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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Fel Empire / Darth Krayts Sith EmpireSubtype: CapitalEra: LegacyCanon: EU

Name: Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer
Type: Kuat Drive Yards Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer
Scale: Capital
Length: <1,600 Meters
Skill: Capital Ship Piloting: Star Destroyer
Crew: 8,450, skeleton 1100/+20
Passengers/Troops: 2,700
Crew Skill: Capital Ship Piloting 5D+1, Capital Ship Gunnery 4D+2, Capital Ship Shields 4D+1
Consumables: 6 Months
Cargo Capacity: 11,000 Tons
Hyperdrive Multiplier: X.75
Hyperdrive Backup: X8
Nav Computer: Yes
Space: 6
Maneuverability: 1D
Hull: 7D
Shields: 3D
            Passive: 50/1D
            Scan: 100/3D
            Search: 200/4D
            Focus: 6/4D+2

Fighters: 48 Predator Class Fighters
Transports: 6 Nune-Class Imperial Shuttles

            5 Heavy turbolaser batteries
                        Scale: Capital
                        Fire Arc: 2 Front/Left, 2 Front/Right, 1 Back
                        Fire Control: 2D
                        Space: 3-20/30/60
                        Atmosphere Range: 3-20/30/60km
                        Damage: 7D
            5 Medium turbolaser batteries
                        Scale: StarFighter
                        Fire Arc: 2 Front/Left, 2 Front/Right, 1 Back
                        Fire Control: 3D
                        Space: 1-5/15/30
                        Atmosphere Range: 100-500/1.5/3km
                        Damage: 6D
            4 Ion Cannon Batteries
                        Scale: Capital
                        Fire Arc: 2 Front/Left, 2 Front/Right
                        Fire Control: 2D+2
                        Space: 1-10/25/50
                        Atmosphere Range: 2-20/50/100km
                        Damage: 5D
            3 Tractor beam projectors
                        Scale: Capital
                        Fire Arc: 1 Front/Left, 1 Front/Right, 1 Back
                        Fire Control: 4D
                        Space: 1-5/15/30
                        Atmosphere Range: 2-10/30/60km
                        Damage: 6D
            5 Proton torpedo launchers (200 Proton Torpedos)
                        Scale: Capital
                        Fire Arc: 2 Front, 1 Left, 1 Right, 1 Back
                        Fire Control: 4D
                        Space: 1-5/15/30
                        Atmosphere Range: 2-10/30/60km
                        Damage: 9D
            2 Gravity Well Projectors
                        Fire Arc: Turret
                        Crew: 1
                        Skill: Capital ship gunnery
                        Fire Control: 6D
                        Space Range: 1-5/75/150
                        Damage: Blocks hyperspace travel

The Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer was a warship design produced by Kuat Drive Yards to serve as part of the starfleet of the Fel Empire.

The Pellaeon-class was named in honor of former Imperial Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, and drew upon the distinctive and classic wedge-shape of earlier times, made famous by the Venator and Imperator classes used by the navies of the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire respectively.

The class was often used as command ships and combined certain elements from Star Dreadnoughts like the Executor-class and earlier Star Destroyers like the Imperial-class.

The Pellaeon-class was considered one of the most powerful warships in the galaxy and was noted as having unmatched weapon systems and starfighter components. With its sleek outline, it presented less of a target to potential enemies, while at the same time optimizing its shield protection.

The forward-sloping superstructure of the Pellaeon-class also gave the main gun batteries excellent vantage points, more so than on the Star Destroyers of the previous centuries.

The class had slightly more armament than the older Imperial II-class Star Destroyer. Some of these guns were of a similar design to the XX-9 turbolaser batteries of the old Galactic Empire. The Pellaeon-class also possessed an interdiction field, capable of pulling ships out of hyperspace.

The class had a ventral hangar where starfighters and shuttles could land and embark from. Predator-class fighters would be stored in racks in narrow passages throughout the hangar area. Traffic control centers were located on either side of the main hangar opening, overlooking the area.

Its sloping profile allowed the Pellaeon-class to be shorter than the Imperial-class while at the same time be able to carry a decent amount of landing craft and small starships.

A reactor bulb protrusion was visible outside the ventral hull. It is not known if this was the ship's primary reactor or a forward, secondary one.

The Pellaeon-class had at least one conference room with a holographic projector table in the center. Its bridge was styled similar to earlier warship classes, with crew pits encircled by a command deck where ship commanders could view the ship's surroundings out of panorama windows.

Comments made about this Article!

29/Apr/2012 09:29:59 Posted by jadawin {}

Hello guys, glad to see you back on-line ;-)

I think the weaponry stats used for the Pelleaon are under-estimated:
Considering an average Imperial class have up to 60 capital turbolaser batteries and docks 72 fighters, I don't think that 10 starfighter scale batteries, no capital heavy turbolasers and 48 fighter to be an improvement.

I think there is a mismatch in your sources...


01/May/2012 11:31:56 Posted by Anonymous {}

In the past, I'm afraid I just had a "make it up as I go along" method, which kind of worked.
Now a days, I try to stick to the or Wookieepedia stats, as they're pretty much the most accurate.

Unfortunately, the official stats have ships with far less weapons than the D6 rulebooks listed.
For example an Imperial II Class officially has
Octuple barbette turbolaser or Ion cannons x 8
Heavy turbolaser batteries x 5
Turbolaser batteries x 5
Additional turbolaser batteries x 26+
Heavy ion cannons x 20
Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors x 10

Which is far less than listed in D6 (although still lots more than the Palleaon).

I tried to marry the two concepts by making the batteries (which are, after all groups of guns firing together) have higher accuracy and damage, thinking that the earlier ships fired their guns independently to lesser effect, whereas the ones using batteries instead, fired their weapons with more co-ordination, and therefore to greater effect.

Any thoughts on whether this worked at all?
Or should I just dump a zero on the end of all the quantities of weapons?
Or for the battery concept to work, do I need to up the damage and fire control even more?


02/May/2012 21:01:11 Posted by jadawin {}

Hello Freddy,

I didn't know about your official sources and used for comparison my old D6 capital ships stats...

For current stats, I think you could use both concepts, considering batteries for capital scale weapons (since several heavy gun may group their fire on capital scale targets) but maybe increase the number of starfighter class guns to defend against incoming wings of enemy fighter. I'll try it with my RPG group if I can.

Thank you for your explanations... and the great source of inspirations you're providing me for my games.

04/May/2012 03:30:12 Posted by {}

I'd look to the Imperial II class D6 stats, and work from there; the Pelleaon class should have stats superior to its ancestor. Otherwise, the latest star destroyer can be easily trashed by a ship built over a century before.
Going by Wookieepedia is good, but presents a contrast between the published West End Games D6 type stats and the listed official stats; maybe take the official list of weapons for the Imperial II, and the WEG D6 stats, and come up with a ratio to apply to the Pelleaon?
Also, why are its turbolasers so short-ranged?

Sorry to nitpick, especially as I haven't put in the effort to come up with D6 Star Wars material at all, and you and others here have helped keep my love for Star Wars D6 alive, but it just bugs me that a Pellaeon , in d6 rpg, be outclassed by a ship built a century and more past.

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