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Alexsandr Kallus

Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Dark MatterSubtype: Cast & CrewEra: Canon: Crossover


Character Name: Four
-A.K.A.: Ryo Tetsuda
-A.K.A.: Ishida Ryo
Type: Mercenary, Royal Leader
Gender/Species: Male Human
Age: 27
Height: 1.78m (5'10")
Weight: 72.5kg (160lbs)

Move: 10
Force Sensitive?: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0/*8
Character Points: 10


Dexterity: 4D
   Acrobatics 5D, Brawling Parry 5D, *Dodge 5D+2, *Firearms 4D+1, Melee Combat 5D, (S)Melee Combat (Swords) 6D, Melee Parry 5D, (S)Melee Parry (Swords) 6D, *Thrown Weapons 5D, *(S)Thrown Weapons (Knives) 6D

Perception: 3D+2
   *Command 6D, *Persuasion 6D+1

Knowledge: 2D+2
   *Bureaucracy 3D+1, *(S)Bureacruacy (Principality of Zairon) 4D+2, *(S)Bureaucracy (Republic of Pyr) 4D (+2), *(S)Bureaucracy (Council of Corporations) 4D+1, *(S)Bureaucracy (Galactic Authority) 3D+2, *Business 3D, *Cultures3D, *(S)Cultures (Zairon) 3D+2, Intimidation 3D+2, *(S)Scholar (History of Zairon), *Tactics 5D+2

Strength: 3D+2
   Brawling 4D+2, (S)Brawling (Martial Arts) 5D+2, *Stamina 5D

Mechanical: 2D

Technical: 2D



-Memory Loss: The original Raza crew wake up one day on their ship to realize they all have memory loss, not remembering who they are, yet inherently retaining their personal skill sets and specializations (in Six's case, being very good at piloting the Marauder shuttle).  With their memory loss and the possibility that someone in the crew caused this to happen, as well as discovering that they all have criminal backgrounds and are among the "Most Wanted" list of the Galactic Authority, the crew of the Raza find it difficult to trust each other initially, and constantly plot against one another for fear that there is a traitor among them.  Any traits marked with "*" represent a skill or other trait that was lost due to memory loss, and which could be regained if the character ever regains their memories.

-Criminal Reputation: Most of the Raza crew have a well established criminal record, and have even been put on the Most Wanted list of the Galactic Authority.  This has proven problematic (to say the least) whenever the crew are docked in port at a space station, populated planet, etc, and are ever required to show their IDs or need to give blood/DNA for identification.

-Heir To The Throne: Though he has no memories of his past, Four rediscovers much of his previous life.  He is the eldest son and heir to the Ishida throne, Emperor of Zairon, of the Principality of Zairon.  In his past life, Ryo Tetsuda was resistant to his father's brutal teachings, and reluctant to accept his responsibility and take the Ishida throne when his father passed away.  On the night he was drunk and angry enough to go tell his father off and that he did not want the throne and would not take it, he discovered his father dead in his quarters.  His step-mother and guards soon appeared and declared him a murderer, forcing him to go on the run to save his own life, unable to prove his innocence due to his step-mother's claim as an eye-witness.  Since then Ryo forsook the throne and his place as its heir.  But since losing his memoires and becoming Four, learning his past, and seeing the Zairon is in desperate need of true leadership against its enemies, Four has had a change of heart and seeks to restore his place as Zairon's rightful ruler, in order to save his people from their enemies.

Physical Description: Ryo is tall with cropped, dark hair. He has dark eyes and an athletic build. He can commonly be seen wearing tight-fitting black shirts, cargo pants with multiple holsters, and combat boots.

Equipment: Pistol (4D, rarely), rifle (5D, rarely), sword(s) (+2D), knives (+1D), black ops field clothes (+2 Sneak), 100 credits.

Background: Ryo, also known as Four or Ishida Ryo, is a loyal member of the crew. He is a stoic person and a man of very few words, but when he is up against an opponent he is fierce and relentless. He is a skilled master in regards to the blade.
   Episode One revealed Ryo is on the Galactic Authorities Most Wanted List for murder, assault and piracy.
   Episode Four revealed Ryo's father, Emperor Ishida Tetsuya, was murdered and that Ryo is a suspect.
   Episode Six revealed that Ryo had been framed for his father's murder by his stepmother.
   In Episode Seven, when the android Wendy ran amok on the ship, intending to kill the crew, Ryo intervened and stopped Wendy once and for all by decapitating her with his sword which caused her body to shut down for a while until it came back online once her head was partially activated.
   In Episode Eight, Ryo contacted his brother Hiro to arrange a meeting to tell him the truth of their father's death.
   In Episode Nine, Ryo left the Raza to meet with his brother but instead was faced with Akita, his old teacher who had raised him when he was young. Akita was going to take him prisoner to the Principality of Zairon but the Raza crew arrived to rescue him. Ryo then killed Akita as a sign to his brother. After this meeting, he becomes quite obsessed with taking his rightful throne on Zairon. Back on board the Raza, after the crew saved him, he also declared to Two that when he does take back the throne, he will remember his real family.
   In Episode Twenty-Four, Ryo decides to regain his past memories. He asks The Android to help him upload his neural imprint.
   In Episode Twenty-Five, the war between Zairon and the Pyr was going bad for Ryo's people. Because of this, Ryo was able to convince Hiro that use of blink drive in their fleet would turn the tide of war. He also was able to make Hiro question his mother and realize it was Empress Katsumi who had murdered their father.
   Ryo went to claim his throne from his brother, however it didn't go to plan. It was revealed that Katsumi had made a deal with the Seers in order to predict Ryo's actions, which lead to Ryo being arrested and his allies in the Zairon ranks killed.
   During, Ryo's trial that convicted Ryo to death, Hiro was freed from his room by Five and he put a stop to the trial and informed them of Empress Katsumi's treason. Hiro then stepped down and Ryo became Emperor. His first decree as Emperor was 'Korose'. The enactment of the quick deaths of all those who had been involved with the past Royal Court, including Empress Katsumi, Hiro, Hansmeed, and The Seers. He then renounced the name of 'Four' and claimed himself as Emperor Ishida Ryo.
   In Episode Twenty-Six, Ryo's next act as Emperor was to cause conflict with the corporations that where financially backing Pyr. He had the Council of Corporations targeted. He arrived as a new delegation, appearing as an ambassador for the autonomous worlds. Then later had their station, EOS-7 overloaded, causing many explosions, while he took off with the Raza's blink drive, with the intent to reverse engineer it and supply his fleet.

Personality: He is a loyal member of the crew, a stoic person and a man of very few words.  But when he is up against an opponent he is fierce and relentless.

Objectives: To rediscover his lost memories, his past, and who he is; to clear his name for the framed murder of his father, the Emperor of Zairon; to get revenge on his step-motehr and step-brother and their allies for framing him, and for the murder of his father; to lead the Principality of Zairon to victory against its enemies, to glory and suzzess in a new golden age.

A Quote: "...[stare, silence]...", "My name is not Four, I am Ishida Ryo, Emperor of Zairon!"

Connection With Characters: Awoke with memory loss aboard the Raza with the rest of the crew.


   Four, like the rest of the Raza crew, has stats for a starting character for the most part, with skills from before his memory loss marked with a "*".  While he possesses skills necessary for a ruler, these skills are not very high.  This is to represent that, while he eneded to reactivate his memories to regain these skills in order to be the ruler he needed to be for Zairon, he ultimately was not very good in these skills, which represents his fall from grace at the end of season 3.
   The only misgiving I have is with his Intimidation skill, which is low, and could (should?) be higher.  But, for a starting character, Four's silent stares could be considered more for roleplaying purposes, and less for actual skill representation, at least until he trains Intimidation to be higher.
   Otherwise, he is exactly what he was at the beginning of the Dark Matter series, a starting character sword-weilding badass.

Comments made about this Article!

11/Sep/2017 05:47:36 Posted by Clifton Barham

What does the(+1D) after some of the stats supposed to represent in the game?

11/Sep/2017 08:07:08 Posted by hellstormer1

Apologies, I should have left a note in GAME DESIGN NOTES detailing that, but because it's been a long time since I had to think about this, it just didn't come to mind. Back when I played D6 a lot, and my character had skill specializations, I wrote them down the same as they were in the book, as their own skill dice code. Later on, there was a lot of debate on whether Skill Specializations should be treated as their own separate skill and be raised independently of the main skill (which there are signs of in the main rulebook, Han Solo has a Blaster spec that is lower than the main skill, I believe), or if they should automatically raise when raising the main skill. after a lot of debate, over a long period of time, with fellow players who were selfish jerks, they finally decided to give a try to a house rule of letting the Specializations raise automatically with the main skill when it is trained. Since then, that just became my de facto way of thinking, and I haven't ever had to re-think it until just now. I'll go ahead and alter the write-up and make it more in line with standard Star Wars D6 rules after I post this reply. Since that time, I've tried more to keep everything by-the-book, and not branch out with custom rules as much as I used to. Even now, my write-ups can get crammed with details, and years ago they could be even worse. I found that simpler often is better. Thanks, good call out.

11/Sep/2017 08:39:24 Posted by hellstormer1

[EDIT] The "+" at the end of Skill Specializations has been removed, making those skills more in line with the standard rules. Also, some skills were adjusted, altered or removed. Tactics, forgot to add die codes to this, fixed. Willpower, removed. While Four seemed most likely out of the Raza crew to have Willpower, starting skill dice (7D) only go so far, and he could develop Willpower over the course of seasons 1 and 2 after initial character creation. Also of note, before Four lost his memories as Ryo Tetsudo, then later regaining his memories to retake the thrown of Zairon, Ryo seemed as though he had loss, or no, Willpower whatsoever, and constantly made rash decisions that did nothing to help him later on. While he seems like an obvious candidate for the Willpower skill, his "silent treatment" should be looked at more as a roleplaying aspect and not a strength of character.

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