1D Maneuverability; unhindered by dangerous terrain).

Production Information:
-Manufacturer: UNSC
-Model: M808B
-Length: 10m/33ft
-Width: 3m/9.8ft
-Mass:?66 metric tons (65 LT; 73 ST)
-Hull: Ceramic-titanium armor
-Armament: (1) M512 90mm Smooth Bore High Velocity Cannon; (1) M247T Medium Machine Gun
-Crew: Driver (1); Gunner (1, only on variants with separate machine gun emplacement)
-Role(s): Main Battle Tank; Anti-vehicular platform; Anti-infantry platform; Heavy weapons
-Affiliation: United Nations Space Command

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