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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Warhammer 40,000Subtype: WEAPONSEra: Age of the ImperiumCanon: Crossover

        The Bolter is a large, .75 calibre assault rifle. It has a much greater mass than most standard-issue rifles such as the Lasgun, although it is slightly shorter in length. Unlike most rifles, it lacks a stock, resulting in a grip much like a pistol's or a submachine gun's. A Space Marine's bulky power armour would make shouldering a stock an awkward experience, but power armour is most likely also able to compensate for vibrations and oscillation, making a stock redundant. Stocks are sometimes used, however, with an extended barrel and an M40 Targeter System to transform the bolter into a sniping weapon system. These sniper-bolters are most often used with Stalker Silenced Shells.

Model: Imperium of Man Bolt Gun (Bolter)
Type: Assault Rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms: Bolter
Ammo: 100
Cost: 1,250 credits
Availabilty: 3, R or X
Range: 3-25/65/150
Damage: 4D (single shot), 5D (burst of 10 rounds)
Game Notes:

Ammunition Variants

Standard Bolt
Standard-issue antipersonnel ammunition. Designed to penetrate a target and detonate, causing horrific injuries.
Cost: 1
Game Effects: NA

Kraken Penetrator Rounds
Powerful armour-piercing rounds. The deuterium core is replaced by a solid adamantine core and uses a heavier main charge. Upon impact, the outer casing peels away and the high velocity adamantium needle accelerates into the victim, where the larger detonator propels shards of super-hardened metal further into the wound. These are effective against heavily-armored infantry.
Cost: 2
Game Effects: +1D Damage

Inferno Bolt
Inferno Bolts are designed to immolate their targets and destroy them with superheated chemical fire. The deuterium core is replaced with an oxy-phosphorus gel, known as Promethium. However, due to the decreased projectile mass, armour-piercing capabilities are compromised.
Cost: 3
Game Effects: +1D Damage, +2D against unarmoured targets.

Hellfire Bolt
Hellfire Bolts are designed for use against organic targets, specifically the Tyranids.The core and tip are replaced with a vial of mutagenic acid and thousands of needles. When the round enters the target's body, the vial shatters and the needles pierce the victim's flesh, pumping the acid into the target.
Cost: 10
Game Effects: +2D Damage against organic targets.

Metal Storm Frag
The mass-reactive fuse is replaced with a proximity fuse, and the Deuterium Core and Diamantine tip are replaced with increased high-explosives and a fragmentation casing. This means the bolt explodes when it nears an enemy, creating a lethal hail of shrapnel. Capable of inflicting casualties on multiple lightly-armoured targets, but its effectiveness is dramatically reduced when facing heavily-armored foes like Chaos Space Marines.
Cost: 5
Game Effects: Armour effects are doubled against this round, but the round attacks all targets within 3 meters.

Stalker Silenced Shells
Stalker Shells are rounds with low sound signatures, meant for covert fighting. They are often used in conjunction with an M40 Targeter System, an extended barrel, and a stock to create a sniping weapon system. A gas cartridge replaces both the propellant base and main charge for silent firing, but this sacrifices muzzle velocity as a result. A solidified mercury slug replaces the mass-reactive warhead for lethality at sub-sonic projectile speed. These rounds are used when stealth and precision are required.
Cost: 10
Game Effects: Silent in use.

Psycannon Bolts
Psycannon Bolts are used by the Inquisition, primarily the Ordo Malleus and its Grey Knights Space Marine Chapter. They are very similar in nature to the rounds fired by their namesake, the Psycannon, and are similarly used against psychic heretic and daemonic targets. Of all the rounds these are the most expensive, as each and every bolt is inscribed with runes on a microscopic level. According to some sources the bolts derive their anti-psychic effect from being impregnated with an extremely rare negative psychic energy; the sole source of this energy is a metabolic byproduct of the Emperor's Golden Throne. The anti-psychic nature of these rounds are not only effective at destroying daemonic targets but also highly efficient at piercing the powerful barriers created by force field generators (such as the Tau Shield Generator and the Imperium's own Iron Halo and Storm Shield).
Cost: 50
Game Effects: +3D against Daemons, or to penetrate psychic (or force) barriers.

Comments made about this Article!

14/Dec/2019 04:38:42 Posted by Hellstormer1

Hey Freddy. I remember arguing with you on your space marine write-up, 40k stuff. And then you never got around to doing more. And, I'm looking at this, just now remembering that, and realizing I think I was wrong, and that you should have gone further with it.

What would you think about the boltgun's stats now? Still hold up, or maybe needs an update? Reason I ask is, I was always under the impression that boltgun rounds were less like bullets and more like a kind of micro-grenades.

14/Dec/2019 08:06:39 Posted by Freddy

I definitely think the text could do with a tidy up, (for example with the inferno bolts I meant that it got a bonus dice against everything, and another bonus dice against unarmoured targets, but that's not clear from the write up).

I think generally it holds up, but could be done better.

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