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CE-3K (New Republic Protocol Droid)

CE-3K (New Republic Protocol Droid)


Commander Daine Jir (Human Stormtrooper Officer)

Commander Daine Jir (Human Stormtrooper Officer)

Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: EU


   The Esoomians were hulking humanoids indigenous to Esooma who bore a strong
resemblance to the Zexx. They reached 3 meters in height and were immensely
strong, but tended to be simpleminded and to speak in a garbled manner. They
were regarded as among the best hired muscle in the galaxy.

   During the Galactic Civil War, their homeworld was quarantined by the
Galactic Empire; after the Battle of Endor, however, the quarantine was lifted,
and Esoomians began seeking work throughout the galaxy.
The bounty hunter Tantor was an Esoomian, as well as the shockboxer Tontruk.

Attribute Dice: 12D/18D



-Strength: Esoomians are known for their sheer bulk and size, raw strength, and
not much else.  They're bigger than a Wookie, as strong as a Rancor, but have
enough intelligence to be reasoned with, though some have been known for their
destructive rampages.

-Large Size: The one drawback to Esoomians is their bulk.  Aside from most
galactic accommodations being built for smaller species (closer to Humans,
Wookies or other species of similar or smaller height), they also stick out in a
fight, are easier to hit (+2D to hit), and good cover/concealment is hard to
come by (-2D protection).  This usually isn't a problem due to their great
strength, but can still sometimes pose a problem out of combat situations.  
Also, many weapons, armor and equipment must be custom made for Esoomians,
costing no less than double, triple or more their base price.


-Imperial Quarantine: During the time of the Galactic Empire, the planet Esooma
was put under Imperial quarantine, and Essomians became a rare site in the
galaxy.  Their physical strength and intelligence made them something the Empire
needed to control.  Since the fall of the Empire, Esoomians are seen more
frequently off-world, and it wouldn't be a big surprise if any of them hold a
grudge against the Imperials for such treatment.

-Reputation: Esoomians are well known for being brutal when angered or agitated.  
Though this isn't true of all Esoomians, their culture lacks the refinement to
control their attitudes, making them somewhat less honorable than Wookies or
Yuzzem, and have much in common with Gamoreans.

-Enslaved: While the Esoomians were not as widely used as slave labor like
Wookies and other nonhuman species, the Empire probably made an attempt to do so
before considering Esoomians too dangerous, hence the quarantine.  They probably
hold a grudge against that, too.

-Grudge: The other thing Esoomians are known for is holding a grudge against
anyone or anything that makes them angry.  If an Esoomian can't get even (or
more than even) by using brute force, then they start showing how smart they can planning revenge until they get the chance to smash their enemy.

-Esoomian Smash: Esoomians who look for work away from their homeworld of Esooma
most often do so in jobs that make use of their formidable strength.  This
includes positions as bouncers, bodyguards, bounty hunters, guardsmen, soldiers,
shock-troopers, and even various hard labor jobs in factories and construction.

Move: 9/11
Size: 3 meters tall (average)

Homeworld: Esooma
Skin color: Blue, grey and cream tints and mixes
Hair color: N/A
Eye color: Black

Famous Members: Tantor; Tirsan; Tontruk

Biology and Appearance: This hulking alien species is native to the planet
Esooma. The average Esoomian stands no less than three meters tall, and has
long, well-muscled arms and legs. They are equally adept at moving on two limbs
or four. Their small, pointed skulls are dominated by two black, almond-shaped
eyes, and their mouths have two thick tentacles at each corner. The average
Esoomian is also marginally intelligent, and their speech is often garbled and

Comments made about this Article!

15/Nov/2023 00:35:28 Posted by Hellstormer1

Ah-HA! I DID make Esoomian stats! But, I need to drop the Str minimum to 5D, so the 12D NPC Attribute dice will fit in there (Freddy, I think you told me about that once before?).

28/Nov/2023 22:37:44 Posted by GMOverkill

Nice. I like when there's different versions to choose from.

Friendly greetings,

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