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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARMOUREra: Modern WorldCanon: Crossover


   The Trojan Ballistics Suit of Armor is a protection suit designed by Troy Hurtubise for U.S. and Canadian soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively. Troy claims that it is "the first suit of its kind in the world, it is the first ballistics exoskeleton body suit of armor." The suit has yet to make a significant sale and so the inventor is promoting it.

Model: Troy Hurtubise Prototype Trojan T Series Ballistic Suit of Armor
Type: Prototype nonpowered ballistic armored suit
Scale: Character
Skill(s): Armor engineering, armor repair
Weight: 50 lbs.
-Prototype: 150,000
-Mass-Production: 2,000
-Used: 500
-E-Bay: best bid
Availability: 4 (prototype); 2 (mass-production)


-ARMORED SUIT: +3D+2 VS physical Damage (including Ballistic); +2D VS energy damage; NO DEX PENALTIES!
   Solar-Powered Battery Packs: Powers the helmet's systems and equipment.
   Intake/Outtake Fans: +2D to Stamina checks to resist extreme heat environments and/or overheating.  
   Laser targeting System: Range-finding and Spotting: +2D for allies to attack designated targets (such as snipers or assault vehicles).
   Voice-Activated Radio: 10 km range.
   2 High-Powered Lights: Allows sight in dark environments, may be used to temporarily stun opponents in dark environments at Difficult Difficulty.
   Voice Modulator: Alters voice to make voice identification of suit's wearer impossible.  Also grants +1D to Intimidation rolls if done verbally.
   Salt Vial (Left Arm): +3D to Stamina and/or First Aid to resist dehydration in extreme heat environments.
   Morphine Dose (Left Arm): Negates all Wound and Stun effects for 1D hours, after which the Wounds/Stuns return and harms the suit's wearer as normal.  The suit's wearer is -2D to all offensive (not defensive) actions while on the morphine due to its euphoric effect.  Also negates effects involving pain such as torture for the time limit.
   "Last Words" Recorder: If death is imminent, the suit wearer can deliver a final message if found.
   Transponder (Personal): Swallowed, reduces Difficulty to locate suit wearer by 2 levels by Sensors.
   Transponder (Signal; Chest): Automatically signals extraction vehicle, also reduces location Difficulty by 2 levels.
   Surveillance Robot/Camera Screen (Left Leg/Right Leg): Has Speed 4, Dex 1D, Perc 3D, Str 1D, Remote range of 20m
   Clock (Groin Plate): "Where it's gotta be".
   Shovel (Shoe): Str/Stamina +1D to dig shit.
-DEPLOYABLE SHIELD (Optional): +2D VS Physical/Energy (including suit bonuses listed above), requires Melee Parry skill rolls to block incoming attacks, either melee or ranged.
   2 Pistols:
      Location: Mounted to magnetic holsters
      Skill: Firearms
      Alternate Skill: Slugthrowers (Star Wars D6 RPG)
      Scale: Character
      Range: 1-3/12/24
      Damage: 5D
      -Pistols: 16+2 (8+1 each)
      -Spare Clips: 1-4
      Rate of Fire: 1

      Location: Sheathed in wrist
      Skill: Melee combat
      Scale: Character
      Range: Thrown
      Damage: Str+1D

   Bear Spray:
      Location: Mounted in right arm
      Skill: Aerosol/Spray weapons
      Alternate Skill: Melee combat
      Scale: Character
      Range: 0-1/2/3
      Damage: 6D Stun (negates armor)
      Ammo: 40 charges
      Rate of Fire: 1
      Special: Target must make Very Difficult Stamina check or be Incapacitated (must be washed off)

- - - - - - - - - -


   Troy Hurtubise spent 2 years and 150,000 dollars developing the Trojan suit. When worn, the Trojan provides 97% coverage of the body and 95% flexibility. The suit also weighs only 50 lbs maximum. He claims that it could be suited to a soldier for 2,000 dollars Canadian if it was mass produced. It was originally designed to stop Improvised Explosive Devices like the kind used in Iraq. However, he has yet to test the suit against a live IED.

   The suit uses a bullet-resistant foam of his own design to repel bullets and knives.


   The Trojan Ballistics Suit of Armor's main weapons are dual pistols on magnetic holsters. There is a sheath on the wrist that contains a knife for close-quarter combat. The suit also contains a Pepper spray (called "bear spray" in Canada for legal reasons) capsule for emergency situations. Troy stated that this could be used to incapacitate 40 insurgents. This is supposedly made possible because his capsule will contain 3% oleoresin capsicum. However, it would be illegal to use in a combat situation as it is banned for use in war by the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention.

   The helmet utilizes both an intake fan and an exhaust fan to keep the soldier from overheating in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. It also includes a perfectly centered laser targeting system to mark a target to be taken out by a sniper or assault vehicle. Troy integrated a voice-activated radio into the helmet for easy communication. Two high-power lights are integrated into the side of the helmet. Troy also included a voice-changing mechanism into his helmet.

   A compartment on the left arm contains a small vial of salt for the soldier and the inventor stated that each Trojan suit would contain one dose of morphine.  Also, a "last-words" recorder can be taken off of a soldier and given to the family of the soldier. A transponder chip is included that can be swallowed by a soldier so that he can be extracted. A light transponder on the chest can also be activated to signal a helicopter.

   On the right leg is a small remote-controlled surveillance robot. The soldier watches the robot on a small fold-out screen on the left leg. A military time world clock is integrated into the groin protector that he claims is "where it's got to be." One of the shoes also has a small handheld shovel locked in.


   Troy held a raffle for his Trojan suit to raise funds to continue development. The winner was Sara Markis.


   The Trojan was featured on a Discovery channel special where he explained the features of his suit in detail.


   The Trojan suit bears a striking resemblance to the Halo battle suits. Troy confirmed this in an interview, saying "I did look at Star Wars. I looked at Halo, the video game."


Creator: Troy Hurtubise.

Powered by: Helmet-mounted, solar-powered battery packs.

What it does: Troy Hurtubise's Trojan armor isn't a fully powered suit. Instead, battery packs on the helmet enable the five-way radio, a laser pointer for range-finding and spotting and even an air conditioner. It was popularly referred to as "Halo armor" thanks to its resemblance to the Spartan soldiers in the video game of the same name, and drew criticism for being impractical, despite Hurtubise's claims to its protective capability.

The future: Undeterred, Hurtubise went on to create a second suit, not quite as flamboyant as the Trojan T series (pictured above with a shield), streamlining the suit and making it lighter. The Trojan suits represent his vision of the future soldier, who is more like a walking tank ? something that the other exoskeletons on this list could make possible, as they'd allow a trooper to wield such heavy armor.

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30/Sep/2021 16:24:30 Posted by E79Tank

Looks like this could be a good plan for my idea of a storm trooper deserter that is hiding in plain sight attempting ot pass off as a protocol droid/bounty hunter

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